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Sixth suspect charged with murder in 7-year-old's death
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Sixth suspect charged with murder in 7-year-old's death

Wilson police and U.S. Marshals arrested a sixth suspect in the shooting death of 7-year-old Kamari Jones.

Ceante Latrell Spells, 22, of 402 Dewey St., was charged with first-degree murder after he was located in Greenville, police said in a statement.

Spells is being held under no bond. 

North Carolina court records show he has numerous other pending charges, including a probation violation, in Wilson County.

Other pending charges in Wilson County include multiple charges of marijuana possession, carrying a concealed gun and receiving stolen goods. He has a pending drug possession charge in Pitt County with a listed court date of Friday.

Spells also has a 2013 felony drug conviction in Wake County.

Police have already charged Donnell V. Hill, 19, 3408 Jayne Lane, Apt. 2, Anfernee D. Knight, 18, 5712 Woodside Road, Kenneth T. Vinson, 22, 509 Deans St. and Demetrius D. Spells, 22, 211 Kenmore St.

Montavius S. Davis, 24, of 7726 Gardners School Road, Stantonsburg, was the first suspect charged last week. 

All five are charged with first-degree murder and are being held under no bond.

No record was found on either Vinson or Hill. 

Knight was charged in February along with four others of spraying a Wilson home with gunfire.

Demetrius Spells was charged with sell and delivery of cocaine in a 2013 drug roundup. He has a criminal history with previous convictions including larceny, larceny over $1,000, attempted breaking and entering and a felony drug charge.


On July 23, Wilson police were called to the 400 block of Parkview Street after shots rang out.

Neighbors said they saw men park a gray and black car on Starmount Circle, run between some houses to Parkview Street, and that’s when bullets began flying.

One of those bullets went into a home where Kamari was playing video games in his bedroom, his family said. Family members said the bullet struck Kamari in the head.

His family decided to allow life support to be removed after doctors told them Kamari was brain dead. His mother, Masheka "Keisha” Carter, said Kamari will help others as he is an organ donor.

There has been an unprecedented community outpouring ever since. More than 1,000 residents came to the courthouse steps following his death to remember Kamari, unite and call for justice in his killing.

On Wednesday, the Rev. Freddie Williams and a group of concerned citizens met and called upon the community to come up with some solutions to the violence that took Kamari from his family. Nearly 80 met in the parking lot of The SPOT on Tarboro Street. They plan to meet again next week.

Police ask anyone with information regarding the case to contact the Wilson Police Department at 252-399-2323 or CrimeStoppers at 252-243-2255.

Police have declined comment on the case at this time, citing the ongoing investigation.


On July 20, 2011, Ceante Spells was involved in a fight that happened at the McDonald’s restaurant at 4816 Ward Blvd. 

During the fight, which was investigated as possibly gang related, Darrick Azento Moody was caught on video camera fighting with Spells. The report, filed by a Wilson Police officer, indicates Spells approached Moody and started assaulting him, knocking him to the floor. Spells then allegedly stood over Moody and started punching him and shouting at him, the report states. 

At that point, another man approached and started assaulting Spells. Before the fight ended, the report indicated that Moody "removes the stainless steel ice grates from the ice machine and begins beating Spells in the back and head, numerous times.”

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Step one said...

Is to start hammering the offenders so hard their parents must show up, either in school or in court.
If they don't show up in either, take the kids and place them else where.
If we must start up a new state home(s) for children, at least the money will be spent where children will have a chance to learn and succeed.
I would sooner see these children live in group homes where it is safe, they are fed and they have a chance to learn.
Let the parents die off.
Most of them, if there is no profit (hand out) for having children, just may stop.

Monday, August 11, 2014 at 5:02 PM
@ @ DW said...

Nice Rant?
You are part of the problem and hopefully you won't be in Wilson tomorrow let alone in ten years.

Monday, August 11, 2014 at 4:58 PM
@teacher said...

as a teacher and parent, I'm with you. The lack of parental involvement, the social promotions, entitlement mentality, "entertain me" approach to education: but step one is the parents' involvement.

Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 9:16 AM
Teacher said...

Wow! I am amazed how so many people stated quite clearly the problems affecting Wilson. Bill Cosby began speaking openly a few years ago about the trouble among our youth and was not well received. Schools cannot be a place to harbor felons. Something that I have observed is not the lack of crimes being reported but the lack of consequenses for the offender. I know law enforcement personnel who have become tired of arresting the same offender. Sadly, what we are seeing is generational household destruction. There is a "can't nobody tell me what to do" mentality, that has invaded everywhere. Bad behavior is celebrated in the media. When a "parent" won't show up for conferences or return phone calls to discuss behavior or grades but will show up immediately when a cellphone is taken away, then said household is out of balance. We must begin at the source and the source is the home.

Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 6:46 AM
@DW said...

Nice rant. Maybe Wilson is not too far behind Rocky Mount in the crime department. Rocky Mount sunk really quick in the past 5 years. Wilson might do the same thing..

Saturday, August 09, 2014 at 6:17 PM
DW said...

A question I've had since the beginning. Is this really all, and who was the actual shooter? I'm starting to wonder how much more to this story is there? I'd like to pose a serious question. Wilson has criminal issues. We're not Detroit or Chicago, but we're a stone's throw from Rocky Mount, Greenville, Durham, etc. the name calling and online boldness and posturing that some have displayed aside for a moment, but what is the real depth of criminal, and gang organization in Wilson? Are we really paying attention. Growing up here, I never thought I'd live to see Wilson like other places. Wilson isn't what it was 20 years ago, and I wonder what it will be 10 years from now if we don't come together better than we have? Truth. It's not even what it was 10 years ago. I read the comments on the Times, and some that make it to facebook and Twitter. I read it in interest, and I read it in disgust. Disgust at the vile and racial ignorance that comes from all sides. A sickening mentality that keeps us distracted, and despite what some may believe, really growing as a community. If we're to unite, we need to do just that. We need community watches. We need to visit council meetings more. We need to stay in touch with our law enforcement. We need to be seen and heard. We don't need to let this pass, and another tragedy pop up again. The ignorance that's taking over the streets can be nullified if we take back our youth, teach them, discipline them, and flat out raise them. Someone up hear went back to blaming rap music on the youth crimes. If a gun lays on a table it doesn't kill anyone. It's the person who picks it up that does. The music or media doesn't make these crimes happen. It glamorizes it, yes, but it's like anything else. Harry Potter, Call of Duty, rap music, heavy metal. If you're not teaching that child, then whatever the sponge like mind receives is what you get. Stop blaming it on everything external, and start looking in. Rather than sticking your nose up, the time you take to talk to a young person can truly change the course of their life. A lot of people here won't do that, but I know some will. We have to start. The "Chi-raq" mentality, the "rebel" mentality is already in our streets. I leave this comment open to much criticism, but I ask, what are we really going to do. Sit around on the comments sections, or social media, bad-mouthing this race or that race, sheriff Woodard or mayor Rose, or are we really going to be a community and be Wilson? Not Detroit, not Chicago, not Rocky Mount, but Wilson! Thank you for your time, and God bless!

Saturday, August 09, 2014 at 10:21 AM
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