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Ryan fires up crowd
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Ryan fires up crowd
GOP VP nominee rallies support in ENC

GREENVILLE — Families and businesses could pay 20 percent less in taxes if Paul Ryan has his way.

The Republican vice presidential nominee said he and running mate Mitt Romney would slash government spending, reduce taxes and rely on domestic energy sources to propel America forward during an East Carolina University campaign stop Monday.

"We have got to stop spending money we just don’t have,” Ryan said. "It is draining jobs, it is hurting our economy and it is clearly mortgaging our children’s future.”

Hundreds filled ECU’s Student Recreation Center to hear the Wisconsin congressman speak. Supporters led a chant of "USA!” and carried hand-lettered signs reading "Ryan Rocks” and "America’s Comeback Team.”

Wilson County GOP Chairman Gary Proffitt said Ryan’s addition to the Republican ticket has ratcheted up enthusiasm among the party’s base.

"I’m pumped up,” Proffitt said. "I’ve been pumped up since day one, and particularly since Paul Ryan’s name was added to the ticket. I think the Republican team has eastern North Carolina wrapped up.”

At least a dozen Wilson County residents attended Monday’s rally at ECU, including Republican state House candidate Susan Martin and her family.

Proffitt said Romney and Ryan have a strong economic plan that appeals to voters in North Carolina, where unemployment is at 9.6 percent.

"I think people know they’ve got a plan that will work,” he said. "We’ve got to get out of this hole that we’re in.”

During the Labor Day speech, Ryan said taxes and regulations are burdening American businesses and putting the United States in a competitive disadvantage with other world economies.

"The only way to grow prosperity is to just unleash the entrepreneur, just get out of the way of the small business person,” Ryan said. "Stop strangling them with regulations.”

Referencing Obama’s "you didn’t build that” remark that’s become a Republican rallying cry, Ryan said entrepreneurs — not the government — deserves credit for building successful businesses.

"It’s a good thing to be successful in business,” he said. "We don’t resent people for being successful in business, we want to emulate them. We want more people to be successful in business.”

Ryan compared Obama to one-term Democratic president Jimmy Carter, highlighting high numbers of bankruptcies and delinquent mortgages.

"The president can say a lot of things, and he will, but he can’t say you’re better off,” Ryan said. "Simply put, the Jimmy Carter days look like the good old days.”

In a nod to tea party conservatives, Ryan praised the Constitution’s framers and called for limits to the federal government.

"Our founders got it right,” he said. "Our rights came from nature and God and not from government. We believe government is there to secure our rights. We believe the goal of government is to promote equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.”

Ryan represents Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District and serves as chairman of the House Budget Committee. The Republican-controlled House passed Ryan’s budget proposal in March, but the plan for sweeping spending cuts and a restructuring of Medicare found no traction in the Senate.

Criticism of Obama drew raucous applause, but Ryan said he wanted to do more than diagnose the problems — he wants to propose solutions.

"We feel we owe you an alternative,” he said. "We want to earn your support. We want to deserve victory.”

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Pat McCrory, who leads Democratic Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton by 15 percentage points, praised Ryan in his brief introductory remarks. He said Ryan is "a guy who gets it” and praised his values.

"Wisconsin values are very similar to eastern North Carolina values,” McCrory said. "They love their family, they love their faith, they love people who work hard. That’s Paul Ryan right there.”

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes, Kinston Mayor B.J. Murphy, insurance commissioner candidate Mike Causey, secretary of state candidate Eddy Goodwin and ECU Student Government Association President Justin Davis also spoke at the Republican rally.

Democratic U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield and former Rep. Bob Etheridge held a press conference at ECU Monday morning as a "pre-buttal” to Ryan’s speech. They criticized portions of the Ryan budget that would reduce funding for college grants and eliminate a higher-education tax credit.

In a Monday statement released after the rally, Obama’s campaign called the Ryan budget a recipe for disaster.

"Mitt Romney and Congressman Ryan want to take us back to the same top-down policies that caused the collapse — budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy on the middle class’ dime and letting Wall Street write its own rules again,” campaign spokesman Danny Kanner said. "That’s not a recipe for strengthening the middle class, it’s the same failed scheme that devastated the middle class in the first place.” | 265-7821
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For the record, there were thousands there, not hundred. Thousands! More than 7 thousand to be a little more clear. More than the venue could hold, so they set up an area where those who couldn't get in the door could watch on closed circuit television. Don't act like there were only a few people interested.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 at 8:59 PM
to trickle up poverty said...

Trickle off Welfare and Entitlements!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 at 12:38 PM


Tuesday, September 04, 2012 at 7:29 AM
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