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Wednesday, May 22, 2013 11:51 PM

Academic Aces: Wilson Christian

The Wilson Times talked with the top seniors from each private school in the area about their high school experience, their plans for life after graduation and about what it's like to juggle academics, sports and part-time jobs.

The students highlighted in today's edition were selected by the administration at each school based on their grade-point averages as of early May.

Graduation at Wilson Christian Academy is Friday at 7 p.m. in the auditorium in the school's fine arts building. Graduation for Community Christian School is Friday at 7 p.m. at Raleigh Road Baptist Church. Graduation at Greenfield School is May 31 at 7:30 p.m. at the school.



For Jack Norris, it’s his competitive nature that drives him to excel in academics and athletics.

Jack said competition really brings out the best in him and others, particularly his fellow top seniors at Wilson Christian Academy.

He’s played varsity soccer and varsity basketball for the school. He’s also been in National Honor Society.

Outside of school, you’ll find Jack playing soccer for a travel team or participating in events with the youth group from his church.

Overall, Jack said his time at Wilson Christian has gone by pretty fast. He’s been at Wilson Christian for six years now.

This fall, Jack will head to Campbell University to study biology. In the future, he hopes to go on to medical school or find work in the applied science field. This summer, Jack will be busy with one of his two jobs — life guarding at the Wilson Country Club or cleaning vehicles at Autobell car wash.

Jack, 18, has enjoyed the family environment he found when he enrolled at Wilson Christian. He’s also thankful for the religious training he’s received during his high school years. It’s because of his training that Jack said he feels like he will be able to defend his faith when he goes to college.

Jack described Campbell as "teeter-tottering” on whether it wants to continue to be a Christian school. Jack said he’s learned how to stand up and know what he’s talking about. In Bible class this year, the seniors have studied the Apologetics so the students have learned how to explain and defend what they believe.

During his free time, Jack enjoys watching a variety of television shows. "Big Bang Theory,” "Revenge,” "Elementary,” and Sports Center are among his favorites. He also finds time to read his Bible.

Jack is the son of Jimmy and Becky Norris.



Jena Scott served 66 aces this year playing volleyball for Wilson Christian Academy.

Jena is not just competitive on the volleyball court or the basketball court or on the soccer field, she also works hard when it comes to academics.

Jena, 18, will be taking her winning moves to Liberty University this fall. She loves math and plans to study accounting. Jena said she chose accounting because she can use the degree in many different ways. She might even end up coming back and working in her family’s business.

Jena has spent 14 years at Wilson Christian. She’s enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the education she’s received there. Plus, Jena said since Wilson Christian is a small school, you know everybody and you’ve grown up with everybody. Jena said teachers at Wilson Christian as well as the students are close-knit. She said she’ll miss the teachers as much as her fellow students. Jena is one of 31 seniors at Wilson Christian this year.

In addition to sports, Jena has served as treasurer of the National Honor Society. Outside of school, she plays volleyball and she’s also been active in 4-H. During the annual Wilson County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale this year, Jena won the senior showmanship award for her abilities in showing her pig.

Jena is also active in the youth group at her church.

When she’s got some downtime, Jena enjoys watching shows on ABC Family. She also reads the Bible.

Jena said the most difficult thing about high school has been making sure she’s made time to get her schoolwork done while being involved in sports and other activities.

Jena is the daughter of Linwood and Kim Scott.



Roughly one-third of the senior class at Wilson Christian Academy has spent their entire school careers there at the school.

And Chris Walston is among them.

Chris started at Wilson Christian 14 years ago. He said he’s enjoyed attending the small school and how the students there have known each other for a long time. He describes the school as "close-knit.”

Chris said it hasn’t sunk in yet that high school is over and he’ll be graduating. He doesn’t think the reality will set in until after graduation.

"Seems like it has gone by too fast,” he said.

During his time at Wilson Christian, Chris has been active. A sports injury sidelined him during the fall preventing him from being able to compete in the N.C. Christian School’s Association’s state cross country championships. Wilson Christian’s boys cross country team ended up finishing third in that competition.

In addition to running cross country, Chris has also played basketball.

He’s senior class president and he’s served as president of the National Honor Society.

Chris said the most difficult thing about high school has been learning how to manage his time better. When he’s not doing school work or participating in athletics, Chris works for his father in the family’s landscaping business, Walston Landscaping Inc.

Chris will be heading to Campbell University this fall. He plans to study pharmacy and is interested in working in either a hospital or retail-type setting as a pharmacist.

Chris is active in the youth group at his church. Due to the religious education he’s received at Wilson Christian, Chris said he feels like he’s spiritually prepared for what he will face in college and in the future.

Chris is currently reading "Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples” by Francis Chan. Chris said he’s reading the book along with other members of his church.

During his free time, Chris enjoys watching Sports Center and "The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

Chris is the son of Gregory and Paula Walston.

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