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When we read and hear the reports about the cruelty and inhumanity going on in Iraq and Syria at the hands of extremists known as ISIS we think to ourselves, “Thank God we are not there.” Then we recall the images of bombardment and rockets being fired in and around the Gaza strip and ...

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Please start helping and stop fighting among ourselves
Please start helping and stop fighting among ourselves In the last week, ...

I want my money back
I want my money back With hard work, a forward plan and visionaries to ...

In other opinion: Changes to state laws and regulation could affect tourism
Tourism in North Carolina is a $20 billion-a-year industry, and that’ ...

Can cooler heads prevail to end session?
RALEIGH – Late last week, it seemed like the only thing Republican Ho ...

Millions of voters won't have a choice on Election Day
RALEIGH – As part of my job, I look each day at a 2014 state House or ...

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