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Troubling agreement behind budget posturing
Another week at the General Assembly, another round of posturing on the budget, and another set of damaging and unnecessary budget cuts proposed because lawmakers are determined to give corporations a ...

'Huge issue ahead for North Carolina'
Decades from now, when school children in North Carolina look back on 2014, they might hear about the massive coal ash spill into the Dan River and subsequent legislation requiring cleanup of Duke Ene ...

In other opinion: Feds tied hands of firefighters
The Obama Administration is asking Congress for more money to fight summer wildfires, especially in the dry West, but perhaps it could start by getting its own agencies off firefighters’ backs. ...

What's the plan on incentives?
RALEIGH – For a couple of years now, we’ve heard that the Republicans who control the General Assembly want to stop “picking winners and losers” and eliminate as many of the ta ...

In other opinion: Is chicken plant right for Cumberland County?
A giant slaughterhouse processing a million-plus chickens a week may not be what Cumberland County officials had in mind when they created a 485-acre industrial park on Cedar Creek Road. But that m ...

Strange times in budget soap opera
These are fascinating times in Raleigh for political junkies and folks in the public policy world, as House and Senate leaders of the same political party trade budget offers back and forth and Govern ...

Plant the seed for fruitful debate
RALEIGH — I’m told that while there is no firmly established gift tradition for a 28th anniversary, the modern practice is to signify the event with an orchid. Well, this month marks th ...

Two sides in film incentives debate
RALEIGH – It’s looking like the current film incentives program may be scrapped for a much different grant program for TV and movie production companies. Other possible outcomes of this ...

Here are some of the responses Wilson Times readers provided to questions and news stories posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page. The Times has more than 11,000 Facebook followers and share ...

Don't forget the losers in state lottery
RALEIGH – Behind every state lottery dollar that goes to education is a loser. There’s also a winner – the teacher whose salary it pays, the student who gets a scholarship or the ...

Light in the darkness for Democrats
RALEIGH – Earlier this year, state Sen. Ben Clark, a Hoke County Democrat, became a hero for a day among his party and environmentalists when his amendment to require more well water testing nea ...

Serve a different plate
RALEIGH — As often happens at the North Carolina General Assembly, the new fiscal year has begun with the House and Senate not yet finished with a budget-adjustment bill. Medicaid funding, teach ...

Ideology holding up budget, not Medicaid
It turns out that the disagreement between the House and Senate over the cost of Medicaid next year is not the only thing holding up a final state budget that provides a pay raise for teachers and sta ...

North Carolinians can serve a different plate
RALEIGH — As often happens at the North Carolina General Assembly, the new fiscal year has begun with the House and Senate not yet finished with a budget-adjustment bill. Medicaid funding, teach ...

Missing budget forest for all the sniping in the trees
Most of the talk in Raleigh these days is about the sniping between House and Senate leaders as lawmakers try to come up with a final budget agreement. This week House Speaker Thom Tillis joined Go ...

What's the future for Common Core program?
Gov. Pat McCrory has previously upheld North Carolina’s decision to adopt the Common Core State Standards. Speaking to a group of business-minded folks at a state chamber of commerce meeting ...

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