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State still outpaces the nation
RALEIGH — Ever since conservatives won majorities in the North Carolina General Assembly and began reducing taxes, spending, and state regulation, liberals have predicted doom. Without suffic ...

Could we see a more moderate GOP?
RALEIGH – What General Assembly will we get this year? Will we continue to see a strong shift to the right, or will we get a more moderate version of Republican rule for the next two years? ...

New job recruiter sold on public-private model
RALEIGH – North Carolina’s new, top jobs recruiter moved to the state just after the first of the year. Christopher Chung, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina’s ...

Leaving proudly, but not with enthusiasm
“Fired with enthusiasm.” Last week I was reminded of that quote attributed to Clark Kerr, the legendary president of the multi-campus University of California. It is what he said when, ...

Battles in Washington ahead
RALEIGH — As the State of the Union address by President Obama and the Republican response aptly demonstrated, the next two years are more likely to feature confrontation rather than conciliatio ...

Why Republicans aren't too worried about $200 million
RALEIGH — For many of us, being just a few thousand dollars in the hole at any given time would be cause for concern. So why aren’t state Republican leaders in North Carolina sounding t ...

The mysterious 2015 legislative session
RALEIGH — The vagueness was unmistakable. At a news conference last week, state House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger didn’t reveal much about the upcoming legislative ...

UNC policy draws lawsuit
RALEIGH — Another wave of bad publicity and legal questions isn’t what the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill needs. But that’s exactly what the school is getting, thanks to ...

2015 offers McCrory's biggest test yet
RALEIGH – Surrounded by families, friends and fellow lawmakers, 170 incoming members of the General Assembly will get sworn in to two-year terms this week. There will be more than enough smi ...

Different types of bills get passed before session
RALEIGH – By the time state legislators get sworn in this week for the 2015-16 legislative session, many of them already will be tired. But at least their campaign coffers will be heavier. ...

Paris terror should stir support for press freedom
When the twin towers burned and went down on 9/11, the most prominent witness was the 151-foot-tall woman who guards New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty. The gift from France to the United State ...

School woes aren't werewolves
RALEIGH — Because of the tremendous benefits conferred by better education, it would be great if policymakers knew precisely what silver bullets to fire to eliminate obstacles to higher achievem ...

5 suggestions for less polarized 2015 General Assembly
RALEIGH – Jan. 14 brings a new legislative session and a fresh slate to the General Assembly, when old wounds should be healed, old habits forgotten. But if not, here are five ways that Repub ...

Playing around with taxes
Taxes continue to come down in North Carolina, and so do state revenues. According to leaders in Raleigh, this is driving an economic comeback. It also explains why the same leaders can’t aff ...

Courts agree Republicans overstepped in abortion law
RALEIGH – Critics of Republican leadership in the General Assembly are often quick to use words such as “extreme” to describe policies pushed by the majority. Republicans use the sam ...

GOP candidates are coming
RALEIGH — Is North Carolina ready to be an early stop on the road to the White House? Thanks to recent legislation, the Tar Heel State has abandoned its traditionally late presidential primar ...

2014: Coal ash and the Carolina comeback
RALEIGH — In 2014, “coal ash” became a household term, some state lawmakers wanted to gamble on extra lottery revenues to help balance the budget and Gov. Pat McCrory touted the R ...

Liberals roll their boulders
RALEIGH — I know Christmas Day has come and gone, but we ought to try to retain the holiday spirit as long as we can. That’s why I’m urging compassion for a downtrodden group that do ...

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