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Jobs and education. We all know that one depends upon the other. But many of the jobs of today require different skills than the jobs our parents and grandparents held, even if those jobs are in the s ...

Saying thanks is not enough for our veterans
We say, “Thanks for your service,” when we met veterans of the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq veterans. They can be forgiven if they think “Thanks for your service” is an incom ...

Trying to drive the new road-building highway
RALEIGH – I’m told that one of the wise, old political operatives in the state recently remarked that do-nothing politicians in today’s highly partisan environment move down a safer ...

Heeding the voter fraud call
Legislators found the findings outrageous. “That is criminal. That is wrong, and it shouldn’t be allowed to go any further without substantial investigations from our local district att ...

A dead end for road dollars?
RALEIGH — As state transportation officials take up the knotty issue of how to pay for roads in the future, they better first understand the political thicket in which state legislators have lef ...

Executive power, Congress and free trade agreements
RALEIGH — Congress should give President Barack Obama more power — when it comes to the issue of free trade, that is. Conservatives and constitutionalists are rightly concerned about re ...

Legislators take gander at revolving door
RALEIGH — Since North Carolina legislators first approved the State Ethics Act in 2006, policymakers and political observers have continued to discuss to what extent state law should control the ...

Teacher tenure law remains under fire
RALEIGH – Whether or not you believe teacher tenure laws in North Carolina need reform, it has become apparent that the changes passed by state legislators last year included a fatal flaw. Th ...

Not a world traveler, but I've been to Scotland
So, this past summer I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Scotland on a golf trip with seven other friends. We played nine rounds of golf at some of the most historic golf courses in the wo ...

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