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Facebook comments

Here are some of the responses Wilson Times readers provided to questions and news stories posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page. The Times has nearly 9,000 Facebook followers and shares breaking news stories and exclusive online content daily. To join the conversation, log into your Facebook account and search for “Wilson Times Co.” Click the “like” button in the right corner of the page, and our posts will automatically begin appearing in your Facebook news feed.

Life Editor Lisa Batts asked readers on Facebook where they hunkered down during Tuesday’s severe thunderstorms. Wilson-area residents shared their stories on The Times’ Facebook page.

I was Hunt High School preparing for a meeting and took shelter there until 5:45 p.m.

Janet Morando Pollock

Picked the kids up from day care and hid in the bathroom at my work.

April Bailey

I was in my bathroom with my dog. Thank God for phones with radar and emergency notifications.

Leni Kosinski Crook

I was in the back of Target with other shoppers and employees.

Otressia Sherrod

In the bathtub with my three kids while my husband kept an eye on the outside and joined us when it got really bad.

Shelley Gibson

I was shopping at Best Buy until they moved us into the breakroom.

April Mayo

We live in Black Creek and my two boys and I ran to our bathroom and hunkered down in the bathtub. We were on speakerphone with my husband the whole time until he got home from Goldsboro. Super scary moment for us.

Sherry Ginn

I stayed at the Contentnea Fire Department waiting for calls to come in. We sheltered a few travelers from Interstate 95 who got off the road and were looking for somewhere to take refuge. Our command staff did a water rescue in town for people trapped at a doctors’ office. Way to go, guys!

Benjamin Gufford

By chance, we ended up at my parents’ house in Town Creek. I know I’m an adult with kids of my own, but there’s something to be said about being “home” with your parents during a storm.

Jaime Cox Walsh

I was in Lowe’s and they moved all the shoppers and employees to the back hallway where the restrooms and breakroom are.

Michael Stanford

It was pretty bad, so we stopped at the Creamery until I saw the first sign of clear skies in the distance, then drove home. When I got home, my husband said it hadn’t rained a drop here yet. By the end of the night, though, our yard was completely flooded.

Heather Pridgen

I was under the front entrance of the Downing Street BB&T building. I wish I had thought to record the sound of the hail hitting the metal awning.

Debbie Little Sawyer

I was stuck at work with six other ladies watching the news and waiting until it calmed down for us to try to get home. Got out in the mess and the majority of the roads were flooded with water. Didn’t know which way to go! Scary feeling.

Melissa Smith

My son and I were in the tub with all of his “friends” (stuffed animals). Our dog was also with us.

Angie Baker Hess

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