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Sandy the Farm Hound
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FREE A Saturday morning in town
The Wilson Farmers Market was swarming with people of all ages in the July morning heat. The colors and textures of locally grown vegetables and fruits looked like an artist’s handiwork. There w ...

FREE A special night at Bible school
The July heat had mixed with the abundance of rain in the past few days to create humid, heavy feeling air. It was enough to cause one’s naturally wavy hair to be in ringlets. No matter how much ...

FREE Sandy shows a fancy dog the farm life
Sandy the farm hound’s ears perked up as she heard the gravel crunching beneath the tires of an SUV making its way down the long driveway. The sunshine poured through the branches overhanging th ...

FREE Sandy waits for a taste of steak
The smell of perfectly grilled rib eye steaks floated through the summer air. Sandy the farm hound inhaled the delicious smell as she waited in the bed of the truck for the Baker family. The Bakers we ...

FREE Sandy the hound has puppies
The sun rose brightly on the Baker Farm as the rooster crowed like he did every morning to wake up the Bakers and all of the sheep and Sandy the farm hound. It was a warm summer morning with birds chi ...

FREE Sandy visits the city
Mrs. Baker and 5-year-old Emma Baker were spending a day in town running errands and shopping. Wilson was such a convenient city with all of its shops and restaurants and houses nestled along tobacco ...

FREE Sandy and the missing prize sheep
The blue ribbon lay on the truck seat beside Mr. Baker as the family pulled up to the farm house under a starry summer sky. The ride from Sanford for the sheep show had put 5-year-old Emma Baker and S ...

FREE Sandy wants to hear the sermon
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Sunlight streamed through the big arched windows of the country church. Pastor Tom was in the pulpit and had just started his sermon when a visitor came walking down ...

FREE Sandy rushes in at the beach
Sandy the farm hound was ready for some salty ocean waves to come rolling toward her. She was on vacation at Atlantic Beach with the Baker family, and they had just walked out on the sand with all of ...

FREE Sandy plays with the Wilson Tobs
The first sign of the season for the Wilson Tobs had just been spotted by 5-year-old Emma Baker as she and her daddy waited at the red light heading home. "Game Tonight,” the sign read. Sa ...

FREE A Christmas lamb
The Shoppes of Brentwood had lit their huge Christmas tree in the town of Wilson right after Thanksgiving. Sandy the Farm Hound and the Bakers had already been driving by the tree listening to Christm ...

FREE Sandy solves the mystery
Sandy’s floppy ears perked up as she heard the little silver sports car speeding up the lane to the farmhouse. Once she recognized the car, she began to bark, welcoming the visitor and letting t ...

FREE Italian visitor brings excitement to farm
The day was finally here! It was the day that Adriana would be flying into town with all of her bags and gifts and funny stories. It was as if a little piece of Italy lived on the farm for two weeks e ...

FREE An unfriendly visit from a fox
Sandy the farm hound was enjoying a light summer afternoon nap on the farmhouse porch when she heard the sheep in the pasture bleating their distress cry. She practically jumped down the porch steps a ...

FREE Sandy visits the big rooster
Sandy the dog wondered why Emma Baker kept asking to see the big rooster. Sandy had encountered several big roosters on their farm, and she knew that roosters were not her best friends. They had chase ...

FREE Thirsty dream on a summer morning
Sandy the farm hound looked up into the bluest sky she thought she’d ever seen. Summer had just begun, and she already felt the magic of the season. She loved summer time with lawn sprinklers, g ...

FREE Hearty breakfast and heavy snow
Sandy woke up to the bright morning sunshine pouring in between the big oak trees that overlooked the farm house. Even the lane leading up to the house was flooded with light. How late had she slept? ...

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