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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 7:36 AM

Sandy visits the city

By Lee Jennings

Mrs. Baker and 5-year-old Emma Baker were spending a day in town running errands and shopping. Wilson was such a convenient city with all of its shops and restaurants and houses nestled along tobacco fields. The Baker Farm was located outside the city limits, and coming up on Brentwood Shopping Center was exciting to Emma.

It was bustling with shoppers and people stopping for lunch. There were business people, farmers, moms running errands and kids holding their parents’ hands walking along sidewalks. There were even a few dogs walking along with their owners.

Mrs. Baker and Emma had Sandy the farm hound with them today. Mr. Baker had gone to a meeting for farmers, so Sandy had jumped in the car with Emma and Mrs. Baker when it was time for them to leave home. The first stop for the Baker girls was to Churchwell’s Jewelers. Emma had wanted a locket ever since she saw one on a Holly Hobby cartoon.

Sandy sat in the car while Emma and her mom went inside. It only took a few minutes for Emma to decide on a necklace, and soon she and Mrs. Baker had paid the nice people at the jewelry store. Then they were back in the car with big smiles on their faces. Emma showed Sandy her new locket that was all new and shiny. Sandy was happy for Emma and hung her tongue out, panting with a smile curling up her lips.

The next stop was to Megan’s Academy of Dance to pay Emma’s tuition for dance camp. Next they went to the library to return some books and get some books. Sandy knew that dogs were not allowed in the library, but she surely did want to see what it was like inside.

Mrs. Baker and Emma said that they wouldn’t be in the library long and opened the windows in the car just a little so that Sandy wouldn’t get too hot. It was a nice day, and Sandy didn’t mind waiting in the car, but her curiosity was getting the better of her.

She watched Emma and Mrs. Baker disappear into the library. Sandy wondered if she could get the car door open. She pawed at it, and sure enough, the door opened. Mrs. Baker had locked the car, but Sandy’s paw had accidentally hit the unlock button while she was pacing around.

Sandy ran toward the library door while it was closing behind an elderly lady that had just gone inside. She squeezed inside just as the door was closing. But to her surprise, there was another set of doors that she would have to get through to actually get to the books. At least she was in the entry way. About that time, a little girl with a big pink bow in her hair pushed on the door, and Sandy politely waited for her chance to dart in and get a look at all the books.

She ran past the little girl and was just tall enough not to be seen by the ladies behind the desk who worked there. Sandy was impressed by the curving stairway, the many shelves of books, and the quiet whispers that she heard. It was a beautiful place.

Sandy had heard Emma talk about how she liked riding the elevator up to the second floor where the children’s books were located. Then Emma would talk about all of the colorful books and the computer with the headphones where she liked to play games and explore new things.

Sandy was tempted to run right up the stairs and find Emma but decided against it. Instead, she waited quietly by the desk. The next time the door opened, she would run back to the car so that she didn’t get into more trouble. She remembered that Mr. Baker had once told her not to wander off, and she thought this might be what he was talking about. Still, the ladies at the desk had not seen her. She sat patiently and in just a few seconds, the door opened. Sandy ran as fast as she could once the people at the door were inside. She was now in the small entryway again. The people who had just gone into the library saw Sandy and came back through to let her out. They could tell that she wanted to go outside because her face was towards the exit, and her tail was wagging like a broom sweeping back and forth.

Sandy made it back to the car where she waited on the back seat. Mrs. Baker and Emma came back out in a few minutes to find Sandy in the car, but the back door was open. The ladies at the desk had seen Sandy when she darted out the door and had been talking about it when Emma and Mrs. Baker had checked out their books. Now Mrs. Baker put two and two together and realized that Sandy had been in the library. She looked around in the car, and all was safe and secure. Mrs. Baker told Sandy that she was to be careful, and then Mrs. Baker and Emma got back in the car and the trio headed to the Wilson Doughnut Shop for lunch and donuts.

From the car, Sandy could see inside the doughnut shop through the big windows. Emma and Mrs. Baker were sitting inside eating, and Sandy knew that soon she would taste a hot dog. She could see an extra one on the table by Mrs. Baker. Her mouth began to water as she watched the people in the small hometown restaurant. There were two UPS delivery men in their brown shirts and shorts who were talking at a table close to the Bakers. There was a line at the cash register where people of all sizes and ages were ordering lunch and doughnuts.

Soon, Mrs. Baker and Emma were back in the car after a good lunch with doughnut holes for dessert. Sandy was offered a hot dog, which she gobbled up in only a few seconds, leaving a piece of bread on the seat that she saw and gobbled that up, too. Emma was laughing at Sandy’s enjoyment of the hot dog. Then, Mrs. Baker gave Sandy some water, and the three of them were off again, this time heading back to Baker Farm.

Mrs. Baker pulled up in the driveway to the farm as sunlight danced between the leaves of the big oak trees that stood along the gravel path. Once the car was parked, Sandy jumped out after Emma as they ran to the backyard to the swing set.

She lay in the grass by the swings and remembered how pretty the library was, how charmingly hometown the doughnut shop was, and most of all how happy she was to see Emma and Mrs. Baker after each of their errands were accomplished. Sandy had missed seeing Mr. Baker who was now coming out the back door to see Emma on the swings. Mr. Baker rubbed Sandy behind the ears and told her that he heard that she had been to the library that day.

Sandy looked up at him with her big brown eyes as Mr. Baker smiled and then began to push Emma on the swing. Sandy knew that she had made the right decision to run back to the car when she did and was glad that she had remembered Mr. Baker’s directions from the past about not wandering off. She was glad that she had a master who knew her enough that all he had to say was that he knew what she had been doing without even saying anything else. Sandy could tell that she shouldn’t ever get out of the car by herself in the city like that again. She knew that Mr. Baker loved her and nothing could ever separate her from that love. If you stop and think about it, all of us have a Master who loves us with such a great love and gives us adventures to learn of his love whether we are in the city or at home in the backyard.

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