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Sandy the Farm Hound
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Sandy rushes in at the beach
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Sandy rushes in at the beach

Sandy the farm hound was ready for some salty ocean waves to come rolling toward her. She was on vacation at Atlantic Beach with the Baker family, and they had just walked out on the sand with all of their chairs and umbrellas and coolers full of sandwiches and drinks. They were equipped to stay out for the full day, and Sandy was happy about it!

It was a beautiful day full of sunshine and excitement! As soon as the Bakers got everything set up, 5-year-old Emma Baker and Sandy started walking toward the sea of bluish green. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. As soon as Sandy’s paws touched the water, she was barking and skipping along the edge of the water in delight. And Emma was right there with her, squealing and smiling from ear to ear.

Mr. and Mrs. Baker were close by sitting in their lounge chairs and smiling too as the warm summer sunshine poured down on them. Sandy and Emma got a little wet and decided to play in the sand. Sandy did the digging first. She dug a hole so big in the sand that Emma had a little pool where the waves had washed in. She and Sandy played in the little pool for a while, and then Sandy decided to lie down in it while Emma built a sand castle or two.

Then Mr. Baker decided he would go swimming for a bit. Grabbing the raft, he put Emma on it, and the two of them and Sandy went out past the breakers. Sandy was an excellent swimmer, and the tide wasn’t strong today, so she could stay on top of the water pretty easily.

All of the swimming and rafting made the trio hungry, and after about an hour they headed back onto shore. Soon Mrs. Baker was handing out sandwiches and chips and drinks. Why did everything taste so much better at the beach? Sandy was given a tuna fish sandwich that she devoured. After drinking some water, she settled down under an umbrella for a nap.

She could hear the sounds of the seagulls, the waves lapping up on the shore, the distant sounds of an airplane, and the Bakers’ voices as they enjoyed just being together. Everything seemed so perfect that Sandy’s lips curled up in a smile.

Just then, a crab decided to emerge from its hole in the sand and walk its sideways route to Sandy’s paw. Sandy woke up and started barking at the crab, who decided to scurry back to its hole in the sand. Just then, Sandy heard a small voice crying out towards the ocean.

She looked toward the water to see a small boy caught in a wave that was dragging him into the deep water. Without hesitating, Sandy started running as fast as she could. She nearly knocked over the boy’s mother who was trying to reach her son to rescue him. Sandy reached him first and grabbed the little boy by the collar of his shirt, lifting him and dragging him toward the shore as fast as she could. He was heavy for her, and she was trying her best. But Sandy’s head kept going under the water. She wouldn’t let go of the little boy’s shirt.

Just then, a strong hand reached down and picked up the little boy and Sandy, too. Sandy looked up to see Mr. Baker’s kind face. The little boy was crying and kicking. Sandy knew he was scared.

Sandy the Farm Hound has returned for a second summer. Local author Lee Jennings is once again writing the stories set in our community that can be shared with the entire family.

Look for the stories each Tuesday for the next several weeks. You can also read the series as it progresses at
Mr. Baker reached the edge of the water and handed the little boy to his mother who was being comforted by Mrs. Baker and Emma. She thanked them and Sandy numerous times as she comforted her son. Sandy could tell that she had been scared, too.

After making sure that the boy was all right, the Bakers and Sandy walked back to their chairs. Sandy was exhausted. She drank some water out of her portable dish and flopped down under an umbrella once more.

The Baker family kept rubbing her behind the ears and telling her how brave she was and what a great dog she was. Sandy loved all of the attention and hung her tongue out partly in happiness and partly in exhaustion.

Just then, a newspaper reporter came up and starting talking to Mr. Baker about the rescue. The reporter was on vacation at the beach for the day but had brought his camera and notepad just in case anything interesting happened. He had seen the whole rescue effort and asked if he could write about it and snap some pictures. In talking with the Bakers, they found out that he lived in Wilson like them.

The next day, Sandy’s picture would be on the front page of The Wilson Times. The reporter would tell about Sandy’s attempt to rescue the little boy and how Mr. Baker had brought the two to shore. The whole thing was just amazing.

That night, Sandy lay on the porch of the cottage where the Baker’s were staying at the beach. She had eaten a good fish supper and was relaxing under the stars. She thought about how Mr. Baker brought her and the little boy in from the strong waves that kept knocking her head under water. She thought about how calm she felt when she realized Mr. Baker had picked her up when she was so tired in the water.

Sandy was also happy that the little boy was all right. And she was thankful that she had a strong, gentle master who could help her when she was not strong enough to fight the waves on her own. If you stop to think about it, we all have a gentle master that’s strong enough to help us through life’s uncertain waves.
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