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Tuesday, May 07, 2013 10:07 AM

Slugger preps for May 28th season opener

By Lee Jennings

The month of May is here! Finally, the countdown to May 28th has officially been started by Slugger the tobacco worm for the season’s opening game. Oh, the excitement of a new season, but that’s not all that’s new! Slugger’s new look will be revealed at the first game.

Slugger loved hanging around the Tobs players each season and getting to know the players as well as the fans. He might have to make a sneak peak the night of the "First Pitch Dinner”. This will be a new event presented by United Health Care on May 27th at 5:30 at Historic Fleming Stadium. Fans will have the opportunity to meet the players, coaches, and interns. The event is $10 for adults and $7 for kids. Dinner will be provided too. Slugger wondered if a salad would be included. He knew it would be tasty whatever would be served. Another fun part of the dinner would include door prizes and even a game ticket for Opening Night!

Slugger was smiling. He had just finished his afternoon workout at Historic Fleming Stadium. The weather had been spring like and then cool and rainy and then warm and then hot. Slugger was glad to have sunshine today and sat down on the bottom bleacher to sip some water.

He had gotten into shape over spring training and looked different than he had last year this time. He had exercised, eaten healthy, practiced his dance moves, and learned to balance himself with his new physique and long tail. He had been more active in the community and had visited more businesses as he took care of his everyday life.

Slugger was thrilled with his accomplishments and felt the best that he had in years. He hoped that lots of people would fill the stadium on opening night, especially children. Slugger just loved when children came and experienced the American sports event that rattled with excitement of patriotism and teamwork and community closeness.

School would still be in session before summer break, but what a way to wind down the school year! In fact, the Tobs would be celebrating with an end of school fireworks display on June 6th at the game. But Slugger was most excited about revealing his new look at the opening game.

Would everybody notice his new good looks? Would he be nervous when the moment would arrive for revealing his new look? Would his dance moves be smooth like he had practiced?

He just couldn’t think about it anymore right now. He was feeling almost woozy with anticipation. He thought as he sat there that he had time to go over to New Hope Primary Care to get his blood pressure checked and just visit with the staff there for a few minutes. He had been visiting there for encouragement, weight checks, and check-ups. They had given him a check up before he started working out and had given him pointers on staying healthy. He headed over and found out that his blood pressure was fine. They said he probably did need to drink more water to keep him hydrated.

He felt much better after his visit and headed to see his friends at the Jeff Price Agency with Farm Bureau. They were always glad to see him and talk with him for a few minutes. He reminded them of the first baseball game of the season coming up. Then he headed over to Thomas & Farris to remind them of the opening game. They were glad to see him and reminded him that he looked really fit and trim.

Hearing such encouragement from friends made Slugger think about the comfort of good food. He had been eating great salads at McDonald’s, Pizza Inn, Bojangles’, Western Sizzlin, and the Beef Mastor. He had also been enjoying turkey barbecue at Bill’s and great vegetables at K&W. Once in a while he would splurge and eat a steak or a slice of pizza.

Slugger decided to grab a salad to go and head towards home. He ordered a salad with grilled chicken on it. It smelled so good. As Slugger walked along, the wonderful smell wafted along behind him. He felt like somebody was watching him from behind. He stopped for a minute at a sign to cross the street.

Looking behind him, he saw a little, white fuzzy dog. Slugger walked across the street, and the little dog followed him. In fact, the dog followed him all the way home.

What was Slugger to do? He thought the dog must be hungry, so he gave him a bowl of water and a piece of his chicken. And what do you think happened? That little dog ate that chicken all gone, and drank water like he had never had any before. Slugger went inside to eat his salad.

He sat down at his lap top in the kitchen and pulled up the internet at a rapid speed. He really liked having Wilson’s Greenlight internet service. He read The Wilson Times online while he ate his dinner and could hear the little dog outside.

He thought about Bark in the Park that would be going on at the game on June 2nd where dogs would parade around the bases. He went to the door and stepped out on his porch, but his furry friend had already left. Maybe he would see him again on June 2nd or around town. Well, at least he had made another friend, and Wilson was a good place to do just that. In fact, Wilson was a happy place to live as a healthy tobacco worm.

Slugger’s heart felt light and happy as he decided to turn in for the night and think about all of the upcoming events as he drifted off to sleep. He knew how important it is to be healthy and strong. And part of being healthy is to get enough sleep. As he snuggled up under his blanket, he thought about how fun everything would be at the stadium with the fans cheering, the music playing, the smell of the food, and hearing the bats as they made contact with the baseballs, sending them soaring through the air. He didn’t know which would soar more, the baseballs or the excitement. He would be ready to see the fans at the opening game of the season. May 28th was fast approaching and he could hardly wait to see everybody and for everybody to see him!

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