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How are you celebrating Halloween this year?

I don't celebrate Halloween 193 50.79%
Staying home and passing out candy 97 25.53%
Taking the kids trick-or-treating 71 18.68%
Costume party with friends, co-workers 19 5%

Should County Manager Ellis Williford apologize for his comments about medical technology company BD and the need for more entry-level jobs in Wilson County?

Yes, he was off the mark 137 53.73%
No, he's explained his intent 118 46.27%

Do you think gang violence is a serious problem in Wilson?

Yes, it's a problem in most cities 312 77.04%
Yes, it's worse here than elsewhere 74 18.27%
No, gang activity is rare in Wilson 11 2.72%
No, the gangs here are seldom violent 8 1.98%

Should Wilson County Schools eliminate mandatory senior projects?

Yes, they're an unnecessary distraction 174 60.84%
No, they provide valuable hands-on learning 91 31.82%
I'm undecided 21 7.34%

Do you think the First Amendment goes too far in the individual freedoms it guarantees?

It strikes an ideal balance 61 56.48%
It doesn't go far enough 29 26.85%
It goes too far 18 16.67%

Do you think the United States should take military action in Syria?

No, it's a civil war that doesn't involve the U.S. 263 84.03%
Airstrikes only - no boots on the ground 30 9.58%
Yes, we need to remove al-Assad from power 20 6.39%

Should Wilson County Schools allow hunting and conservation group Delta Waterfowl to raffle off a black-powder muzzleloader rifle during a Lucama Elementary School fundraiser?

Yes, the gun will never be on campus 225 68.39%
No, it sends a bad message to students 88 26.75%
I'm on the fence 16 4.86%

Do you agree with the N.C. Housing Finance Agency's decision to deny Landmark Properties' $9.2-million downtown Wilson rental project?

Let Landmark build it with its own money 120 50.63%
No, it would revitalize the area 59 24.89%
Yes, it would hurt historic Wilson 58 24.47%

Should applicants for government assistance who are suspected of drug use be required to pass a drug test before they're eligible to collect benefits?

Yes, this is taxpayer money 527 84.46%
No, it's invasive and may be illegal 65 10.42%
Test drug convicts only - not arrestees 32 5.13%

After the Trayvon Martin verdict, how do you feel about stand-your-ground laws and the right to use deadly force in self-defense?

We need the laws to protect ourselves 152 66.09%
They make it too easy to take a life 64 27.83%
I'm on the fence 14 6.09%

Who should be held responsible for the fights that police say took place outside the Wilson Arena skating rink early Saturday and Sunday mornings?

The individuals involved in the fights 97 42.54%
All share some of the blame 66 28.95%
The skating rink's management 31 13.6%
Groups holding private parties there 27 11.84%
The Wilson Police Department 7 3.07%

Wilson County’s 13-percent unemployment rate is the fourth-highest in North Carolina. What do you think is most responsible?

People unwilling to work 154 49.52%
Poor business recruitment efforts 78 25.08%
Economic uncertainty 47 15.11%
Lack of skilled workers 32 10.29%

Do you agree with the Supreme Court's ruling that a law denying federal benefits to married same-sex couples is unconstitutional?

No, we shouldn't recognize gay marriage 115 58.97%
Yes, everyone should be treated the same 45 23.08%
Get the government out of all marriages 35 17.95%

Should concealed handgun permit-holders be allowed to bring guns onto public school campuses as long as they're locked in their cars?

No, we don't need guns on school grounds 175 55.38%
Yes, permit-holders are responsible 141 44.62%

Should the city of Wilson charge businesses and residents a fee for responding to false burglary and fire alarms?

No, their taxes already pay for police, fire 120 54.79%
Yes, it's a drain on city resources 81 36.99%
I'm undecided 18 8.22%

Is your family prepared for hurricane season?

We're not prepared at all 84 69.42%
We're still making our preparations 25 20.66%
We're fully stocked and have an escape plan 12 9.92%

Should state officials charge tolls to drive on Interstate 95?

No, it will hurt residents and businesses 226 65.51%
Mitigated tolls only - locals pay less 71 20.58%
Yes, it's the only way to pay for repairs 48 13.91%

What do you think about the Wilson County Board of Health's decision to fire Health Director Felix Meyer?

It's long overdue 141 62.95%
Right choice, right time 62 27.68%
It was the wrong choice 21 9.38%

Should U.S. lawmakers pass new gun control measures like an assault weapons ban, magazine capacity limits and expanded background checks?

Yes, we need to make America safer 86 41.55%
No, the Second Amendment shouldn't be limited 71 34.3%
Expanded background checks only 50 24.15%

Should teens be required to get parents' permission to receive contraceptives and family planning services from public health departments?

Yes, parents have a right to know 160 64.78%
No, it's a threat to teens' health 71 28.74%
I'm not sure 16 6.48%

Should state lawmakers allow city and county governments to post public notices on their own websites instead of advertising in local newspapers and on newspaper websites?

Yes, it's a way to modernize and save money 54 45.38%
No, government sites are visited too infrequently 42 35.29%
Compromise: Cap costs for newspaper public notices 23 19.33%

What should be state lawmakers' first priority?

Reducing unemployment 96 44.24%
Cracking down on crime 36 16.59%
Lowering business, individual taxes 32 14.75%
Improving education 30 13.82%
Protecting gun rights 19 8.76%
Making government more open 4 1.84%

Should North Carolina require a government-issued photo ID in order to vote?

Yes, it's a commonsense anti-fraud measure 224 75.68%
No, it will disenfranchise the poor and elderly 46 15.54%
Compromise: Require voter registration cards 26 8.78%

Which crimes do you think are the most prevalent and the biggest threat to Wilson's quality of life?

Drug sales and possession 116 43.12%
Assaults, rapes and killings 79 29.37%
Home and business break-ins 58 21.56%
Theft and shoplifting 7 2.6%
Car break-ins and car thefts 4 1.49%
Prostitution 3 1.12%
Speeding and traffic offenses 2 0.74%

How would the Landmark Group's plan to refurbish and replace vacant houses with multi-family rental homes affect Wilson's historic downtown neighborhoods?

It will eliminate eyesores and bring new life to downtown 98 57.65%
The project isn't compatible with historic homes 40 23.53%
It will have little or no overall effect 32 18.82%

Should North Carolina remove "education" from the N.C. Education Lottery's name and limit lottery advertising?

Yes, players shouldn't be misled 76 56%
No, the lottery is fair and profitable as-is 60 44%

Does the Wilson County Board of Commissioners need an animal control advisory committee?

No, leave animal control to the sheriff 75 45%
Yes, but the public should have one or more seats 54 32%
Yes, commissioners should study these issues 25 15%
No, let the full Board of Commissioners decide 13 8%

Should residents requesting public records have to pay for government workers' salary and benefits while they compile the records and make copies?

No, we already pay their salaries through taxes 187 69%
Sometimes, but only for time-intensive requests 44 16%
Yes, the workers' time isn't free 41 15%

Should Wilson County Schools allow students with eyebrow, nose, lip and tongue piercings to wear their studs or rings in school?

No, it's too much of a distraction 239 71%
Yes, it's how students express themselves 97 29%

Should North Carolina keep a straight-party voting option on its ballots?

No, choose candidates individually 134 59%
Yes, it's convenient for party loyalists 92 41%

How much money will you spend on Valentine's Day gifts this year?

$1-$100 246 87%
$101-$300 25 9%
More than $500 9 3%
$301-$500 4 1%

Should high school students be allowed to use cellphones during the school day?

Only before/after school and at lunch - not in the classroom 216 57%
No, cellphones are a digital distraction 102 27%
Yes, they're old enough to use them responsibly 60 16%

Should North Carolina pass a law to prevent welfare and food stamp recipients from using their own money to buy lottery tickets?

Yes, taxpayers are subsidizing their gambling 300 78%
No, the state shouldn't tell us how to spend 85 22%

How do you think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would feel about equality and race relations in the United States today?

Encouraged - progress made, more needed 108 41%
Discouraged - prejudice still runs rampant 87 33%
Satisfied - we've achieved equality 70 26%

Should Wilson County's animal shelter spay or neuter all dogs and cats before they're adopted?

Yes, it's the responsible thing to do 191 67%
Make it optional if owners request it 74 26%
No, it's expensive and not required 20 7%

What's your top New Year's resolution for 2013?

I didn't make a resolution 114 52%
Weight loss/fitness 54 25%
Managing money better 34 15%
Quitting smoking 9 4%
Planning more family time 9 4%

What should Congress and the president do to avert the looming fiscal cliff?

Make deep spending cuts 112 38%
Compromise: Some tax hikes, some cuts 87 30%
Raise taxes for the wealthy 85 29%
Raise taxes for everyone 10 3%

After this month's tragic Connecticut school shooting, does the U.S. need more gun control laws?

No, criminals don't obey gun laws 138 53%
Yes, assault weapons should be banned 99 38%
Maybe, it calls for careful study 22 9%

Do you think marijuana should be legal in North Carolina?

Yes, for medicinal and recreational use 195 45%
No, it should remain illegal 150 34%
Yes, for medicinal use only 76 17%
I'm not sure 17 4%

Should Wilson County commissioners assume direct oversight over the county health and social services departments?

Commissioners should oversee both 100 48%
Commissioners should oversee neither 82 40%
They should oversee health board only 18 9%
They should oversee DSS only 7 3%

Do you give to charity during the holiday season?

Yes, I give sometimes 113 42%
Yes, as much as I can 79 29%
No, I can't afford it 62 23%
No, I don't want to 17 6%

How much do you plan to spend on Christmas gifts this year?

$501-$1,000 87 26%
$1-$100 67 20%
More than $1,000 62 19%
$301-$500 61 18%
$101-$300 55 17%

How do you feel about Sanderson Farms' decision not to bring an 1,100-job poultry processing plant to southern Nash County?

Satisfied - it would pollute Wilson's water supply 185 48%
Disappointed - we need those jobs 149 39%
Indifferent - we've neither gained nor lost anything 49 13%

Do you think bullying is a problem in Wilson County's public schools?

Yes, it's a nationwide problem 250 51%
Yes, it happens here often 221 45%
No, it hardly ever happens 12 2%
No, our schools are bully-free 11 2%

Are you voting in the 2012 general election?

Yes, I voted early 335 62%
Yes, on Election Day 148 28%
No, I don't want to 41 8%
No, I'm not eligible 13 2%

After two killings in Wilson apartment complexes in two days, how safe do you feel in your community?

Fairly safe 156 35%
Extremely unsafe 123 28%
Fairly unsafe 95 21%
Extremely safe 71 16%
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