NOTICE OF SERVICE BY PUBLICATION, State of North Carolina, Wilson County By: City of Wilson Re: Heirs of Pinkie L. Chappell Barnes c/o Theresa Hilliard, owners of record of 215 Powell Street, SE; Kendall T. Bergheim and Kathryn L. Gray, owners of record of 300 Vance Street, NE; Bobby Daryl McGirt, owner of record of 1101 Stantonsburg Circle SE; Lewis Investments, LLC and Carlos Remilres Lewis, Registered Agent, owners of record of 1107 Toisnot Avenue, NE; Edward K. High and wife, Shirley E. High, owners of record of 1512 Anderson Street, NW; Donald Gerald Aycock, owner of record of 2102 Wilco Blvd; Howard Enterprises, Inc., and William J. Howard, Registered Agent, c/o Thomas J. Rhodes, owners of record of 5323 NC 58 Hwy N; Anthony Lavell Rogers and wife, Marian Sanders Rogers, owners of record of 115 Douglas Street. To all owners and parties of interest, take notice that the Wilson County Building Inspector conducted hearings on September 19, 2018, to determine if the structures located on the above-referenced properties were in violation of State and City building regulations. Having found that such structures are in violation of said laws and are an imminent threat to public health and safety, the Building Inspector has ordered the structure(s) on 215 Powell Street, 300 Vance Street, 1101 Stantonsburg Circle, 1107 Toisnot Avenue, and 2102 Wilco Boulevard be demolished and removed within 30 days of his Order dated November 16, 2018; the structure(s) on 115 Douglas Street be demolished and removed within 60 days of his Order dated November 16, 2018; the structure(s) on 1512 Anderson Street be demolished and removed within 90 days of his Order dated November 16, 2018; and the structure(s) on 5323 NC 58 Hwy N, be demolished and removed by January 1, 2019. Should such action not take place, the City of Wilson will consider adoption of an ordinance permitting the City to proceed with immediate demolition of the structure(s). This 16th day of November, 2018. Charles Taylor, Building Inspector, City of Wilson, 252-399-2240. 11:16/2018

Posted 11/15/2018