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The use of Social media has caused new concerns, conversations and definitions for State Boards of Elections across the country, including North Carolina. There are new rules emerging for those who serve on local boards of elections when it comes to their social media activity and Wilson County i ...
Local News
New elections board member takes office Friday
The Wilson County Board of Elections will swear in a new member Friday morn ...

FREE Push intensifies to save band
Even if school leaders had been able to find a way to split a band teacher ...

Ward Boulevard repaving starts Friday
N.C. Department of Transportation plans to repave a section of Ward Bouleva ...

Calvary Presbyterian to dedicate new building
Calvary Presbyterian Church has been working on expanding its church. Membe ...

Finding his life's purpose
Richard Cuddington Jr. is doing what most pastors do during the first few m ...

Dixon Chapel Dixon Chapel will host the NEA District Union #3 tonight, 7 ...

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