$5,000 reward offered for missing macaw

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The owner of a missing green-winged macaw is offering a reward for information on the bird’s location that leads to its recovery.

“It’s a red green-winged macaw,” said Buddy Waskey, an aviculturist who resides in the vicinity of Banana Loop Road and U.S. 117 Alternate near Bill’s Grill between Black Creek and Lucama.

The two-year-old rare bird is a free-flier who left Waskey’s home with another bird Monday afternoon and never returned.

Waskey is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of the bird, which is brilliant red in color.

“When this happens, a bird that’s trained like this and all, something happened. It got scared or something,” Waskey said. “The bird is a super flier.”

The bird has a microchip and it has a unique leg band.

Waskey said green-winged macaws are threatened in their native range of Central and South America. The missing bird was not imported and was hatched in South Carolina.

It has a distinctive high-pitched squawk that is not like any native bird. The bird will likely be high up in a treetop. It can be heard from a mile away.

“Somebody will probably hear it before they see it,” Waskey said.

Waskey blows a special whistle to which the bird responds.

“From the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail is about three feet and from wingtip to wingtip is about four feet,” Waskey said.

Waskey said the bird has made about 100 flights in the area.

“That bird is a younger bird and has never flown anywhere but here. My fear is after it gets a couple miles away it would be just like taking it to another county or state,” Waskey said.

“It can get disoriented. The older birds won’t. The bird she was flying with is six years old and that bird came back the next day.”

People should not attempt to capture the bird if they spot it. Instead, they Waskey asks that anyone who sees the bird calls him with the location.

Waskey can be reached at 804-638-8278.

“All I need is one phone call,” Waskey said. “If somebody could give me something within a quarter or a half of a mile, I could go over there with two more birds, blow the whistle and recover her.”