590 acres on Contentnea Creek, Hominy Swamp divided among 9 heirs

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Elephar Tomlinson, daughter of Jonathan Tomlinson and wife Priscilla Renfrow, was born on Dec. 3, 1827, and died on May 3, 1900. She married James Daniel, son of Jacob Daniel and wife Sarah Barnes. (She was a daughter of James W. Barnes of Edgecombe County.) In the Wilson County Census of 1860 he was No. 2,2, living near Black Creek, with $145 worth of personal property. He was born on Dec. 9, 1825, and died on Dec. 19, 1902.


1. David Daniel was born in 1853 and never married.

2. Barnes Daniel was born in 1854, and died on Nov. 21, 1935. He married Mahala Daniel (July 13, 1870 - Nov. 28, 1955).

3. Joseph Daniel was born in 1856 and married (1) Bettie Branch, and (2) Fannie Mercer.

4. Jacob Daniel was born in 1857 and married twice.

5. Mary Ann Daniel was born in 1858. She married Reddick Barnes.

6. Priscilla “Cilla” Daniel was born about March 1860. She married Nathan Bass.

7. Sallie Daniel was born on Nov. 14, 1862. She married William Franklin “Frank” Bardin.

8. Jonathan Daniel married Henrietta Hayes.

9. Lewis Daniel married (1) Effie Carow and (2) Bessie Davis.

10. James Stephen Daniel married Susan Alice Hayes.

a. Ossie Richard Daniel married Annie Charity Aycock.

b. Barnes Daniel married Lillian Bailey.

c. Charles Daniel married Lossie Sullivan.

d. Jennie Daniel married Simon Aycock.

e. Annie Daniel married J.D. Aycock Jr.


On Aug. 4, 1808, Stephen and Mary Tomlinson of Wayne County sold William Elliss of Edgecombe County for $250 a tract of 48 acres north of Contentnea Creek, beginning at Elizabeth Rountree’s corner, down a slash, to the creek, and up it to the beginning, “being a tract of land which fell to Mary Tomlinson from her Father’s Estate,” witnessed by Wiley Rountree, Thomas Tomlinson and Dixon Ellis.


On Oct. 13, 1804, Jesse Farmer, Benjamin Farmer and Charles Coleman, with County Surveyor J. Farmer, divided the land of the late Moses Rountree according to the order of August Court, 1804: 590 acres (192 acres on Contentnea Creek and 397 acres on Hominy Swamp) in Edgecombe County:

(1) Treasey Rountree, 48 acres worth 168.8.8, from Contentnea Creek N.E. to Little Swamp, down the latter to Robertson, to the Creek, and up it to the beginning;

(2) Salley Rountree, 48 acres worth 168.8.8, up Little Swamp until it joins Hominy Swamp, up the latter, then S. W. to Contentnea Creek, and down the Creek to the beginning; (3) Nathan Rountree, 48 acres worth 125.3.1 1/2, up Hominy Swamp to a Slash, up the latter, S.W. to Contentnea Creek, and down the Creek to the beginning;

(4) Mary Tomlinson, 48 acres worth 125.3.1 1/2, up a slash to John Bearfoot, with him S.W. to the creek, and down the creek to the beginning;

(5) Willie Rountree, 79 acres worth 39.15.10, bounded by Doudna’s Branch, Charles Coleman, and Isaac Farmer;

(6) Lewis Rountree, 79 acres worth 43.15.5, bounded by Joseph Farmer, William Ross and a branch;

(7) Elizabeth Elliss, 89 acres worth 59.13.9, S.W. to Hominy Swamp, down it to Doudna’s Branch, and along the same;

(8) Benaja Rountree, 79 acres with 4.8.0 1/2, on Hominy Swamp;

(9) John Rountree, 79 acres worth 52.10.5 on Poley Branch, along the James Barnes line, “near James Barnes’s mill sheats (seats),” and down Hominy Swamp to the beginning.


Moses Farmer died in November of 1844 and an item in his will requested that “the tract of land whereon Samuel Farmer now lives be Sold by my Executor at private if it will bring twelve hundred fifty dollars if not to be set up to the highest bidder:” executor Larry D. Farmer sold William Tomlinson on March 22, 1845, for $1,105, the undivided half of 1,058 acres south of Toisnot Swamp in Edgecombe County adjoining Joshua Barnes, down the swamp to Susan Roundtree, then along James W. Barnes, then, the N. to Hominy Swamp, up the last to “Amos Johnson tract of Land which belonged to Jesse Barnes formerly now Joshua Barnes, “then” to the old county line road,” up the road leading to Little Swamp, then to Joshua Barnes and the beginning, witnessed by John Dew and Cornelius Jordan.

On Jan. 4, 1848, William Tomlinson sold Irket Evans for $535 a tract of 226 acres west of Little Swamp and bounded by the mouth of Meadow Branch, himself, Joshua Barnes, and James Tomlinson, witnessed by John W. Farmer and Josiah Farmer. On Feb. 6, 1849, William Tomlinson sold James Barnes for $1,400 a tract of 600 acres south of Toisnot Swamp adjoining Joshua Barnes, Polly Barnes, down Toisnot to Dempsey Barnes, along James Barnes, up Hominy Swamp, and along Little Swamp, witnessed by John W. Farmer and Josiah Farmer. On Feb. 15, 1850, James Farmer Jr., sold William Tomlinson of Edgecombe County for $165.07 a tract of 60 acres north of Hominy Swamp adjoining John Coleman, witnessed by John W. Farmer and James J. Taylor.

On Feb. 19, 1852, John W. Farmer, William Tomlinson and James J. Taylor sold Joseph Bargee for $275 a lot of one acre in Wilson at the corner of Nash and Tarboro streets, going along Tarboro Street 70 yards to Drewsilla Nollie’s lot, along it, along Privett’s line and across to Nash and with Nash Street to the beginning, witnessed by John Dew and William T. Gunnell. On Nov. 17, 1854, John Harper of Edgecombe County sold William Tomlinson of the same for $1.060 a tract of 45 acres (less 2 1/2 acres east of Nash Road given to Martha Bryant and 2 acres S.W. of the road sold to Pomeroy Clark), witnessed by J.D. Rountree and Willie.

On Jan. 22, 1856, William Tomlinson married Mary Barnes in Wilson County.

Hugh Johnston was a Wilson County historian who wrote these historical capsules that previously appeared in The Wilson Daily Times. They are reprinted from a volume of his “Looking Backward” series of books available at the Wilson County Public Library.