A balanced media diet would inform Leach’s views

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A balanced media diet would inform Leach’s views

Re: “For Democrats, a call to political action,” by George Leach, Wednesday:

If Mr. Leach only gets his news from the main networks, NPR and the MSNBC/CNN outlets, he can be forgiven for having a completely negative view of President Trump’s tenure. Although the White House does appear from the outside to be chaotic, this could be an artifact of the totally negative coverage Team Trump has received so far.

A Harvard study has shown that negative coverage is the norm when it comes to Trump. The Republican Party has still not recovered from its hissy fit and attack of the vapors brought on by the Trump triumph adding more fuel to the fire.

If the naysayers could pry themselves from the biased-to-the-left news and look at the biased-to-the-right outlets such as American Thinker, they could have a more balanced perspective of the state of our nation.

Those who look for perspective might have discovered that illegal crossings on the southern border are down 75 percent and deportations are up. New laws are proposed that will take us back to the pre-1965 immigration ideals of immigrants bringing skills and not welfare dependency to the nation. Law and order is being imposed.

The Dow is up, way up. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been created. Foxconn, the makers of iPhones, have promised to build a manufacturing center with an investment of $10 billion and the promise of thousands of jobs.

ISIS has been strangely quiet with regards to military movement. The Paris accords are no longer a threat to the American economy. The administration is repealing rules and regulations that have hampered American businesses for years and were made more onerous during the Obama years. These are just off the top of my head.

Perhaps in the future, Mr. Leach can avail himself of all news outlets and present a more balanced picture of what is happening as befits a former educator who should not be proselytizing for a particular political creed. Rather, he should be attempting to impart knowledge and allowing the interlocutor to reach his own conclusions.

Julia Yancey