A convenient excuse to target Trump?

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I understand the anger toward President Trump for disrespecting the veteran John McCain, and I recognize that he did, indeed, show disrespect.

Putting aside for the moment that John McCain might have brought some of that animus on himself because of his signature behavior and speech, I find it curious at who is decrying the treatment of this one, single, war vet.

Are the people — and the media — who find Trump’s insults disgusting equally vociferous about the disrespect John Kerry and Jane Fonda expressed toward all Vietnam veterans in general, not just one?

Are these folks anywhere near as irate toward Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their negligence and dishonesty resulting not in just hurt feelings, but in the death of our military at Benghazi?

And might there be some of the same indignation toward Barack Obama for calling a deserter a “hero” and celebrating that traitor to our military in our White House rose garden?

It is beginning to appear that it’s not so much what was said about the veteran McCain, but rather, about who said it.

I wonder if there would be any outage from the very same critics of Trump if it were Liz Warren or Chuck Schumer or Rachel Maddow who said the exact same things about John McCain?

I wonder if, in fact, there wouldn’t be a virtual celebration in the media for these three for bravely criticizing the military.

Mark Levin