Abandoned animals, litter a sad sight on the roads

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“It just ain’t right,” “say it ain’t so” and “ought to know better” are just a few old sayings that come to mind. I’m not sure you even have to have good sense to know not to throw out trash and abuse animals. What has happened in this world and our society where people do these horrible things?

For so many years now, I have picked up dogs that have been dumped out like trash to starve and die on the side of the road. and there are many forms of abuse such as letting dogs run out in the roads and highways, which puts their life and other lives in jeopardy. Or chaining or tying up a dog and letting that be its life — if you want to call it that.

They need the things humans need like food, water, shelter, exercise, love and play. and there are so many desperate animals in shelters and other places that need a loving home. I hope my words reach eyes and ears and hearts to cause action for people to go and save a dog or cat. Please do all you can, even if it’s just fostering the dog or cat to give them life and hope until a permanent home is found.

As an artist on the street, I have seen so many cases where dogs were being abused — including running on our roads and highways — and some had tragic endings. I have had the opportunity to meet the guys and girls who drive the trucks and pick up dead animals from my roadways and it is shocking to see the variety of God’s beautiful creatures in the back of a pickup bed lifeless. This includes wildlife of all sorts and family pets.

Please also do your part to watch while driving and not look at your phone. Keep an eye out for animals and enjoy the beauty of this world. Look at your phone some other time.

Another atrocity as I mentioned is the trash dumping that not only has been going on for years but seems to be getting worse. We have one Earth to live on and we are

abusing it at an astonishing pace. I have picked up massive amounts including repurposed dog food bags and large containers just in my community alone — I just don’t understand it. It is polluting the ground and the beautiful waters, streams, creeks and rivers where our fish live and where our ecosystem thrives — not to mention how it looks to see trash all over the place.

I have had very few thank-yous over the years and comments like “Well, just let the prisoners do it — why are you picking up trash?”

First of all, it’s not the prisoners’ job. Secondly, there’s more trash than anyone could ever completely pick up. And thirdly, why not get out and help me do the good work of this Earth and for the animals. We truly ought to know better.

Quentin Warren

Snow Hill