Authoritarianism more likely to come from left than right

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Re: “Caravan fears, citizenship change vanish after Election Day,” by Deborah A. Baro, Monday:

Ms. Baro’s use of Machiavelli may also be applied to Mr. Obama, who lied about keeping one’s physician and saving $2,500 a year on top of it. Liberal mendacity was worsened by passing Obamacare as part of a “budget reconciliation” rather than a congressional vote. What was Ms. Baro saying about “deception”?

Ironically, Dr. Singleton’s column on the same page as Ms. Baro’s letter underscores the flaw conservatives predicted: fewer choices, more expensive care.

Ms. Baro also overlooks attempts to help those in the caravan. Mexico offered housing and jobs to those who wished asylum — turned down. (The Week, Nov. 9). These people were intent on getting to the United States. If one remembers the trainloads of refugees Obama let into the country, overwhelming local services for mayors around the country, we have a possible reason for their persistence. Liberals argue that deportations increased, but it has since been shown that “deportations” were often turnarounds at the border, one reason the U.S. Border Patrol and ICE were happy to see Mr. Trump elected.

Ms. Baro also makes some questionable connections in her letter, one linking slaves with caravan members and voting rights. First, the Founding Fathers arranged for slavery to die by banning imports after 1807; an American solution to an odious institution. The later Three-Fifths Compromise gave tacit approval to slaves’ citizenship by counting them (though not fully) for representation. The Constitution was later amended to provide full citizenship and voting rights: Again, an American solution. Has this country made mistakes? Yes; however, part of its greatness is that it has attempted to remedy them, something liberals never seem to see.

Lastly, Ms. Baro compares Trump’s rallies to Hitler’s: a comparison not only unkind, but inaccurate. Hitler was a socialist who slowly achieved ultimate power, partly by having the state provide jobs, recreation, youth organizations and a national church, with the result that many Germans came to see their lives as part of a greater whole: the state. While liberals often equate him with conservatives, KKK members and Nazis, Hitler was a socialist — NAZI is an abbreviation for National Socialist Workers Party.

Given Antifa’s thug-like behavior — brownshirts come to mind — progressive socialism’s goal of changing the country’s structure and institutions, and its selective condemnation of groups by association — think “white privilege; rich elites and “reactionaries” who disagree with its principles, the “New Democratic Party,” to quote Van Jones, looks uncomfortably familiar to anyone who knows something about history.

As Marcus Aurelius said, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City