Beware Trump’s creeping fascism

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The emergence of fascism is always incremental. It doesn’t happen overnight. Injustices are introduced slowly, one at a time, to inure the population to the growing outrage.

First we accept a leader who deprecates political opponents, particularly women, at campaign rallies; then calls the press liars; labels people of color rapists and terrorists; alienates allies; embraces totalitarian monsters; rounds up sanctuary-seekers into cages; separates immigrant children as young as a year from their mothers.

Check, check, check for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is fascist. This is how fascism builds, one monstrous act at a time.

It’s disturbing how people justify unprincipled behavior using dollars and cents. Yet, except for a big jump in corporate profits, Trump’s hand in the overall economy is mixed at best.

President Obama left this economy with a historically low unemployment rate of about 4 percent where, over the last 20 months, it has pretty much remained. The 2 million new jobs supposedly created by this administration are private-sector minimum wage. The Trump tax cuts disproportionately favor the highest income earners while adding billions to the deficit. And tariffs produce trade wars, which make the export of goods overseas economically unprofitable, having enormous negative repercussions for farmers in the Midwest.

Over the last several years, Republicans have sowed unconscionable cynicism regarding our democracy and now reap what they sow, this depraved stupid man with fascist tendencies of whom they are politically fearful.

Democrats need to win in the midterms to stop Trump, to stop the fascist momentum. If not, it’s the last check.

Deborah A. Baro