Biden’s appeal to black voters a head-scratcher

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As an African American Democratic voter, I do not understand Joe Biden’s appeal to other African American Democratic voters, especially older ones.

Biden compromised with segregationists in the fight for integrated busing. He has repeatedly lied about his involvement in the civil rights movement. He has tried to cut Social Security. Yet, despite these disqualifiers, older Black voters voted for him anyway. What exactly am I missing here? Why older Black voters would ever vote for this man is perplexing, but I pose a few theories to attempt to answer that.

My first theory relates to the “Obama effect.” Former President Obama is still very popular in the Democratic Party, and with Biden being his former VP, that association is a powerful tool. However, just because Obama was the first African American president, are Black people supposed to show unquestioned loyalty to any candidate associated with him? Moreover, has Biden even hinted at a Black agenda? He owes his very candidacy to Black people, yet I have heard no mention of any Black agenda.

The next theory involves the mainstream media narrative: Biden is the only electable candidate to face President Trump. I question this premise; Hillary Clinton was also deemed the “safe” choice as the Democratic nominee in 2016 — until she lost. Moreover, Biden suffers from similar flaws that handicapped Clinton: a bad policy record as well being seen as establishment, corrupt and pro-war. Look how well that turned out.

Lastly, has anyone been paying attention to Biden’s behavior as of late? Biden has mistaken his wife for his sister, forgotten which state he was in, thought Super Tuesday was Super “Thursday” and declared he was running for Senate, among other so-called “gaffes.” Are we to believe that a candidate who has shown obvious signs of cognitive decline over the last year can beat Trump in a debate?

The president is already coordinating a campaign to portray Biden as senile, and in the face of mounting evidence of Biden’s cognitive deficiency, who could blame him? Trump will eviscerate Biden on trade alone; Biden’s support of bad trade policies like NAFTA was disastrous for American jobs.

In conclusion, Joe Biden is a horrible choice for Democratic presidential nominee, one I believe Trump will demolish on Election Day. I fear the Democratic Party is making a huge mistake, one with ramifications for decades to come.

Justin C. Cooper