Bridgersville a hot spot to dine

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It’s hamburger steak on Monday, fried chicken Tuesday, chicken pastry Wednesday, tenderloin and gravy Thursday, and seafood on Friday.

What more needs to be said? Nothing, according to the folks spending most lunch hours at the Bridgersville Convenience Store & Grill.

Lunch hour on N.C. 42 at Bridgersville and Bakertown roads in eastern Wilson County has been home to one of the most popular gathering spots for half a century, but customers still line up for breakfast and supper as well.

“I’ve been coming here probably 50 years,” said Danny Robbins of Bakertown.

“Little Wayne” Edmondson runs the store he took over from his in-laws, Ray and Jamie Watson, in the 1990s.

“We mostly get farmers and farm hands and people that live around here,” Edmondson said in between greeting customers at the front door Monday. “The gas pipeline workers have been real good to us since they have been putting that in.”

Long-time customers John and Annette Glover remember when, as a young man, Edmondson was smitten with a pretty young clerk, Dawn, and took a seat nearby so she could be in his sight every minute.

“He sat on that stool and refused to get up,” John Glover said. “He wore it out.”

Dawn and Little Wayne ended up married, and Little Wayne’s still got the stool behind the cash register.

Edmondson said one of the main reasons customers return time and time again is because of cook Margie Mercer.

Mercer said her customers’ most favorite meals are “soul food,” including collards, turnip greens and pretty much anything else that would need fatback in the pot.

But the chicken salad is also quite popular. “They love the chicken salad. We make it four times a week.” Mercer said.

Mercer and kitchen helpers Molly Speight, Debbie Peele and Wendy Smith keep the orders moving.

“We be rolling back here,” Speight said. “You can put that in there.”

Gatsy Eason from Edgecombe County comes over frequently to eat lunch with granddaughter Alannah Pruden.

“It’s a wonderful place,” Eason said. She enjoys seeing “Miss Margie and all the girls” and Little Wayne.

“My husband and I see people we went to high school with down here. It’s like family, and as they say on TV, good eats.”

Wilson City Councilman Derrick Creech frequents the spot. “The food is always good,” Creech said. “I always buy their potato salad and slaw for family gatherings.

“I came here from Wilson today. I missed my Rotary meeting to have lunch here.”