Butterfield, Allison sound off on Kavanaugh confirmation

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Wilson’s Democratic congressman and his Republican opponent are weighing in on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Saturday confirmation vote.

U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-Wilson, said in a Saturday statement that the confirmation marks “the disturbing culmination of a longtime conservative legal movement and a Republican majority so hell-bent on advancing their agenda that they rammed through a Supreme Court nominee amid disturbing allegations that have yet to be fully addressed or investigated and serious questions about his judicial temperament.”

“I am extremely disappointed in the Senate’s decision to confirm Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court,” Butterfield said. “Now more than ever, our country needs a Supreme Court justice who will rise above ideology, protect the rights of all Americans and preserve our system of checks and balances by stopping presidential abuse of executive power. Unfortunately, nothing in Judge Kavanaugh’s record or past have shown he will be such a justice.”

Roger Allison, a Durham Republican who is challenging Butterfield for the 1st Congressional District seat in November’s general election, criticized the incumbent’s views in a guest column published in today’s edition of The Wilson Times.

“I agree with Butterfield — now is the time for our nation to rise above ideology and to protect the rights of all Americans,” Allison writes. “However, Democrats are the ones who showed their true hypocritical colors that they no longer care about Americans’ rights of being innocent until proven guilty and are willing to smear a man based upon an uncorroborated allegations from his formative teenage years for ideological gain!”

Allison stressed that Kavanaugh has never faced criminal charges amid allegations of sexual misconduct and said Butterfield, who is a former Superior Court judge and N.C. Supreme Court justice, should respect the constitutional presumption of innocence to which Kavanaugh and all Americans are entitled.

“Justice Kavanaugh’s 12-year record on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, more than 300 opinions, his many speeches and law review articles make him well-qualified for this position,” Allison wrote. “Furthermore, he understands more than anyone the seriousness of perjury, so North Carolinians show grace when a man displays any negative ‘disposition’ when protecting his and his family’s name against false allegations.”