Clinton corruption is the nation’s true scandal

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Re: “2016 corruption on both sides of the aisle,” by Dave Hager, Tuesday:

It was refreshing to see Mr. Hager’s letter wherein he abandoned his usual anti-Republican diatribe. He claims there is corruption on both sides of the aisle in Washington. Given that man is a fallen being, that statement is undoubtedly true but is, at its core, an attempt to draw a moral equivalency between two completely different sets of circumstances.

Paul Manafort, who briefly served as Trump’s campaign manager, was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller on money-laundering charges. The casual consumer of news will draw the erroneous conclusion that the charges are somehow related to the Russian collusion investigation. That benighted individual would be wrong as the charges stem from events going back a decade and totally unrelated to the original focus of Mr. Mueller’s witch hunt investigation. Special counsels need to collect some scalps in order to justify their mission.

Attempting to find moral equivalency between le affaire Manafort and what we now know about Clinton and the Democratic National Committee is like saying jaywalking and first-degree murder are morally equivalent.

Clinton, while secretary of state, signed off on the Uranium One deal, giving Russia de facto control of 20 percent of U.S. domestic uranium supplies while Uranium One board members “donated” millions to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton took control of the DNC in order to bail it out from its bankrupt state. She then proceeded to mix funds from her election campaign, state-level organizations and the DNC. All of this in violation of election and campaign laws on the books.

There are still 33,000 deleted emails, James Comey’s premature pardon of Clinton for the aforementioned emails and the GPS Fusion dossier on Trump paid for with Clinton-DNC funds, several million dollars in fact, in direct violation of several laws because a foreign entity produced the dossier. This bogus document was used to impugn Trump and trigger the special counsel and wiretapping.

Hopefully Mr. Hager and his fellow travelers will continue to be as enthusiastic of finding the truth if and when the investigation turns to real crimes and not the fantasies currently being pursued.

Tom Haitema