Columnist ignores civics, stokes racial division

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Mr. Leach, you have outdone yourself. Your recent missive, “The Blame Game” (Commentary, June 27) has to be the worst drivel you have written. Several Wilsonians had hoped that not seeing your penned hogwash was an indication of your retirement as an offender of the written word. Alas, no such luck. It was merely a sabbatical as you honed your literary genius, as you mentioned, by reading numerous publications.

Were these the old classic comic books we used for book reports? I say this because your writing, if not sad, would be comical. You called the 2016 election contentious and close. It was only contentious because the left-wing loonies took exception to the electoral college although it had been in effect since 1787. Close only because the same loonies tend to migrate to a small number of cities and the founding fathers wanted every state to have a role in national elections. I wouldn’t think a former history teacher would need instruction in basic civics.

You say the president is governing without the use or input of his advisers and turns to race all too often as a base for his decisions. Do you speak from firsthand knowledge or are you just flapping your jaws as usual? Kinda like chewing with no food in your mouth. I agree with you, Trump didn’t start racism, but you sure seem to enjoy perpetuating it, along with hatred which seems to be all you write about.

You’re misinformed if you think illegal alien families weren’t split up during the Obama administration. The only reason the Democrats want illegal aliens to enter the country is for votes. If the Democrats thought illegal aliens were voting Republican, you’d see the border wall from outer space.

I almost had a tear in my eye when I read how you moan for the children and their parents until the next line, when you had to add in your usual racism. Do you realize, Mr. Uninformed, that because of this president there are more jobs than ever before available to black Americans and minorities if they want to work? With a job, everybody will be able to afford a voter ID card.

Arthur Tozzi