Congress must set partisan squabbles aside

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Congress must set partisan squabbles aside

Re: “Rep. Butterfield: Reduce debt by adding U.S. jobs,” on Thursday’s front page:

It is apparent that we need new representatives in Washington as our debt doubled while Obama was in office, more than all presidents before him.

The first four years, Democrats controlled both houses and no jobs were created as high corporate taxes kept companies moving work to other countries.

Illegals flowed across our borders to take American jobs, with Democrats’ blessings and support. Our tax money supports them even today, for housing, food, health care, unemployment, welfare and schooling. Democrats welcomed them here with no thought of Americans needing help.

As to our president, coming to Congress for approval of bombing Syria is stupid, as Syria would have known of the attack as soon as Congress did.

Obama spilled every military plan ahead of implementation and our enemies were gone when our military attacked.

Common sense is not in Washington today, and I agree that both parties are responsible, but when Democrats don’t attend the inauguration ceremony, it sets a tone for future partisanship.

It takes two parties to do this and the Democrats have shown they care only for obstruction of new ideas for jobs, laws, better health care, deportation of illegals and anything that will help all Americans.

Talking is over and the same old promises by politicians who do nothing are over.

Americans want changes, jobs, law and order and a better future for themselves and their families.

So you and others in Washington need to roll up your sleeves and get to work with our president to help Americans — or we will get new representatives who will.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.
Elm City