Conservatism must prevail over radical left

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Everybody wants money. In one day, four fundraisers requesting donations came in the mail to my house. A campaign to defeat the radical left’s fanatical crusade catches one’s attention.

If the radicals had not been so bitterly maligning and misrepresenting the truth and refusing to accept any good the president has accomplished, they might deserve some consideration. But now it is difficult to trust or believe anything they say. They have lost all credibility.

Thank God that President Trump has the stamina and strength to withstand the abuse. Like a bulldog, he is tenaciously hanging on by his teeth and refusing to let go. No self-respecting human should have to undergo such treatment. He is a workaholic, a doer, an out-of-the-box thinker, a nonconformist. President Trump is making history. May God protect him and his family.

Conservatism is alive and well. It has to be. If the radicals win, this country will suffer with open borders, concentration of power in government, tax increases, attacks on religion for Jews and Gentiles and more.

Some say the country is not great and has not been great. As one who has been alive in this country almost 100 years and who has seen the progress made in freedom, liberty, utilities, relationships between human beings, living standards and educational opportunities, it is to be considered a great country. Yes, there are pockets of poor habitation and problems that need solving.

Lenore P. Smith