Consistent carrier brightens this reader’s day

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Early perusal of the daily newspaper can be a regular morning ritual. A missing newspaper can be a traumatic experience, for my carrier has brought the paper up to my front porch faithfully since she began. One morning it was not there. Upon reporting this to the office, I was told that there had been a delay, but that the paper was on its way.

By the time I checked again, it had been delivered. Grasping the paper, a wave of pleasure and appreciation swept over me. For the sedentary person, The Wilson Times is a lifeline. The articles on local happenings, opinions, letters to the editor, obituaries, schools, culinary arts and the puzzle page are looked at in that order, leaving most of the sports news to the fans. What a great community service you and your staff bring to Wilson.

The crossword puzzle is time-consuming, but all is enjoyable. Political news could be covered a bit more, but television picks up some of the slack. It is still nice to be able to refer to articles and other information over and over again as needed.

Thanks to the dependable carrier who gets up in the early morning hours in all kinds of weather to bring the paper to us.

Lenore P. Smith