Customer service shortfalls in Wilson restaurants

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My week in Wilson: All started out well, until...

The Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park event last Wednesday evening was fantastic. Attendance was good, the band was great and everyone seemed to be having a swell time. It was announced that a local restaurant would be a good place to go. Guess what? It was closed. Around 9 p.m.

OK, so that place closed early. No problem, just go somewhere else. Bad idea.

Walked into a restaurant with only two other customers there, so I asked if the kitchen was closed. Employee said yes. The general manager countered and said no, you can be served. Food was sure good.

Waitress took my money and came back with less than what I should have received. Called her back and she said "Oh, you want your change?"

Of course, I replied, it's not yours to take.

Now, in my mind, that is stealing. You don't take money that does not belong to you. I do tip, by the way.

The practice is not limited to just one restaurant. Reasons given by staff include:

A. We round up.

B. We don't carry change.

C. Customers don't want it.

D. I forgot.

Seems to me that if wait staff are stealing from customers, then they would also be prone to steal from their employer.

Unfortunately, customers allow this practice, owners and managers condone it and this, in turn, promotes unethical standards.

Next, I had two unpleasant experiences at fast-food restaurants. Bless their hearts - must have had hearing problems and were never taught customer service.

And then there's Washington, D.C. Looking forward to next week!

Jerry Owens