Cutting red tape helps businesses thrive

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In 2003, I took a big risk: As the economy was in a rut, I opened a business.

Like many Americans, the economic downturn made me want to take my future into my own hands. Some people made investments. Others saved more. I went into business for myself.

With the help of my business partner who is my brother-in-law and has a background in franchise financing, we signed on with Sport Clips in January of 2003 and opened our first store later that year. Our business continues to be successful because we are passionate about the product we provide to our community.

Franchising’s proven business model was the smartest way to own a business in a less-than-ideal economy. Since then, I have opened or purchased five more Sport Clips locations.

There has been a noticeable push to re-enact business-friendly policies from a federal perspective, and such changes have trickled down to affect state-level policies. Our own representative from North Carolina, Virginia Foxx, has helped to introduce a bill in Congress that will help small business owners around the country.

The Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441) would put decisions about hiring, work schedules, pay increases and more back in employers’ hands. Such a change would protect workers and business owners from unnecessary risks, eliminating many barriers business owners face when trying to expand. Business owners like myself are looking forward to investing in more business locations — leading to more hiring and a stronger local economy.

This bill is just one example of how policy changes that reduce regulation and unnecessary red tape can spark optimism within the small business community. With federal leadership making changes like this to the spectrum of policy, and the trickle-down effect that local governments are feeling because of it, now is the time to try your hand at franchising.

While the opportunity to franchise is a stable, secure option in any type of economy, the current political and legislative climate is making this opportunity even more ripe for the taking.

Matthew Lewis is an independent area developer for Sport Clips in North Carolina and also owns six locations of his own.