Deed transfers: Jan. 29-Feb. 2

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The following deed transfers for the week of January 29-February 2, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Mattie Lee Horton, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to Five L Farms, foreclosure deed for 2535 Pond Drive N, $80,000;

From The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, The United States of America to Irlanda Sanchez Vega, 307 Lillian Road W, no stamp;

From Phuoc Tan Truong and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC substitute trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, foreclosure deed for 4626 Wiggins Mill Road, $56,000;

From Janice Taylor Batts and Joe Willy Collett to Marvin R. F. Bullard and Juanessa B. Andras, 8210 NC 222, Saratoga, $94,500;

From PNC Bank, National Association to James Earl Green, 4110 Huntsmoor Lane, $105,000;

From Mark S. Lasitter and Heather B. Lasitter to Gregory A. Davis and Kristen S. Davis, 3313 Blenheim Place NW, $105,000;

From Troy Dallas Rouse and Sandra L. Rouse to Lindy Smith Whitley, 3018 Cranberry Ridge Drive SW, $90,000;

From Ruby Williams Doris W. Heath, attorney in fact and Juan R. Gaddy, attorney in fact to Danny Ondrea Parker, 805 Christman Street SW, $28,000;

From Carlton & Associates, Inc. to Teresa B. Winstead, 1403 Cherry Lane NW, $120,000;

From Kimberly G. Pearson and Kimberly P. Dixon to Troy Dallas Rouse and Sandra K. Rouse, 3101 Edinburgh Drive NW, $425,000;

From Lillie Newcomb Woodard executor Edward Lee Newcomb estate to Carla Murray Pipkin, 4909 Boswellville Road, no stamp;

From James Gaston Watson Jr. and Barbara Ann Watson to Heather B. Lasitter, 912 Timberlake Drive NW, $180,000;

From Beth Reason Bryant and Avon Franklin Bryant to Avon Franklin Bryant, 2205 Chelsea Drive NW, no stamp;

From Joan Thorne Baker, D. Robert Williams executor Emma Elizabeth Jones estate and James Andrew Thorne to Donnie Ray Cunningham and Myra L. Cunningham, 2730 Brentwood Drive N-9A, no stamp;

From James M. Branch and Daphne McKoy, attorney in fact to Donald R. Battle and Kathy Battle, 3071 Arrowwood Drive N, $300,000;

From Charles Louis Tyson and Cynthia Warren Tyson to Brenda F. Burke, 4405 Maple Leaf Lane, $185,000;

From Mark Charles Klotz and Katie Ellen Klotz to Mildred Lash, 4227 Country Club Drive NW, $150,000;

From Jessie Lyman Bogue Jr. and Betty Bryant Bogue to MCT, LLC, 4451 Technology Drive, $720,000;

From William M. Benoit and Tammie L. Benoit to MCT, LLC, 4463 Technology Drive, $47,000

From Garris-Evans Lumber Company to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 2501 Crystal Drive SW, $15,000;

From Lemuel Clayton Joyner estate, Nell J. Tharrington, administrator, Randolph Tharrington Jr. and Molly Marlene Joyner to Prentis J. Vinson Jr., rural homesite on Rock Quarry Road, $16,000;

From Yi Kui Dong to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 309 Herring Avenue, no stamp;

From Frankie Daniels and Cheryl Daniels to Warren D. Daniels, rural homesite on US 301 S and 5327A US 301 Highway S., no stamp;

From Ron Horne to Carla F. Horne, 2008 Worth Drive E, no stamp;

From Tommy Edwin Mitchell, Betty Dianne Allen Mitchell, executor Joseph R. Allen estate, Betty Dianne Allen Mitchell, trustee James Harley Allen established under the will of Joseph R. Allen dated May 22, 2009 to Komal Zabak Bhatt and Zabak Mukeshkumar Bhatt, 2503 St. Christopher Circle, $69,000;

From T.K. Desco, LLC to Brian Merkin, 110 Nash Street NE, $96,000;

From James Luther Rector and Agnes Elaine Rector to Ricardo Dew and Linda Dew, 1821 Hillman Drive SE, $224,000;

From Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Victor Galvan Arellano and Maria Guadalupe Licea Vera, 5109 Packhouse Road, $24,000;

From Brookport Properties, LP and Molloy Realty Group, LLC, partner to Deshanta Speight Smith and Virgal Earl Smith, 1012 Reid Street E. $65,000;

From Russell Wayne Williamson, co-trustee Williamson Family Trust created under the Milton Wayne Williamson revocable living trust dated February 10, 2015 and David Kyle Williamson, co-trustee to Russell Wayne Williamson and Mary Dell Williamson, 4215 NC 42 Highway W. no stamp;

From D. Lynn Webb and Tammie W. Webb to William S. Edwards Jr., 2809 Daisy Lane N, $113,000;

From Yvonne W. Gardner, John M. Gardner, Ronnie Sutton, Joyce W. Sutton, executor Ray Woodruff, Angela J. Woodruff estate to Charles Glenn Smith, 300 W. North Street, Elm City, $75,000;

From E. D. Hall to Ava Coleen Hall, 302 Whitley Street W, no stamp;

From Bernice B. Lofton and Jesse J. Lofton to Reginald D. Williams, 5513 Stubb Lane, $60,000;

From B & B Home Builders, LLC to Jeremy Randall Overman and Faye M. Overman, 4605 Wood Duck Road, $138,000;

From James Addy-Lamptey and Beverly Green Addy-Lamptey to Beverly Eaton Gray, 4333 Georgetown Drive N, no stamp;

From Flipp Wilson LLC to Tesha Cherry King, 2400 Adventura Lane , $98,000;

From Clifford Burr Harwood III and Karyn Davis Harwood to Karyn Davis Harwood and Clifford Burr Harwood III, 5216 Fred Court, no stamp;

From Wainwright & Hodge, LLC to Riveras Masonry, LLC, 2200 Warehouse Court, $26,000;

From Jane R. Owen to Necho D. Williams, 1203 Waverly Road NW, $95,000;

From Douglas W. Godwin to Linda M. Godwin, 4475 Lamm Road, no stamp;

From Janet W. Wilkinson, executor Ernest Y. Wilkinson Jr. estate, Ernest Y. Wilkinson Jr., revocable trust under agreement dated April 14, 2008, Janet W. Wilkinson, trustee to Janet W. Wilkinson, trustee deed for rural homesite on St. Marys Church Road, no stamp;

From Donald Albert Coley, Christine Evans Coley and Danny Lee Coley to Danny Lee Coley, correction deed for 4826 Redmon Road, Elm City, no stamp;

From Sundeep K. Bhat, Neera H. Bhat, David Hines and Vickie Dancy Bullock to David Hines and Vickie Dancy Bullock, 5447 Central Road, $162,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Ronald S. Eatmon and Kristie W. Eatmon, 6553 Dolphus Lane, $235,500;

From Amanda Catherine Long and Christopher Long to Joseph Vellucci and Christina Vellucci, 406 West Wilson Street, Elm City, $65,500;

From Anthony Baines and Yolanda Baines to Eleanor N. Sugg and Yolanda Denise Harrison, quitclaim deed for 4554 Evansdale Road, no stamp;

From Eleanor N. Sugg to Travis Woodard, 4554 Evansdale Road, $15,000;

From James B. Boykin Jr. and Mary Greene Boykin to Elm City Properties, LLC, 108 Main Street, 110 Main Street, 106 Main Street, 112 East Main Street and 114 East Main Street, Elm City, no stamp;

From Randy S. Deans and Susan E. Deans to Three Twenty Barnes, LLC, correction deed for 310 Barnes Street, no stamp;

From Magdeline Lucas Howze to William B. Boykin, rural homesite on Crepe Myrtle Court, $3,000;

From Wesley Graham Brown and Heather Brantley Brown to Turnage Properties, LLC, 1702 Anderson Street, $133,500;

From Joan C. Krueger and Drew Scott Krueger to Joan C. Krueger and Drew Scott Krueger, 7419 Fish Pond Road, no stamp.