Deed transfers for Feb. 12-16

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The following deed transfers for the week of February 12-16, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Bobby E. Jones, Carolyn E. Jones and Trustee Services of Carolina, LLC substitute trustee to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, foreclosure deed for 1910 Farrior Avenue SE, $49,500;

From Wendy Moore to Dorothy Veronica Creech, quitclaim deed for 308 Green Street NE, no stamp;

From James Thomas Worrell and Rebecca Joanne Worrell to East Coast Timberland, Inc., tract no. 1-A, $25,500;

From Joy Worrell Cottle and James Richard Cottle Sr. to East Coast Timberland, Inc., tract no. 1-A, $25,500;

From Alton Louis Worrell and Judith Ann Worrell to East Coast Timberland, Inc., tract no. 1-A, $25,000;

From Joy Killebrew, Constance K. Batten Fisher, W. Daniel Killebrew, administrator Earl Patrick Killebrew Jr. estate to Bennet Home Remodeling and Repairs, LLC, 1908 Anderson Street NW, $27,000;

From Derek Michael Wolfe and Lillie S. Wolfe to Eldridge and Franklin Investments, LLC, 9723 Hawley Road, $46,000;

From Richard F. Stehley to Essam Helmi Elshami Jr., lot 3 Walter Avenue, Saratoga, $12,000;

From Joshua Eric Peede and Sarah Johnson Peede to Joshua Eric Peede and Sarah Johnson Peede, 5458 Grimsley Store Road, no stamp;

From City of Wilson Redevelopment Commission to WJH LLC, 112 East Street SE, 102 East Street, 810 Nash Street 904 Nash Street NE and 906 Nash Street, no stamp;

From John Charles Anthony III to Erica Marie Eatmon, 2225 N. Nash Place, $80,000;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Roman Mendoza Rodriguez and Monica Dominguez Montalvo, 3705 Old Sharpsburg Loop and single family residential US Highway 301 N, $24,000;

From Danny Reason to Todd Whitaker Reason, 6314 Good News Church Road, no stamp;

From Wesley M. Hagans, Janet Townsend Hagans and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee to Braxton Brent Rental, LLC, trustee deed for 604 Jordan Street, $36,500;

From Robin F. Dandanell and Michelle A. Dandanell to Raven Jones Pate, 1309 Queen Anne Road NW, $142,500;

From David Lynn Ellis and Morrison Trustee Services, LLC, substitute trustee to DRI MOF REO, LLC, trustee deed for 2405 Trull Street SW, $68,500;

From Property Solutions of NC, LLC to Calhoun Property Holdings, LLC, 2307 Womble Brooks Road E, $250,000;

From J. Boykin Boykin III, Susan Boykin, Dorothy Boykin Pittman, James Pittman, Wallace Crump Boykin, Sarah Boykin Thompson, Faye Ramer, Earl Ramer, Waylon Archie Williams Jr., Anna Williams, Carolyn Crocker, Allen Crocker, Judy Carter, Marshall Carter, Nancy Norwood Forbes, Annette Vick Hathaway, Linda Kaye Vick Parker, Alfred Lee Vick Jr., Angela Vick Deans, Thomas Elmer Deans Jr., Lynn Price and Anthony C. Price to Nancy B. Boykin, Catherine B. Lea and Susan B. Sirianni, 6722 Wall Road, no stamp;

From Nancy B. Boykin, Catherine B. Lea, Susan B. Sirianni and Richard Sirianni to Universal Forest & Land, Inc., 6722 Wall Road and lot 21-33 on Wall Road, $110,000;

From Jennifer J. OíHara to Louise D. Joyner, Harold Bubbenmoyer and Jennifer J. OíHara, 1101 Sunrise Avenue S, no stamp;

From Bobby G. Barnes, Peggy P. Barnes and Bobby G. Barnes, attorney in fact to Rhonda Hamm and Beth Lamm, 6920 Gourd Branch Road and 6924 Gourd Branch Road, no stamp;

From Lisa M. Baker and Kevin R. Baker to Kevin Cummings, 2552 Pond Drive N, $84,000;

From Taurus Scott to PCD Properties, LLC, 507 Winstead Street, $12,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Anna A. Baylock, 3913 Huntsmoor Lane, $172,000;

From Michael Seiji Fukuchi to Michael Seiji Fukuchi, trustee Michael Seiji Fukuchi revocable trust dated August 17, 2017 and any amendments thereto, 109 Bragg Street, no stamp;

From Elsie Strickland Turner to Bruce Turner, 3050 Contentnea Road, no stamp;

From Elsie Strickland Turner to Vicki Turner Jones and Terry B. Jernigan, 3050 Contentnea Road, no stamp;

From Elsie Strickland Turner to Pattie Turner Jones and Jimmy C. Jones, 3050 Contentnea Road, no stamp;

From Sandra Matthews Strickland and William Douglas Strickland to Matthew Paul Galloway and Michelle Cox Galloway, 8435 Galloway Road, no stamp;

From Inez Z. Vagnieres to Fred Harder and Kathy Harder, 5172-A Redmon Road and 5206 Redmon Road, $357,500;

From Mack-Jack Properties, LLC to M & S Ventures, LLC, 109 Garner Street SW, $31,500;

From Dred Stuart Walston Jr., Starlette T. Walston and Branch Banking and Trust Company to Dred Stuart Walston Jr. and Starlette T. Walston, deed release, no stamp;

From D. Stuart Walston Jr. and Starlette T. Walston to M & S Ventures, LLC, 109 Stadium Street, 1113 Delano Avenue and 1125 Delano Avenue, $92,500;

From Vick Land, LLC, First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company and Neuse, Incorporated trustee to Vick Land, LLC, deed release, no stamp;

From Ralph Sandy Johnson and Carolyn Proctor Johnson to Carolyn Proctor Johnson, 4727 Radford Road, no stamp;

From William W. Bissette and Myranda K. Bissette to Jerel Antwon Rodgers and Marquita Reva Rodgers, 4229 Country Club Drive NW, $152,500;

From Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Hunter Brown and Crystal Nichols, 8704 Healthy Plains Church Road, $115,000;

From Danielle W. Heath and Walter C. Heath Jr. to Joseph Archie Whitley and Peggy B. Whitley, 6721 Church Street, Saratoga, no stamp;

From Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae and Hutchens Law Firm, LLP, attorney in fact to William Engel and Jannie Engel, 3300 Blenheim Place NW, no stamp;

From F. W. Stone Properties, LLC to Enrique Rodriguez Becerra and Rebeca Velasco Bohorquez, 8217 Spring Hill Church Road, $40,500;

From Long Leaf Pine Consulting, LLC to Hisham Sabha, 300 Nash Street E, $42,500;

From Sprig Properties, LLC to B & B Home Builders, LLC, 4825 Mallard Lane, $12,000;

From Don Webb and Susan Steelman Webb to Trackside Antiques, L.L.C., 104 Thompson Avenue, $23,000;

From Joseph Carl Watson to Contentnea Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., 4455 NC 42 Highway West, $40,000;

From Jaime Montoya Reyes and Abigail Hernandez Vazquez to Guadalupe Garcia Grande, 6156 NC 58 South, $15,000;

From B.E.E. Marketing, LLC to Robert Tyler Adcock and Jessica Lynne Adcock, 307 Denver Drive, Stantonsburg, $100,000.