Deed transfers for Feb. 26 - March 2

Posted 3/9/18

The following deed transfers for the week of February 26 ñ March 2, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Sandy L. Owens to Aaron Farmer, 304 Minshall …

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Deed transfers for Feb. 26 - March 2

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The following deed transfers for the week of February 26 ñ March 2, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office: From Sandy L. Owens to Aaron Farmer, 304 Minshall Drive, Stantonsburg, $72,000; From James A. Hubbard and Juanita S. Hubbard to Russell Richardson, 8618 Clearwater Drive, $440,000; From Harry Lash III and Mildred B. Lash to Guy Wesley Vincent III and Kimberly Tinder Vincent, 3402 Wyncliff Drive, $290,000; From Robert Louis Etheridge, Louise P. Etheridge, Gail Etheridge Davis and Stanley G. Davis to Juan Torres, 5116 St. Marys Church Road, $3,000; From Michael Chad Gillie, Wanda Ann Gillie, administrator Richard Wayne Gillie estate to Brandon Carroll Medlin, 4209 Georgetown Drive N, $179,500; From Elizabeth Aycock Winstead and Alan Winstead to Arthur Benjamin Powell and Genae S. Powell, 7815 Stott Road, $63,000; From Elizabeth C. Newton to Shakedown, LLC, 3510 Merrills Park Drive NW, $125,000; From Connie Cheek Butterfield to Robbie Whaley and Georgia Whaley, 3607 Columbia Avenue NW, $138,000; From Robert Susan Dawnson Crumpler to Henry Wayne Crumpler, quitclaim deed for 6308 Tonya Road, Elm City, no stamp; From Cynthia S. Pitt and Gregory A. Pitt to Travis K. Ellis, 3403 Wnclifff Drive N, $225,000; From R. Michael Eatmon to Jerome Keith Harris and Stacey Harris, 5109 Brewer Court, $218,000; From Pamela Dudley Peppers, Kevin Lamont Peppers, co-administrator, Kimberly L. Peppers, co-administrator Willis D. Peppers estate to Kimberly L. Peppers, 1205 Elvie Street SE, no stamp; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Harry Lash III, 4239 Country Club Drive NW, $167,500; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Joseph J. Chesson and Patricia N. Chesson, 3600 Ashford Drive, $180,000; From Alonzo Griffith Nicholson III to Jeraldene B. Massey, 400 E. Main Street, E. Main Street and 302 S. Branch Street, Elm City, no stamp; From John Lewis Jr. and Susan P. Lewis to Elton Ray Lamm Jr. and Roberta Highland Lamm, 6112 US 117, $92,000; From Keith Scott Squires and Margaret Ann Squires to Madeleine K. Deese and John-Kenneth Edward Deese, 8858 Robbins Road-A, $255,000; From Harriet H. Mills to Harriet H. Mills, trustee Harriet H. Mills revocable trust dated February 21, 2018, 5227 Castlewood Drive, no stamp; From Richard C. Cobb, John L. Cobb Jr., Laura Cobb Daub, Donald John Daub and Patricia Georgina Cobb to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., rural homesite on Bottoms Dairy Road, $92,000; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Tom Benson Rentals, LLC, 4205 Ashbrook Drive, $19,500; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to K. L. Walston and Tammy D. Walston, 3818 Sabre Lane, $22,000; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Tom Benson Rentals, LLC, 4205 Ashbrook Drive, $22,000; From Edward Watkins, Tamar Phillips Watkins and Mark T. Aderhold, substitute trustee to Ditech Financial LLC, 907 Gold Street N, $35,000; From James Junior Lucas and Vickie Gray Lucas to James Junior Lucas, 1200 Fairfax Avenue NE, no stamp; From Tyras Bradford Perry and Kasey Perry to Matthew Crayton, 2905 Concord Drive N, $130,000; From Jeanne O. Perry to Jamelle Scott Ward, 3708 Columbia Avenue, $130,000; From Emma M. Patterson and Edna Earl Raper, attorney in fact to Sandra B. Tribble and Peter G. Tribble, 1505 Westwood Avenue W, $86,000; From Eastern Pride Inc. to J&K Commercial, LLP, correction deed for 6501 Ward Boulevard, no stamp; From Gloria S. Lewis to David W. Lewis, quitclaim deed for 3720 Rasberry Drive N, no stamp; From Linda Gray Watkins and Jo Ann Watkins Sibbett, attorney in fact to Brian Batten, 402 Pineview Street, Lucama, $48,000; From Jerome Artis and Natasha Mashell Artis to Dennis Sanders, 3607 Ashford Drive NW, $175,000; From Daisette G. Tillery to Carletta Richards, quitclaim deed for 5205 and 5209 Kennedy Road, no stamp; From Wilson County to Johnnie B. Edwards Jr., 413 Singletary Street SW, no stamp; From Lloyd C. Holman and Brenda B. Holman to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 604 Holman Drive, $26,000;

From Eddie L. Hoskins and Anna M. Nicoletti to Vera Joyce, 308 Daniel Street W, $29,000; From Kennedy Development Properties, Inc. to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., 5420 Kristin Lane, $22,000; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Michelle McNeil, 4417 Sunflower Court NW, $130,000; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Kenneth J. Jones Jr. and Lillian K. Jones, rural homesite on Packhouse Road, $249,000; From Bobby Kent Glover to Robert G. Brothers and Michele R. Brothers, 2912 Lancaster Road NW, $157,000; From G. K. Butterfield Jr.to Milton F. Fitch Jr., 603 and 611 Nash Street East, $95,000; From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Lisa Lynn Baron, 3910 Huntsmoor Lane, $167,000; From Bob C. White to Theresa Anne Best, 6430 Old Raleigh Road, no stamp; From Deanie Michelle Bissette and Patsy Sellers Bissette to Michael K. Baker Jr. and Valerie C. Dunn, 15882 Old Smithfield Road, Sims, no stamp; From Christina C. Talley, executor Edythe T. Copeland estate, James G. Copeland and Sandra K. Copeland to William H. Howell, 5226 Hornes Church Road, $120,000; From C. Graham House, Inc. to Kenneth Battle, 906 Douglas Street S and 301 Railroad Street S, no stamp; From Ruffin Investment Properties, LLC to Financial Management Holdings, LLC, 2308 Cedar Run Place NW-A, $90,000; From Walters Team, Inc. to Erica Freed and Darrel Freed, 6413 Tonya Road, $95,000; From Jean Wynn Wagner to Gary Eugene Artis Jr., 2609 Willis Court N, $285,000; From Iamabuus, L.L.C. to Johnathan Blake Elliott, 1000 Stoddard Drive S, $150,000; From Lee Daniel and Wendy Daniel to David William Roberts and Anita Leanne Roberts, 4612 Prestwick Lane N, $237,500; From Joseph Anthony George and Lillian Rabil George to ONLY, LLC, 112 Tarboro Street W, $15,000; From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Sherry Brewer High, 4237 County Club Drive NW, $165,000; From Myra N. Lamm to Allen Leon Wells Jr. and Rebecca Layton Wells, 3900 Huntsmoor Lane, $125,000; From Wilson County to Wilson County Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, Wilson County ABC Board, quitclaim deed for 5900 Ward Boulevard, no stamp; From Marsha B. Smith to Benjamin Franklin Barnes, E. Church Street, 210 N. Railroad Street and N. Railroad Road Street, Elm City, no stamp; From Nicole Lene Artis to Yai-Nasha Nadira Artis, 2111 Silver Leaf Road, no stamp; From Felicia Cozzolino and Felomina Quintavalle, attorney in fact to Mary Jones Gardner, 1902 Oakdale Drive N, $83,000; From Michael G. Wille and Alison G. Wille to Golden Leaf Rentals, LLC, 5003 Bear Trap Road, 2901 Canal Drive, 2903 Lancaster Road, NW, 3520 Appleberry Court, 4004 Eclipse Way, 4009 Eclipse Way, 4003 Eclipse Way, no stamp; From Donald Scott Matthews, Kelly M. Matthews and Kelly L. Mayo to Christina Reams Vandemark, 3829 Althorp Drive W, $159,000; From OPM Equities, LLC to Slipstream RTP Real Estate II, LLC, 1701 Bynwood Circle SE, 1705 Bynwood Circle SE, 1709 Bynwood Circle SE, $147,000; From Performance Homes, Inc. to Mariano Olvera Tapia, 804 Belmont Avenue, $9,000; From Robert B. Anderson Post No. 13 American Legion of Wilson, N.C., Inc. and Marty S. Bartlett, trustee Robert B. Anderson #13 of the American Legion, Wilson, N.C. to George Finch and Betty Finch, 2035 US 301 Highway S, $275,000; From OPM Equities LLC of NY and OPM Equities, LLC to MDS Equities, LLC, lot 3-9 and 18 at 610 Hines Street W, $130,000; From Gregory Allan Davis and Kristen Sherrod Davis to Robin S. Baker, 2905 Canal Drive NW, $159,000; From Johnny Anderson II and Risa D. Anderson to Megan Alexus Coleman, 1306 E. Fikewood Street E, $29,000; From Perry L. Friend Jr. and Stacia L. Friend to Candace M. Handley, 3203 Westshire Drive N, $228,000; From Travis W. Jett and Kimberly F. Jett to Lee Underwood and Cherie Underwood, 3824 Althorp Drive W, $171,500; From Johnny Anderson II and Risa D. Anderson to Megan Alexus Coleman, 1311 E. Queen Street E, $17,000; From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Johnny Leak and Crystal Dawn Leake, 4444 Weaver Road, $20,000; From Robert E. Walker, Martha P. Walker, executor Doris Harper Parker estate to Martha P. Walker, 2214 Sulgrave Drive, no stamp.