Deed Transfers

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The following deed transfers for the week of March 19-23, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Harriett H. Mills to Harriett H. Mills, trustee Harriett H. Mills revocable trust dated February 21, 2018, correction deed for 5227 Castlewood Drive, no stamp;

From Cordelia Ventures Group, LLC to Robert Barnes and Kimberly Barnes, 1812 Hermitage Road, $186,000;

From Ward Blvd. Center, LLC to Department of Transportation, 6407 Ward Boulevard, $15,000;

From Felicia R. Brown, Michael L. Brown and John Alton Rowley to Felicia R. Brown, Michael L. Brown and John Alton Rowley, 301 Branch Street S, no stamp;

From Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, Bankers Trust Company, trustee Saxon Asset Securities Trust 2000-2, mortgage loan asset backed certificates series 2000-2 and Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, attorney in fact to LJO Global, LLC, quitclaim deed for 7478 Fish Pond Road, Sims, $25,000;

From Joseph Alan Lamm, Ronald Glenn Lamm, Donald Hugh Lamm, Donna Lamm and Jaenora Edwards Lamm to Mitchell Anthony Shearin and Meghan Elizabeth Tomlinson, 1734 Meadowbrook Lane W, $120,000;

From Melvin Lewis and Doris Lewis to Sheila Y. Holmes, 211 Kenmore Street, $110,000;

From Varita Court Associates, LLC to Housing Authority of the City of Wilson, 205 Goldsboro Street E, no stamp;

From Joseph Moore and Amber Moore to Charley Mullett and Mary Elizabeth Mullett, 3702 Shadow Ridge Road N, $153,000;

From Patrick D. Wilson and Rhonda L. Wilson to Patrick D. Wilson, 7350 Rock Ridge Sims Road, no stamp;

From Bank of America, N.A. and Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, attorney in fact to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 6710 Hemlock Court, Sims, no stamp;.

From Michael D. Boykin and Joy D. Boykin to Shannon Lynn Brantley and Jerry Allen Brantley Jr., 6307 Little Rock Church Road, Lucama, $110,000;

From Carl S. Smith Jr., Robin L. Smith and Donald C. Smith to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., rural homesite on Wiggins Mill Road, $25,000;

From Paul Dwayne Williford, William Linwood Williford and Wanda Ellis Williford to William Scott Renfrow and Ashley Taylor Renfrow, rural homesite on Passageway Court, $18,000;

From Donnie R. Davis to Zachary M. Davis and Heather D. Davis, 311 Thurston Drive W, no stamp;

From Cathy Brown Page to Johnny Ray Page, quitclaim deed for 5502 Central Road, no stamp;

From Janet Barnes Pope and Robert E. Pope to Janet Barnes Pope and Robert E. Pope, 4417 Rosebud Church Road, no stamp;

From Peter Piccione, Tal Piccione and Lena Piccione to Nina Marie Hocutt, quitclaim deed for 302 Ridge Road NW, no stamp;

From Celebration Homes, LLC to Mauricio Chavez Campos and Rafaela Abonza Carbajal, 1305 Carolina Street E, $26,000;

From Linda Joyner Linton and Vernon A. Linton to Vernon A. Linton and Linda Joyner Linton, 2216 Arbor Road N, no stamp;

From Betty S. Jordan and Sonja J. Holton, attorney in fact to Sonja J. Holton, 110 West End Avenue NW, no stamp;

From Eleanor N. Sugg to Cody Ray Crocker, 1622 Evans-Dale Road, $15,000;

From Timothy Keith Fulghum and Barbara N. Fulghum to Timothy Keith Fulghum and Barbara N. Fulghum, 8656 Argo Place and rural homesite on Argo Place, no stamp;

From Lannis E. Raper Jr. and Christine M. Raper to Gregory A. Raper and Jennifer L. Raper, 7313 Springfield School Road and 7323 Springfield School Road, no stamp;

From George Shaw, trustee The Shaw Trust dated 8/29/01, a revocable and amendable living trust established under the laws of The State of New York to Terrance Meek, 1003 Gold Street N, $23,000;

From Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC to Snoda Pearline Braswell, lot 16-18 at 411 College NE Street, $47,500;

From Misti M. Bohne and John R. Bohne to Edmond McClelland and Claire Jones McClelland, 4607 Sturbridge Drive NW, $180,000;

From Horne & Walston Farms, Inc. to David Matthew Farmer and Wanda Winstead Farmer, rural homesite on Tonya Road, $150,000;

From David Ward Creech and Candace R. Creech to Christopher Sink and Marilyn Smiley, 4256 US 117, $93,500;

From Julie J. Carter and Thomas L. Neill and Muriel G. Neill, 5936 Shiloh Church Road, $130,000;

From Elizabeth A. Winstead, Alan B. Winstead and Michelle Lynn Aycock to William Thomas Newton, rural homesite on Stott Road, $30,000;

From Phyllis Raye Sessoms, Wendy Leigh Bullock, Dale Putney Sessoms and Dianne W. Sessoms to David L Bunting, trustee, Sandra J. Bunting, trustee David L. Bunting and Sandra J. Bunting revocable living trust dated August 21, 2007, 7373 Town Creek Road, $102,500;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to James Thomas Williams, 5002 Pennington Place, Sims, 316,000;

From Larry Pender to Helen Mercer, quitclaim deed for 5407 St. Marys Church Road, no stamp;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Linda A. Ellis, 3901 Starship Lane, $160,000;

From Linda Harrell Finn, Nancy M. Harrell and Linda H. Stewart to Mark Leslie Ellis, rural homesite on Planters Road, no stamp;

From Mark Leslie Ellis to Anstey Hinkson and Veronica Hinkson, quitclaim deed for 6539 Planters Road, Stantonsburg, no stamp;

From Kathy Lamm Dixon, attorney in fact, James D. Dixon Jr., John Gray Lamm and Kathy Gray Lamm, to Myles Property Holdings, LLC, 815 S. Tarboro Street, $30,000;

From Dewey Glenn Clark and Suzanne B. Clark to Edgar Casiano-Parilla and Marlene Diaz-Santiago, 4907 Willow Creek Drive N, $300,000;

From Dewey Glenn Clark and Suzanne B. Clark to Edgar Casiano-Parilla and Marlene Diaz-Santiago, lot 273 Pebble Beach Circle N, $1,000;

From Christel Whitfield Ellis to DRI MOF REO, LLC, quitclaim deed for 2405 Trull Street SW, $500;

From DRI MOF REO, LLC to FLOPPY SOX, LLC, addition to lot 47, 2405 Trull Street SW, $60,000;

From Jeffrey A. Harris, Laura R. Harris and Jeffrey A. Harris, attorney in fact to Desmond Terrell Williams and Tenisha Atkinson Williams, 803 Lincoln Street S, $45,000;

From Denise Patterson to Carliss G. Koonce, 7460 Bartee Bridge Road, no stamp.