Deed transfers for May 14-18

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The following deed transfers for the week of May 14-18, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From James Ray Keel to James Ray Keel and Wilma A. Keel, 9226 Pocosin Road, Saratoga, no stamp;

From JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 5317 Akron Lane, no stamp;

From Polly G. Stokes to Felipe Duenas Jimenez and Vianca Janet Barajas Montano, 1600 Westwood Avenue W, $85,000;

From Sprig, LLC to B&B Home Builders, LLC, 5529 Radford Road, Lucama, $24,000;

From J. Edward Adkins Jr. family limited partnership, Brenda Baker Adkins, partner, W. Ernest Adkins family limited partnership, W. Ernest Adkins, partner to ONLY, LLC, lot 3 on Airport Boulevard NW, no stamp;

From David W. Woodard, Mial B. Woodard and Romaine C. Woodard to ONLY, LLC, lot 84 on Sutton Place NW, no stamp;

From ONLY, LLC to DOCREYN, LLC, lot 3 on Ashbrook Drive NW, no stamp;

From Virginia M. Best to Leslie R. Kennedy Sr. and Gail B. Kennedy, 106 Ferrell Street, Lucama, $75,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Harshad R. Patel and Pratibah Patel, 3304 Blenheim Place NW, $345,500;

From Langleyís Landscaping and Lawn Care, LLC to Jamel C. Lucas and Latisha D. Pridgen-Lucas, 3813 Bucklin Drive N, $149,000;

From Natasha M. Artis and Jerome Artis to David R. Christman and Kathleen R. Christman, 7028 Kingswood Circle, $89,000;

From Arthur Binder and Rebecca Binder to Davida Abells and Christopher Abells, 1124 Kenan Street, $178,500;

From Purple Porch Properties, L.L.C. to Wendolyn B. Moore, 109 South Goldsboro Street, no stamp;

From Purple Porch Properties, L.L.C. to Dorothy Veronica Creech, 113 and 115 South Goldsboro Street, no stamp;

From Charles J. Odle and Gwendolyn Odle to Christopher Allen Batty and Helen Elizabeth Batty, 1801 Lakeside Drive NW, $265,000;

From Jeffrey Allan Dunn to William Thomas Pearce, 4127 Evansdale Road, $50,000;

From Beverly Duke Smith, Donna Duke Ellis, David W. Ellis, Rose Duke Stone, Donald W. Stone, Charles Maynard Duke Jr. and June B. Duke to Balvir Singh and Kamaljit Kaur, 504 Woodard Street NE, $54,000;

From Michael Alan Webb and Margaret Dawson Webb, attorney in fact to Donald Fowler, 3506 Berkshire Drive NW, $70,000;

From Bennie Ray Grant and Rhonda P. Grant to Christy Duke Tyndall, 1005 Goldsboro Street S, $25,000;

From Wade H. Privette Jr. and Linda Privette to James Christopher Gates, 400 Church Street, Black Creek, $10,000;

From Edna Brown Peavey and Michael P. Peavey to Alma V. Smolen and Gary Smolen, 404 Broad Street, $76,500;

From Edward M. Moseley to Tom Benson Rentals, LLC, 3101 West Nast Street, $70,000;

From Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Lajuan Chauncey Faulcon and Stephanie Jeffcoat Allen, 2602 Lancaster Road, $149,000;

From James H. Newcomb and Sue M. Newcomb to Ora Etheridge Crumel and Timothy Clyde Crumel, 1601 Grove Street N, $120,000;

From Grover Clifton Hart, Ronald Newman, Laurie Newman, William Kelly Hart Jr., William Kelly Hart II, Andrea B. Hart and Sharon Newman to Harvey Summerlin, 305 S. Pender Street, $55,000;

From Lee Hackney Edwards to Holly J. Solberg, 3915 Country Club Drive NW, $175,000;

From Amanda Leigh Gaster to Linda Carol Ratliff, quitclaim deed for 5426 Prairie Court, no stamp;

From Running Valley Properties, LLC to Stephen E. Winslow Jr. and Mary B. Winslow, 2259 Nash Place N, $95,000;

From ITAC 398, LLC to William A. Wilkinson III and Mildred V. Wilkinson, 3015 Forest Hills Road SW. 3023 Forest Hills Road SW and 3001 Meteor Drive SW, $431,500;

From Stephen Caleb Varnell to Varnell Construction, LLC, 4144 Weaver Road, no stamp;

From Running Valley Properties, LLC to Roberto Perez Dublan, 1301 Sauls Street SW. $500;

From Running Valley Properties, LLC to Ali Ahmad Alsahari and Sameer Ali Abashar, 1500 Westwood Avenue W, $84,000;

From John L. Newsom and Eva Garcia Gomez, 108 Gold Street E, $24,000;

From Branch Banking and Trust Company to Donald Ord Fowler, 4626 Wiggins Mill Road, $47,000;

From Greenfield Academy, Inc. to Hopeís Furniture, Inc., 3351 NC 42 Highway W, $9,000;

From Dionne Hill Williams, administrator Willie Mae Ferrell estate, Patricia Ann Ruffin, Laurie R. Faulconer, John O. Faulconer, executor Beatrice Turner estate, Carol Renae Huebel and Franklin L. Huebel to Matthew Alexander Hinkle and Breanna S. Hinkle, rural homesite on Alton Road, $86,000;

From Charles C. Woodard Jr. to Charles Woodard Properties, LLC, 207 W. Spring Street, Lucama; 500 Archers Road NW; 6166 Blalock Road, Lucama; 4342 Merck Road and 500 Fairview Avenue SW, no stamp;

From Heritage Place of Wilson, LLC to DOCREYN, LLC, lot 45A Raleigh Road Parkway W, no stamp;

From Flavia Hoffmann and Victor M. Pintor to Travis W. Beddingfield and Rebecca A. Beddingfield, 2800 Deerfield Lane N, $375,000;

From JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 701 Libby Street W, no stamp;

From Wilson County, Brett Lewis administrator Marvin Dixon Lewis estate, Kelly Lewis, City of Wilson and Mark D. Bardill, commissioner to Evan C. Uwakwe and Ijeoma A. Uwakwe, commissioners deed for 1006 Wilson Street SW, $12,500;

From Wilson County, David Harris Jr., Emma P. Harris, Town of Saratoga and Mark D. Bardill, commissioner to Lorraine Anderson Best, commissioners deed for 7712 Daiselle Place, $7,000;

From State Employees’ Credit Union to SECU*RE, Inc., 7171 Springfield School Road, Lucama, $78,500;

From Janice Pennington Evans to Otis Wayne Batchelor and Donna Bramel Batchelor, 7137 Great Swamp Loop, $122,500;

From Janice Pennington Evans, Andy Ronald Evans, Melissa Medlin Evans and Amy Lynn Evans to Otis Wayne Batchelor and Donna Bramel Batchelor, 7137 Great Swamp Loop, $2,500;

From Susan B. Barnes and Randal Mallie Barnes to E. Sanford Barnes and Ruth F. Barnes, rural homesite on St. Marys Church Road, $8,500;

From William S. Shumate and Sherry T. Shumate to Walter H. Cogean III and Stephanie L. Cogean, 3107 Westshire Drive N, $209,000;

From David Lee Smith and Channing Harper Smith to Kenneth E. Skinner Jr., 3111 Welford Place N, $209,000;

From Diana Barnes James to Kirkland S. Walston, 1302 Nash Street N, $153,000;

From E. Sanford Barnes and Ruth F. Barnes to E. Sanford Barnes and Ruth F. Barnes, 8022 St. Marys Church Road and rural homesite on St. Marys Church Road, no stamp;

From Tishane Tucker to Humberto Almaraz Gonzalez, 5204 Patrick Lane, $25,000;

From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. and K.M. Minemier & Associates, LLC to Tracy Bamford and David Bamford, 2401 Koval Street, no stamp;

From The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Erin Smith and Simangaliso Smith, 900 Kenan Street W, no stamp;

From PLJS Properties, LLC to Raven Marshall and Haley Marshall, 1411 Adams Street N, $93,000;

From Satish K. Kumar and Kamlesh H. Kumar to Wynnelee Properties, LLC, Lloyd Holman and Brenda Holman, 403 Garner Street W, $156,000;

From SN Servicing Corporation to Sundeep K. Bhat and Neera H. Bhat, 200 US 301 Highway NE, Lucama, $7,500;

From John Howard Fortson III and Angela Williamson Fortson to Joyce Monaco and Mike Watson, rural homesite on Wiggins Mill Road, $60,000;

From Mark Leslie Ellis to Anstey Hinkson and Veronica Hinkson, quitclaim deed for rural homesite on Planters Road, no stamp;

From Christopher W. Abells and Davida A. Abells to Milton Joseph Carlton and Rebecca Neese Carlton, 4603 Baywood Court N, $265,000;

From Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Grayson Properties and Investments LLC, 3620 Jetstream Drive NW and rural homesite on Jetstream Drive, $39,500;

From Peggy G. Glover and Ken L. Glover, attorney in fact to Debbie S. Keen, 6026 US 264A Highway W, $32,000;

From W.P.D. Sharpe III and Jean L. Sharpe to Woodridge Timber, Inc., timber deed for rural homesite on Webb Lake Road, $91,500;

From The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Necho Williams, Sardavia Williams and Alicia Harvey, 3105 Tilghman road, no stamp;

From Katherine W. Scott and Michael Kinsey Barnes, attorney in fact to Amanda C. Whiteleather, 503 Albert Avenue NW, $145,000.