Deed transfers for the week of Oct. 15-19

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The following deed transfers for the week of Oct. 15-19, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. NRZ Pass-Through Trust EBO I series 2017-1 certificates and Fay Servicing, LLC, attorney in fact, to Brodderick Jamal Battle, 701 Church St., Black Creek, $17,500;

From Leslie H. Artis, Sarah Williams and Cape Fear Trustee Services, LLC, to Finance of America Reverse, LLC, foreclosure deed for 303 Whitehead Ave. NE, $91,000;

From Lynette Boyette Harrison to Lynette Boyette Harrison, Christopher Lynn Harrison and Gregory Lynn Harrison, quitclaim deed for rural homesite on U.S. 264 Alternate W., $1,000;

From Roger G. Russell Jr. and Kathy Ann Russell to Roger G. Russell Jr. and Kathy Ann Russell, trustees, Russell revocable living trust dated Oct. 12, 2018, 3605 Burkam Court N., no stamp;

From Roger G. Russell Jr. and Kathy Ann Russell to Roger G. Russell Jr. and Kathy Ann Russell, trustees, Russell revocable living trust dated Oct. 12, 2018, 3022 Cranberry Ridge Drive SW, no stamp;

From Branch Banking and Trust Company to Roddy Neil Shingleton, 304 S. Main St., Stantonsburg, $55,000;

From Danny J. Handley and Kimberly Y. Handley to Ricky Lee Wainwright and Sue Ann Wainwright, 6259 N.C. 222, $13,500;

From Toni Marie Barnes and Randy E. Barnes to Phillip Grey Fisher and Morgan Joyner Fisher, 4709 Winthorp Court NW, $144,000;

From Spencer Thomas Lyndon and Sloan Martin Lyndon to Jerry Zeagler, 1306 Canal Drive NW, $25,000;

From Brian Edward Pollock and Leigh Ann R. Pollock to Hope B. Mitchell, 4606 Sturbridge Drive NW, $157,000;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Christopher Martinez, Marcelino Martinez and Salma Martinez, rural homesite on Weaver Road and 4439 Weaver Road, $24,000;

From SunTrust Bank to Jim Barry Worrell, 7155 Gum Pond Road, $37,000;

From John Paul Junior Smith, administrator, John Paul Whitley estate and Laura Ashley Smith to O & L Investment, LLC, 4139 Firestone Parkway, $40,000;

From Charles I. Harrell, co-executor, William T. Cozart, co-executor and Mildred M. Proctor to William Clayton Harrell, 1200 Branch St. NW, $133,000;

From Melissa Driver Seabright and Tracy Seabright to Helen Joyce Reynolds, 6767 U.S. 301 S., $55,000;

From Rayne Propeties, LLC to Fortuity Investments, LLC, 5103 and 5122 Crisp Road, $250,000;

From David W. Jones and Josie C. Jones to Melinda J. Denmark and Matthew E. Denmark, 1600 Highland Drive NW, no stamp;

From Melinda J. Denmark and Matthew E. Denmark to James Alexander Dean, 1600 Highland Drive NW, $173,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Donald Scott Matthews and Kelly Mayo Matthews, 6515 Dolphus Lane, $314,000;

From The Turner Family Trust dated Sept. 11, 1992 and Ellaworth K. Turner, trustee, to Felix Marin, 736 Pender St. S., $33,000;

From Shirlene McDonald Hall to Reginald Anthony Hall and Anginette Lashaun Hall, quitclaim deed for single-family residential on Tuskeegee Street SW, no stamp;

From Zachary B. Draper and Jamie B. Draper to Darrell Lumley II and Taylor Lumley, 4417 Brookfield Drive NW, $187,000;

From David Milton Blalock and Denise Pope Blalock to William J. Diamond and Valerie J. Diamond, 5471 Creech Road, $75,000;

From Gaultiero Agostini and Lena Maria Agostini to Kimberly G. Pearson, 4445 Saddle Run Road N., $410,000;

From Louis Berry Tew and Wilma J. Tew to Nathaniel Casey Strother, 4307 Nantucket Drive NW, $148,000;

From Antonio Montano Crispin and Lucila Cortez to Donterreus K. Rogers and Bria L. Rogers, 514 Lynwood Ave. NE, $57,000;

From Jamie L. Jackson, executor, Chester Horne estate to Henry Brice and Margaret Brice, 1902 Delwood Drive W., $130,000;

From Robbins Brothers Holdings LLC to GHG Brightside LLC, rural homesite on Heffner Road, no stamp;

From Mark C. Suddreth and Karen H. Suddreth to Palmetto Sun Properties, LLC, 1517 Nash St. NW, $280,000;

From Minerva Trevino and Sara Rounder, attorney in fact, to Sandra Buchan, 1137 Kenan St., $125,000;

From Veronica Woodard and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., trustee deed for 900 Lee St. N., $74,500;

From Marty Keith Johnson to Sprig Properties, LLC, correction deed for 1411 Gold St. N., no stamp;

From Robin N. Stokes to Wesley G. Brown and Heather B. Brown, 3403 American Eagle Lane NW, $88,000;

From Nashco Developers, Inc. to Angie Rasberry, 6318 Straw Court, Elm City, $12,000;

From Angie Rasberry and Clinton Junior Rasberry to Angie Rasberry, 6318 Straw Court, Elm City, no stamp;

From Joshua D. Jurius and Cari S. Juris to Thomas Jackson Denton, 207 Clyde Ave. NW, $163,000;

From H. Daniel Oliver and Mary Leigh Oliver to Peggy Rose Bottoms and Johnnie Lee Bottoms, 6938 Reedy Branch Road, Rocky Mount, $26,000;

From Dorothy Ann Calamito to Toni M. Barnes and Debra Calamito, trustees, Calamito family protection trust dated Aug. 23, 2018, 915 Timberlake Drive, NW, no stamp;

From David I. Sinor and Jean M. Sinor to David I. Sinor, 609 Sycamore St. W., no stamp;

From Olinda Camden to Robert R. Hignite and Scott L. Gordon, trustees, The Hignite-Gordon revocable trust under agreement dated Sept. 19, 2013 and as subsequently amended by amendment dated April 6, 2017, 406 Nash St. NE, $40,000;

From Mariam Allen to Adel Allan, quitclaim deed for 3609 Gloucester Drive W., no stamp;

From Mark K. Mitchell, Megan Hawn Gilbert, attorney in fact, and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC, trustee deed for 5104 N. Country Club Drive, $160,000;

From B.W. Skinner Construction, Inc. to Hunter Keith Bass and Jada Lynn Aycock, rural homesite on Wiggins Mill Road, $166,500;

From William Allen Sutton and Danny L. Sutton to Evelyn K. Stuckwish, quitclaim deed for 5005 Hunting Ridge Road NW, no stamp;

From Evelyn K. Stuckwish to Mark William Porter and Heidi Lynn Porter, 5005 Hunting Ridge Road NW, $81,000;

From Joshua M. Thomas and Kelly L. Thomas to Ryan Stewart McEathron and Linda Labau McEathron, 3615 Ashford Drive, $190,000.