Deed transfers, Aug. 6-10

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The following deed transfers for the week of Aug. 6-10, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From James P. Logan and Jean M. Logan to Jason S. Hurd and Amy E. Hurd, 1206 Robin Hill Road NW, $225,000;

From Arlene Salazar-Barragan to Frank Barragan, 900 Anthony St. W.; 1211 Atlantic St. E, 1617 Atlantic St. E.; 805 Crawford St. S.; 811 Christman St. SW; 1602 Freeman St. SE; 108 Garner St. SW; 601 Grove St. NE; 410 Hines St. W. (which includes 408 and 410 Hines St. and 315 Daniel St.); 1008 Park Ave. W.; 1106 Woodard Ave. SE; 413 N. Saratoga St., Stantonsburg; 305 Pearson St. N.; 509 Pender St. E.; 113 Pettigrew St. S.; 209 Bruton St. W.; 2213 Candlewood Drive SW; 1308 Nash St. N.; 1125 Churchill Ave. SW; 1700 Freeman St. SE, lots 159-164; 1301 Westwood Ave. W. and 900 Vance St. E., no stamp;

From Joshua C. Tuller and Nicole R. Tuller to Michael Joseph Morello and Priscilla A. Morello, 1303 Gold St. N., $93,000;

From Darlene B. Hylton and Jackson Mark Hylton to Kyle C. Hylton, 4429 Brookfield Drive W., no stamp;

From Joseph William Rabil and Virginia Benson Rabil to Edward L. Gamwell Jr. and Jan E. Gamwell, 2512 Chelsea Drive NW, $197,000;

From Dwight A. Corbett Jr., Sandy B. Corbett and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee, to Navy Federal Credit Union, trustee deed for 108 Charles St., Black Creek, $66,500;

From Big Pinkie Co., LLC to Winifred T. Jefferson, 1011 Randolph St., 307 Jefferson St., 4918 Rainwater Road, 1117 W. Vance St., 1307 and 1309 Downing St., 513 Pickett St., 601 Dewey St., 202 Lillian Road, 705 and 709 Privette St., no stamp;

From Katherine A. Lamm to Gregory Thomas Lamm, 6243 Old Raleigh Road, no stamp;

From Gregory Thomas Lamm to Richard T. Lamm and Joyce G. Lamm, 6243 Old Raleigh Road, $22,500;

From Robert Bowen and Donna Bowen to James Patrick Logan and Jean McDanolds Logan, 2416 Chelsea Drive NW, $205,000;

From Grady N. Smith, Carol J. Smith and Gary Smith to Thelma Smith and Victor Smith, lot on E. Main Street, Elm City, no stamp;

From George Anthony Brown, executor, Judy Jean Brown estate, Judy Brown Barbee, Allen Jerome Barbee and Patricia Ann Brown to Grace & Peace LLC, 214 Lee St. NE, $23,000;

From Robert Junior Farmer and Anna May Alston Farmer to Robert Lee Farmer and Dora Lee Farmer, 5100 Artis Road, no stamp;

From Dora Lee Farmer and Robert Lee Farmer, attorney in fact, to Robert Lee Farmer, 5100 Artis Road, no stamp;

From Dora Lee Farmer and Robert Lee Farmer, attorney in fact, to Robert Lee Farmer, Robert Junior Farmer and Anna May Alston Farmer, 5100 Artis Road, $1,000;

From Nettie Speight Langston to Alice Barnes, trustee, Langston Family irrevocable trust dated July 23, 2018, 8003-B Harrell Store Road, rural homesite on Upper Black Creek Church Road and 8003 Harrell Store Road, no stamp;

From Griffin Hayes Williford and Morgan Blackman Williford to Griffin Hayes Williford and Morgan Blackman Williford, 2209 Foxcroft Road NW, no stamp;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Ryan P. Fluet Sr. and Kelsy A. Fluet, 4112 Sabre Lane, $189,000;

From Dexter O. Pittman and Gloria L. Pittman to Dexter O. Pittman, 3225 Boyette Drive SW, no stamp;

From Darlene Cross Van Norman and Allison Webb to Keith Hamrick, rural homesite on Jaycross Road, $27,000;

From Mary P. Smith and William Ross Taylor Jr. to William Ross Taylor Jr., quitclaim deed for 406 Applewhite Ave., no stamp;

From Jerry Parvin Zeagler Jr. to Ashley W. Narron and Robin High Narron, 3803 Baybrooke Drive N, $225,000;

From Deloris Neal to Theresa Weston, 505 Pender St. E., no stamp;

From Ransom M. Allen and Karen L. Miles to Kevin Lee Jacquay, 604 Little Rock Church Road, Lucama, $73,000;

From Christopher J. Suthard and Julia E. Suthard to Matthew C. Felton, 3040 Cranberry Ridge Drive SW, $108,000;

From Sara Kenzie Powell to Brenda Williamson Mustian, 3603-B Vintage Court NW, $140,000;

From Tracy Dixon, Antonio Dixon and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee, to R&K Group Limited, trustee deed for 410 Fleming St. NE, $31,000;

From Daryl Lynn Barber and Amy B. Barber to Teresa F. Mooring, 2511 Womble St. SW, $88,000;

From Andrea Joy Eisner and Benjamin R. Eisner to Mary Lou House, 3200 Grapevine Court W., $161,000;

From Theodore Lavour Latimer III to Myles Property Holdings, LLC, 703 Pender St. S., $35,000;

From BRO LLC to Wilson Mini Storage, LLC, 4227 Harold Road, Black Creek, $172,500;

From Lowell S. Bowen III, William H. Short Jr., Mitchell L. Bissett, Doris B. Bissett, Glenn E. Cassidy Jr., Marlene B. Cassidy, Joshua W. Swinford and Robyn H. Swinford to Wilson Mini Storage, LLC, 4223 Harold Road, $520,000;

From Anthony Williams to Roberto Ramirez Cuarenta, commercial lot on U.S. 301 W., $5,000;

From RMT Investments, LLC to Fred D. Boose and Anna Marie T. Boose, 212 Thurston Drive W., $74,000;

From Garris-Evans Lumber Co. to Williams Builders of Rocky Mount, LLC, 6641 Gabriels Way, 6816 Gayle Court, 6682 and 6702 Gabriels Way, $69,000;

From Jay Edward Clark, Mary A Clark and Robert Rountree, substitute trustee, to J.N. Whitley Farms, LLC, trustee deed for 310 S. Main St., Stantonsburg, $45,000;

From Dan W. Robbins to Janice T. Jones, 5046-A Sleepy Hollow Court, $2,000;

From Gregory C. Narron and Aimee Narron to Carrie Shenberger and Westley Shenberger, 4507 Bobwhite Trail N., $201,000;

From Garris-Evans Lumber Co. to Jennifer Parrish, 5204 Solaris Drive N., $145,000;

From Jennifer Leigh Boykin to Alan Sutton and Jeannie Sutton, 3408-A Jayne Lane NW, $66,000;

From James David Agar and Fay Glass Agar to Frank B. Schneider and Toby N. Tracy, 3513 South Meade Place NW, $265,000;

From William Gray Carr to Universal Forest & Land Inc., rural homesite on N.C. 42 W., $115,000;

From Melanie B. Womble to TESA Properties, LLC, 1506 Nash St. N., $65,000;

From Deborah B. Burnette and Kenneth H. Burnette to James Albert Rodgers, Jonathan Court Peachtree Mobile Home Park, Black Creek, $252,000;

From James R. Keel and Christy Keel to Adrian Elias-Ramirez, 302 Pebble Drive, $10,000;

From Vicus Development, LLC to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., rural homesite on Bucklin Drive, $75,000;

From Amanda Joy Davis and Joseph R. Davis to Miroslava Rodriguez Tirado, 6602 U.S. 264 Alternate W., Sims, $18,000;

From Shannon L. Bass to Turnage Properties, LLC, 1606 Anderson St. NW, $77,500;

From Tyrone Barbour to Lola Ann Davis, quitclaim deed for 8761 Exum Road, no stamp;

From Mark Alan Holmes and Pamela Daniels Holmes to Daniel Robert Jernigan and Telia Kinton Jernigan, 3204 Westchester Court NW, $259,000;

From Martha Ashton Williams Hicks to American Escrow & Closing Co., 1311 D-6 Forest Hills Road NW, no stamp;

From American Escrow & Closing Company to Julia Margarete Schnegg, 1311 D-6 Forest Hills Road NW, $140,000;

From William A. Rivers and Melisa J. Rivers to Dana Perry McFarland, 4302 Sedgefield Lane N, $199,000;

From Navy Federal Credit Union to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 108 Charles St., Black Creek, no stamp.