Wilson County deed transfers for Oct. 1-5

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The following deed transfers for the week of Oct. 1-5, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Cathy S. Baker to Ronnie Wiggins Jr. and Tanyanika Wiggins, 4034 Hyannis Drive NW, $210,000;

From Brenda Williamson Mustain to Daryl L. Srebnick, 3305 E Geneva Place NW, $237,000;

From Quinten High and Marcia E. High to Quinten High and Marcia High, co-trustees, the Quinten and Marcia High family revocable trust agreement, quitclaim deed for 2606 Canal Drive, no stamp;

From Morgan Brittany Tilton to Vicki L. Tagney, 3821 Country Club Drive NW, $155,000;

From Paul Clifford Darden IV and Laura Zeeman Darden to Sothala Insixiengmay and Lita Insixiengmay, 3613 Whetstone Place N., $32,000;

From Vicus Development, LLC to Norman Scott Reason, rural homesite on Bucklin Drive, $23,000;

From Bobby Ray Walston, Dianne L. Walston, Shelly Faye Vick, Audrey Joy Bowman, Paul David Bowman, Kevin Lewis and Jennifer S. Lewis to Cathy P. Moore, Redding A. Moore, Wanda P. Vick and John B. Vick, quitclaim deed for cemetery on Webb Lake Road, no stamp;

From Allen G. Thomas and Lynette J. Thomas to Kermit Wayne Aycock and Randy Joel Aycock, correction deed for rural homesite on Alton Road, Black Creek, no stamp;

From Randy Joel Aycock, Judy W. Aycock, Kermit Wayne Aycock, Eva P. Aycock and Judy W. Aycock, attorney in fact, to Dennis Ray Carter and Eileen Rodri Carter, two rural homesites on Alton Road, Black Creek, $240,000;

From Jane Marie Tomlinson, executor, Marie W. Tomlinson estate and Jane Marie Tomlinson, trustee, Marie W. Tomlinson testamentary trust (under last will and testament dated Nov. 17, 2014) to Jane Marie Tomlinson, 1301 Peachtree Road and 1507 Anderson St., no stamp;

From Brenda A. Balance to Donna L. Carlone, 3607-2 Chase Road NW, $47,500;

From Reba W. Gardner, Larry M. Gardner, Barbara S. Gardner, Katherine Jackson Brintle and David Samuel Brintle Sr. to Owens Rentals, LLC, 3705-4 Nealshire Drive NW, $37,500;

From Ann D. Newcombe and Patricia N. Miller, attorney in fact, to Ann D. Newcombe, correction deed for 4600 and 4608 Nash St. N, no stamp;

From Ann D. Newcombe and Patricia N. Miller, attorney in fact, to Club Terrace Homeowners Association, quitclaim deed for open space on Georgetown Drive North, no stamp;

From Garry Thomas Jones and Angel Jones to Garry T. Jones and Angel R. Jones, trustees, Garry T. Jones revocable trust dated Aug. 8, 2018, and any amendment thereto and Angel R. Jones revocable trust dated Aug. 8, 2018, and any amendment thereto, 4532 Aaron Lane, Elm City, no stamp;

From Dorothy H. Ellis to Dorothy H. Ellis and Cynthia Ellis, 1009 Faison St. E., no stamp;

From James G. Owens and Janice W. Owens to James G. Owens and Janice W. Owens, trustees, James G. Owens and Janice G. Owens revocable trust dated Sept. 19, 2018 and any amendments thereto, 5859 Countryside Road, no stamp;

From Amber I. Varnell to Amber I. Varnell, trustee, Amber I. Varnell revocable trust dated July 23, 2018 and any amendments thereto, 5511, 5521, 5359 Cattail Road, Elm City and rural homesite on Cattail Road, Elm City, no stamp;

From Ronald L. Bennett and Pamela D. Bennett to Spencer Thomas Whitt, 1402 Oak Forest Drive NW, $182,000;

From Stephanie K. Stancil to Sandra G. Bailey, 3201 Granite Court SW, $115,000;

From U.S. Bank, N.A., trustee, Manufactured Housing Contract senior/subordinate pass-through certificate trust 1999-2 and Ditech Financial LLC, attorney in fact, to Jose A. Cortez and Moroslava Rodriguez Tirado, 7125 Green Forest Road, Lucama, $66,000;

From Renae J. Hassan to Khaled M. Hassan, 1013 Rollingwood Drive NW, no stamp;

From Jose A. Cortez and Moroslava Rodriguez Tirado to Omar Alejandro Diaz Castro and Eloisa Alcantar, 7125 Green Forest Road, Lucama, $68,000;

From Robert L. Jones to Kimberly J. Johnson, quitclaim deed for 319 Forrest Road, no stamp;

From Robert L. Jones to Kimberly J. Johnson, quitclaim deed for 400 Tarboro St., no stamp;

From James L. Holterhaus and Betty B. Holterhaus to James L. Holterhaus, 304 Lee St. NE, no stamp;

From Betty B. Holterhaus and James L. Holterhaus to Cynthia H. Collier and Glenn V. Holterhaus, trustees Holterhaus Family Protection Trust dated Aug. 20, 2018, 3003 Wynfall Lane SW and 3509 Pear Tree Court NW, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Ronald H. Braswell and Charlotte Laverne Braswell, 7302 Brittney Lane, $255,000;

From H. Barrett Delvin and Teresa L. Devlin to Odis E. Gwaltney Jr. and Sally J. Gwaltney, 4020 Townes Court N., $230,000;

From Nicole Shealy Keeling and Timothy Alan Keeling to Sandra Davis, 7720 La Finca Road, $156,000;

From David Kermit Glover and Etta Sue Joyner Glover to Felipa Anguiano Salazar, 6107 Green Pond Road, $500;

From Herbert C. Nelson and Substitute Trustee Services, Inc., substitute trustee, to Rashmi Patel, trustee deed for 3606 Inkberry Circle N., $282,000;

From Rashmi Patel to Jignesh Patel and Rashmi Patel, 3606 Inkberry Circle N., no stamp;

From Shirley L. Parker and John T. Parker Jr. to Emmit Lee Morehead, 4918 Keystone Place and lot 48 Keystone Place, $23,000;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Diane Barnett, 4439 Weaver Road and rural homesite on Weaver Road, $23,000;

From Ned B. Coleman to Michael Sozio and Evelyn Margaret Sozio, 8151 and 8155 Old Raleigh Road, $50,000;

From Mario R. Tamez Jr. and Donna M. Tamez to Donna M. Tamez and Mario R. Tamez Jr., quitclaim deed for 4217 Chinook Road, no stamp;

From Tammy Arleen Burns to Yarely Guadalupe Elias Ochoa, 7126 Green Forest Road, $77,000;

From WJH LLC, city of Wilson Redevelopment Commission to Gabrielle Graham, 810 Nash St. SE, $92,000;

From Garris-Evans Lumber Co. to Tony B. Shearin and Shirley A. Shearin, 4423 Brookfield Drive W., $25,000.