Deed transfers for the week of Dec. 10-14

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The following deed transfers for the week of Dec. 10-14, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Marjorie K. Singer to Changwon Lee, 2506 Canal Drive NW, $125,000;

From Sonya L. Horton to Ashton Skinner, 6713 Hemlock Court, Sims, $150,000;

From Ricky Samuel Steed to Douglas Wade Jobe, 4321 Country Club Drive N., $224,500;

From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Marin Zuniga Tovar, 2003 Willow Springs Drive S., no stamp;

From Joshua R. Webb and Samantha H. Webb, 6730 Hemlock Court, Sims, $210,000;

From FMB, Inc. to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 4315 Clearbrook Lane N., $22,500;

From Melissa D. Bryant to Steffani Lisbeth Rodriguez Ramirez and Alejandro Santiago Lucas, 5517 Scuppernong Road, $114,000;

From Clyde P. Harris Jr. and Brenda Harris to Brenda Harris and Clyde P. Harris Jr., 928 Brookside Drive NW, no stamp;

From Delores Neal to Evan C. Joyner and Brittany Stroud, 4548 Frank Price Church Road, $115,000;

From Charles E. Freeman and Alice Freeman to William A. Glenn and Adrian W. Glenn, 408 Jordan St. SW, $43,000;

From Snow, Inc. to Willis L. Williams estate, 304 N. Main St., Stantonsburg, 1006 Washington St., 1313 Atlantic St. and 901 Macon St. , no stamp;

From Randy Joel Aycock, Judy W. Aycock, attorney in fact, Kermit Wayne Aycock and Eva P. Aycock to Sarah Elizabeth Ratley, 7105 Great Swamp Loop Road, $50,000;

From Hopeís Furniture, Inc. to William Michael Glover and Cynthia Edwards Glover, 3351 N.C. 42 W., no stamp;

From Allen G. Thomas, Lynette J. Thomas, Albert S. Thomas Jr. and Georgia M. Thomas to Allen G. Thomas, Lynette J. Thomas, Albert S. Thomas Jr. and Georgia M. Thomas, 2205 Sulgrave Dr. NW and 2305 Quail Road, NW, no stamp;

From PMM Realty of North Carolina, LLC to Cutíem Down Waterfowl, Inc., 3316 U.S. 301 N., $342,500;

From Latise Griffin, Samantha Kelley, attorney in fact, and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee to MGC Mortgage, Inc., trustee deed for 4938 Sawdust Road, $123,500;

From Donnie L. Morgan and Nina S. Morgan to Donnie L. Morgan Jr., 824 Belmont Ave. SW no stamp;

From Jimmy W. Phillips and Terry R. Phillips to Vickie P. Phillips, 6308 Main St., Sims, no stamp;

From E. Todd Brantley, executor, Ernest Brantley estate and Sandra W. Brantley to Alton Grant Reason and Katherine Jennette Reason, 5202 and 5210 N.C. 42 E., $197,500;

From Victor A. Brown and Nicole Whitmore Brown to R & K Group, 1700 Norwood Drive N., $12,500;

From Katherine Thompson Barnes, Reuben T. Barnes, executor, Kathryn Barnes-Martone, Michael Martone, Lynn N. Barnes, Jesse Norris Barnes and Anne Eskridge Barnes to Michael Joe Craft 4713-C St. Andrews Drive N., $95,000;

From Vicus Development, LLC to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., rural homesite on Bucklin Drive, $25,000;

From Denise N. Morin to Hilda F. Pate, 2402-5B Bradford Drive N., $110,000;

From Joseph Edgar Brewer III and Ellen M. Brewer to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., 5201 Brewer Court, $32,000;

From Orlando Donnell Dickens and LaDonna Morgan Dickens to Ashley Makeya Ruffin, 8606 Buckhorn Plantation Road, no stamp;

From Winch Properties, LLC to Winch Fund 1, LP, 1700 Singletary St., no stamp;

From John Jefferson Lund and Margaret F. Lund to Lawrence J. Orsulak and Kathleen J. Orsulak, 701 Ripley Road NW, $310,000;

From Clifton Walter Kirby, Sharon Kirby, Barry Lynn Kirby, Ginger Kirby and Gena Metrakos to Debra K. Thompson, Lisa Sargent and James Sargent, 8171 Simpson Road, rural homesite on Fannie Road, rural homesite on U.S. 301 S. and 8314 U.S. 301 S., $55,000;

From B.W. Skinner Construction, Inc. to Cody William Stallings, 5421 Kristin Lane, $186,000;

From Amber I. Varnell to Amber I. Varnell, trustee Amber I. Varnell revocable trust dated July 23, 2018, and any amendments thereto, 5511 Cattail Road, no stamp;

From Barton College, Inc. and The Highlands Homeowners Association, Inc. to Gualtiero Agostini and Lena Maria Agostini, 4816 Milliken Close, $32,000;

From Dana M. Woodard Jr. and Christy S. Woodard to Christy Woodard, 5701 Weaver Road, Elm City, no stamp;

From Daniel Joseph Hensley Jr. and Montine Jones Hensley to Benjamin J. Forbes Jr. and Patricia B. Forbes, 1902 Sierra Drive NW, $220,000;

From Douglas J. Haney and Linda C. Haney to William D. Hannah Jr. and Johna B. Kite, 4242 Georgetown Drive N., $245,000;

From Anita B. Jarrard to Latisha Glondise Artis and Anthony Bruce Baines, 601 Webster Drive N., $135,000;

From Charles J. Wilkins, Beatrice Wilkins, Samantha Kelley, attorney in fact, and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Saudy Wallace, foreclosure deed for 1403 Goldsboro St., $24,000;

From Rayfield Farmer and Shirley E. Farmer to Brett Vernon Bissette and Angela Hope Bissette, 1004 Stoddard Drive S., $150,000;

From Brian Batten and Melodie Batten to Morgan Lane Farmer, 4625 Windsor Road, $119,000;

From Donald Gerald Aycock and Betty Pridgen Aycock to Ruperto Vazquez and Veronica Gallegos, 2102 Wilco Blvd. S., $14,000.