Deed transfers for the week of July 22-26

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The following deed transfers for the week of July 22-26 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Greg-Greg, Inc. to Woodcraft Home Builders, LLC, 5116 and 5118 Brewer Court NW, $58,000;

From Lawrence J. Orsulak and Kathleen Orsulak to Heather Dawn Ferris and Anthony Michael Moorehouse, 3813 Ramblewood Hill Drive W, $245,000;

From B&B Home Builders, LLC to Francisco Javier Toledo Garcia, 510 Oak Ave., $13,000;

From George T. Stronach III, Anne H. Stronach, Samuel C. Stronach, Patricia A. Stronach and B&B Home Builders, LLC to Francisco Javier Toledo Garcia, 512 Oak Ave., $13,000;

From Linda Murray Proctor, Willie Thomas Proctor, Debra Lynn Proctor, executor Shirley Murray Kelly estate to Mel Leigh Paris, 4806 Wimbledon Court N., $217,000;

From Arnold Leland Formo III, Mary Alice Formo, Steven Neil Formo, Dawn Boyette Formo, Brian David Formo, Erin McIntosh Formo, Wendy Formo Akers, Danny Leo Weston, Marcy Formo Weston, executor, Arnold Leland Formo Jr. estate, and Marcy Formo Weston, trustee for Ric Formo created under the will of Arnold Leland Formo Jr. dated May 7, 2013 to Formo Siblings Partnership, 1711 Hillcrest Drive W. and 614 Tarboro St. NE, no stamp;

From Katherine Tedder Norris to Beverly N. Dawson and Katherine Tedder Norris, rural homesite on Little Rock Church Road, 7413 and 7317 Little Rock Church Road, no stamp;

From Bennie Clark Webb and Terry Lynn Webb to Kelly Clark Webb, 7508-D Glover Road, no stamp;

From Bennie Clark Webb and Terry Lynn Webb to Justin Ryan Webb, 7510 Glover Road, no stamp;

From Bennie Clark Webb and Terry Lynn Webb to Kelly Clark Webb, 7508-A Glover Road, no stamp;

From Bennie Clark Webb and Terry Lynn Webb to Kelly Clark Webb and Justin Ryan Webb, 7508-A Glover Road, no stamp;

From Lirpa LLC to BRK Management LLC, 614 E. Green St. and 1304 Carolina St., $13,500;

From Vicus Development, LLC to KMG. Construction, Inc., 3839 Bucklin Drive N., $24,000;

From Mary Daughtry Heath and Bobby Odell Heath to TKB12, LLC, 4329 Blazing Star Lane NW, $149,000;

From Kirkland Green and Saundra Lear Green to Cole Hopkins, 602 Green St. E., $30,000;

From Harry Lash III to Linda P. Calhoun, 4239 Country Club Drive NW, $176,000;

From Amanda Smith Clemons to Donna Davis Boykin and Ronnie Gray Boykin, 802 N. Parker St., Elm City, $82,500;

From Alexander Brown, Alice M. Brown and Albertelli Law Partners North Carolina, P.A., substitute trustee to Rent to Own Realty, LLC, foreclosure deed for 5011 Anthony Road, $44,000;

From Scott D. Ayers and Scott N. Ayers to Larry Earl Applewhite, 3544 Whetstone Place N., $223,000;

From Edith G. Ristau to Steven Lewis, 1805 Hermitage Road NW, $163,000;

From David Sporski and Lisa Sporski to Andrea Olaya-Gonzales, 509 Albert Ave. NW, $140,000;

From U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee, LSF10 Master Participation Trust and Hudson Homes Management, LLC, attorney in fact, to Jessica Yamileth Aparicio, 8817 Toisnot Road, Rocky Mount, $42,000;

From Wilson County, Marc Edwin Applewhite, Nash County Board of Education, Johns Enterprises, Inc., United States of America, CFNA Receivables (Texas), Inc., formerly Associates Financial Services of America, Inc., Citimortgage Inc., Mark D. Bardill, commissioner and City of Wilson to Wilson County, commissioners deed for 1000 Faison Street E., $7,500;

From Vicky Coley and Vernestine Coley to Raymond Barnes, 4944 White Oak Loop, no stamp;

From WHC LLC to James E. Coover, 411 Denver Drive, $116,500;

From Suzanne Stott Holmes, James Holmes and Alsey T. Stott IV to Deborah S. Osterhoudt, 1303 Cloverdale Drive NW, $205,000;

From Barbara Fridley Parrish, Amanda Parrish, administrator, Jason Webb, Justin Parrish, Tequida Parrish, Sean Parrish and Sarah Parrish to Amanda Parrish, Justin Parrish and Sean Parrish, 5325 and 5324 Fred Court, no stamp;

From Dwayne E. Bissette and Sue Ellen Bissette to Dwayne E. Bissette and Sue Ellen Bissette, 7910 Stott Road, no stamp;

From Kevin Myrick, Ashley Myrick, Norman Whitley and Linda Whitley to Eduardo Santos, 7321 and 7317 Leisure Road, Lucama, $37,000;

From Alvin C. Flemming and Perlita K. Flemming to Melissa B. Sutton and Darrick E. Sutton, 2202 Crestview Drive W., $16,000;

From B&B Home Builders, LLC to Rodney L. Armston, 902 Faison St., $16,000;

From Chrisanne Gliarmis to Ricki Lee Gliarmis Barger, 311 Brentwood Drive N., no stamp;

From Paul Thomas Madar and Lee Ann Madar to Freddy O. Padilla, 3008 Eliza Place N., $140,000;

From Paul Aubrey Taylor and Sandra H. Taylor to Kermit Wells and Joyce Wells, 809 Randolph St. S., $53,000;

From Vicus Development, LLC to Benjamin Todd Alexander and Alison Jones Alexander, 3708 Thornwall Court N., $27,000;

From B&B Home Builders, LLC to Aaron Cole Smith, 5643 Blanch Fields Lane, $159,000;

From Michael Timothy Heath to Kermit M. Wells and Joyce Wells, 1200 Park Ave. W., $53,000;

From Walter Singletary to Walter Singletary and Adrienne Patrice Morton, 3824 Gloucester Drive W., no stamp;

From Lisa Renee Evans to Pamela Ruth Greenbush, 4311 Clearbrook Lane N., $183,000;

From Ann Rose Baker and Thomas H. Baker to Kermit Marshall Wells and Joyce Wells, 1123 Delano Ave. SW, $50,000;

From Floppy Sox, LLC to Towanda Jean Miller and Alfred Lee Miller, 2405 Trull St. SW, $129,500;

From Jason R. Page, guardian, Joyce Cobb-Pittman estate, to Jonathan C. Bone and Lydia K. Bone, 6324 Rock Quarry Road, Elm City, $27,000;

From WJH LLC to Daisy Munoz Alvarez, 119 Manchester St. SE. $82,500;

From Kendall Bergheim and Kathryn Gray to Michael P. Perry, 300-302 Vance St., $5,500;

From Kayley Christina Thorpe to Walter E. Thorpe and Jackie R. Thorpe, 7237 Creekview Court, Lucama, $70,000;

From Teresa L. Roberts to Vdaustin Properties LLC., 413 Woodcrest Drive, $54,000;

From Beverly Benedict Townsend to Dylan Ward and Blythe Ward, 304 Ridge Road NW, $140,000;

From Ned Barden Coleman to Valerie Evans, 6749 Wall Road, Sims, $156,000;

From Ngoc Nguyen and Minh Mai to Helen Nguyen and Tan Hoang, 4102 Sabre Lane NW, $169,000.