Deed transfers for the week of July 29- Aug. 2

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The following deed transfers for the week of July 29-Aug.2 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Christopher Alonzo Bass and Julia Tyson Bass to Bobby Hinton O’Neal and Jackie Evans O’Neal, rural homesite on Alton Road and rural homesite on Atkinson Road, $150,000;

From Jerry Osborne Howell and Nelda Howell to Danny Howell Rentals, LLC, 6306 Main St., $6,000;

From Quinton Powell to Quinton Powell and Jennifer Barnes, 4310 Wiggins Mill Road, no stamp;

From WJH LLC to Niya G. Styles, 301 Hazel Drive, $103,000;

From Lloyd Holman and Brenda B. Holman to Tammy Perkins, 203 Pine St. NE, $10,000;

From Sybil W. Glover to Kermit Marshall Wells and Joyce Wells, 518 Linwood Ave. NE, $35,000;

From James Daryl Radford and Mary Margaret Radford to Osama Mohammad Jalal, 4903 Doral Lane N., $312,500;

From Williams Builders of Rocky Mount, LLC to Chase Roupp and Hannah Pilgreen, 6641 Gabriels Way, $145,000;

From Courtney Raper to Stuart Penman, 7647 N.C. 42 W., no stamp;

From Ethelene Outland Worrell, Gregory Lee Worrell and Jennifer Dawn Worrell to New Beginnings Community Church, Inc., part of lot 3 - 5330 Lamm Road, $45,000;

From Carolyn S. Norville, Bobby K. Norville, Pauline S. Neal, Charles F. Neal Sr., Eloise S. Gurganus, Shelton T. Gurganus, Peggy S. Bunn, Gerald D. Bunn, Brenda S. Hill, Billy G. Hill and Becky S. Etheridge to Tora Nicole Norville, 5564 Packhouse Road, $61,000;

From Matthew James Webb and Danielle Gray Narron to Louis E. Latour Jr. and Janice H. Latour, 4708 Bluff Place, $311,000;

From Clearwater Developments, Inc. to Stanley Brock Godwin and Jordan Pittman Godwin, 8610 Annie Court, $27,000;

From Louis E. Sparks Sr. and Pyong Mim Sparks to Louis E. Sparks Jr. and Pyong Mim Sparks, 6720 Hemlock Court, Sims, no stamp;

From WJH LLC to Jennifer M. Roda, 203 Manchester St. SE, $85,000;

From K.N. Skinner and A.L. Skinner to Montoya Deans, 1710 Wallace Drive W., $146,000;

From Carsonís Land LLC to Barnes Farming Corp., rural homesite on New Sandy Hill Church Road, $10,000;

From John Robert Gibson and Susan Marie Gibson to Christopher J. Bush and Paula W. Bush, 5953 Countryside Road, $222,000;

From R.H. Putney III, Carol Putney, William Witt Putney II, Betty P. Putney, Elizabeth P. Gaddy, Martha Witt Balazik and Alex J. Balazik to Teresa L. Summerlin and George Wayne Summerlin Jr., 101 W. Church St., Elm City, $35,000;

From Atlas F. Brewer and Jo Ann Brewer to Eusebio Coronado Montalvo, 5352 N.C. 58 S., Stantonsburg, $145,000;

From Barton College, Inc. to Larry B. Hester and Tricia A. Hester, 107 Atlantic Christian College Drive W., $100,000;

From Brooks Davis, Lisa K. Davis, Harry P. McCoy and Joann C. McCoy to city of Wilson, 526 Stemmery St. S., $100,000;

From Demetrius Burroughs and Trustee Service of Carolina LLC, substitute trustee to Fifth Third Bank, foreclosure deed for 2212 Crescent Drive W., $141,500;

From William Liles Family Trust U/W dated Feb. 24, 2004, Janet Liles Gowan, trustee, to Jeffrey A. Boykin and Wendy Watson Boykin, 9539 Batten Road, $45,000;

From Buckhorn Investments LLC to Nidia Enriquez, 8618 Ransom Lane, $110,000;

From Ronn March Conway and Tracy Marie Conway to Terry Allen Layman, 8731 Buckhorn Way, $174,000;

From Jeffrey E. Blease and Beverly L. Blease to Justin W. Braswell and Anna B. Braswell, 4406 Highmeadow Lane N., $205,000;

From Steve A. Boswell and Lynn T. Boswell to Matthew James Webb and Danielle Gray Narron Webb, 5474 Creech Road, Lucama, $247,000;

From The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Venancio P. Bernal, 7726 Garners School Road, $30,000;

From Erica Andrea Jones, attorney in fact, and Mark Anthony Jones to Jodie L. Barnes and Amber N. Barnes, 4517 Hatcher Lane N., $194,500;

From David W. Woodard, Mial B. Woodard and Romaine C. Woodard to Saleh Properties of Wilson LLC, 1801 Firestone Parkway NE and 1721 Herring Ave. NE, $125,000;

From K.N. Skinner and A.L. Skinner to Chad Tyler Edmundson, 4318 Camellia Drive NW, $150,000;

From Russell P. Fedoriw and Carolyn Fedoriw to Ginna Ashley Lewis and Jordan Drew Lewis, 4501 Hatcher Lane N., $233,000;

From Jose A. Cortez and Miroslava Rodriguez Tirado to Elda Gloria Hernandez, 6972 Bruce Road, $100,000;

From John Douglas Lamm, attorney in fact, Wanda B. Lamm, Lloyd George Lamm, Carolyn Ann Worrell Lamm and Rhonda Lamm Luther, attorney in fact, to Timmy Coppedge and Melissa Coppedge, 5131 Holdens Cross Road, $4,000;

From John Douglas Lamm, attorney in fact, Wanda B. Lamm, Lloyd George Lamm, Carolyn Ann Worrell Lamm and Rhonda Lamm Luther, attorney in fact, to Bethany Presbyterian Church trustees, 5021 Tartts Mill Road, no stamp;

From Penny J. Womble and Melanie B. Womble to Home Builders & Supply Co., 409 Jones St. S., $2,500;

From Reginald A. Hall and Tawanda D. Hall to Tawanda D. Hall and Reginald A. Hall, quitclaim deed for 2311 Redwood Drive SW, no stamp;

From Cathy Felton Webb to Sarah Elizabeth Scarboro Webb Turlington, 7123 Woodbridge Road, $50,000;

From George Braxton Webb and Cassie Williams Webb to Braxton Britt Rentals, LLC, 4004 Bridgers St., $65,000;

From Adam Scharfe and Marleis Scharfe to Samuel Eugene Williams II and Jane M. Williams, 4503 Saddle Run Road N., $267,500;

From Jean Barnes Tucker revocable trust dated July 28, 2015 as amended and Branch Banking and Trust Co., trustee, to Garland S. Tucker III, Edwin Davis Barnes Tucker, Macon Tucker Newby and Sarah Tucker Knott, two rural homesites on Old Stantonsburg Road, no stamp;

From Tommie Allen and Spencer Allen, agent, to Tommie Allen, Brian Christopher Allen, Michael Allen and Spencer Allen, two single-family residentials on Beth Street E., $500;

From Monica Croom to Melissa Louise Warren, 1311-B6 Forest Hills Road NW, $130,000;

From WJH LLC to William Sackett and Penni Sackett, 706 N. Saratoga St., Stantonsburg, $103,500;

From Mona M. Prado to Randy Gerald Gillen and Cheryl Hart Gillen, 1407 Waverly Road NW, $217,000;

From William Thomas Boswell and Rebecca Horton Boswell to JNR Homes Corp., 6153 N.C. 42 W., $50,000;

From Vincent Michael Janney and Lori Anne Janney to Jesse Eric Brumfield and Laurie Carr Robl, 606 Trinity Drive N., $289,000;

From Reginald Barnes, Sheila A. Barnes and Cape Fear Trustee Services, LLC to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, foreclosure deed for 228 Granite Drive, Lucama, $68,000;

From Mitchell Douglas Bass and Kimberly D. Bass to Justin Howell Doss and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Ray, 3009 Elizabeth Place N., $128,500;

From Mary Delores Williams and James Williams Jr. to Daryl R. Williams and Tamia D. Mendez, 5100 White Oak Loop and 400 Kenan St., no stamp;

From William Charles Blanchard and Brooke Packard Blanchard to Scott M. Bumgarner and Allyson F. Bumgarner, 2000 Garret Drive NW, $224,000;

From Marin Simone Coleman to Langston Realty Group LLC, 1001 Vance St. E., $25,000;

From Hunter Brown and Crystal Nichols to Jonathan McLendon and Harley Bissette, 8704 Healthy Plains Church Road, $122,000;

From Tedi E. McManus to Judith P. Powell and Garth Tuxford, 1708 Kenan St. W., $140,000;

From Sharon D. Ruffin to Thomas Connor Broyles and Audrey E. Broyles, 6304 Pine Street, Sims, $134,000;

From Scott Michael Bumgarner and Allyson Banks Bumgarner to Jonson Ellison and Nicholas Ellis, 1107 Parkside Drive, $140,000;

From Virginia Lynn Moore Thaxton to Robin G. Neal, 716 Fleming St., NE, $70,500.