Deed transfers for the week of June 24-28

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The following deed transfers for the week of June 24-28 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Harvey Vance Denton, trustee, Raymond E. Denton Sr. marital trust under the will of Raymond E. Denton Sr., Harvey Vance Denton, Lynda B. Denton, Sue Ellen Denton, William David Denton, Lora L. Denton, Jonathan Mark Denton, Mary Katherine L. Denton, Brenda Faye Denton, Brenda Kaye Lamm and Raymond Edward Denton III to William Michael Lamm, three rural homesites on N.C. 42 West, $100,000;

From Miss Daisy’s & Associates, Inc. to Harold Mincey and Barbara Mincey, 105 Belmont Ave. SW, no stamp;

From Mary Katherine Lamm Denton to Seal Coat Services LLC, quitclaim deed for 3535-A N.C. 42 West, no stamp;

From Donald L. Rice to Joseph P. Barrett, 8127 Brooks Road, $130,000;

From Bessie Marie Thompson, Bernice Culberth Thompson and Jean Privette Woodruff to Robert Macedo Alvarado, 6223 Justin Trail, $21,000;

From Doris B. Rice to Montasser Saleem Haddad, 103 Plaza Drive W., $120,000;

From Jeffrey Lennox and Melissa Lennox to Archer Thomas Bane III and Susan Marie Bane, 1804 Anderson St. NW, $122,000;

From Wilson County to Adrian Alexander & Associates, 1000 Wainwright Ave., no stamp;

From Wilson County to Bobby Ray Batts, rural homesite lot 5 on Interstate 95, no stamp;

From Wilson County to Bobby Ray Batts, rural homesite lot 1 on Interstate 95, no stamp;

From Ricky Warren Brown and Christina C. Brown to Christopher Noel and Catherine Kubas, 7982 Stott Road, Bailey, $150,000;

From Georgia Cone Mitchell to Linwood Darryl Mitchell, trustee, Mitchell Family Revocable Trust dated June 20, 2019, rural homesite on Peele Road, no stamp;

From Shirley F. Pait to John Angus Pait, 2504 Pond Drive N., no stamp;

From Joshua Keith Dail and Miles Rountree Dail to Vaughn M. Matacale and Sarah M. Matacale, 9072 New Sandy Hill Church Road, $20,000;

From Hazel Townsend Bynum, Betty Jean Bynum, Whitney Maxwell, attorney in fact, and Grady I. Ingle, substitute trustee, to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, foreclosure deed for 900 Jordon St. S., $50,500;

From Danny Howell Rentals LLC to Danny Howell Rentals LLC, single-family residential lot on Wall Street and rural homesite on Wall Street, no stamp;

From Laurie Kreger and Vincent Kreger to Jerry David Rivenbark, 401 Kincaid Ave. NW, $162,500;

From K. N. Skinner and A. L. Skinner to Jennifer M. Graham, 2604 Highfield Drive W., $155,000;

From Vicus Development LLC to Norman Scott Reason, 3827 Bucklin Drive N., $23,000;

From Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Vernon Andrew Linton and Patricia Sessoms Linton, 6660 Gabrielís Way, Lucama, $113,000;

From Virginia P. Owens to Jeffery Walston, 6270 Webb Lake Road, $60,000;

From GCSG Investments Ltd. to 3MZ Enterprises LLC, 206 Granite Drive, Lucama, no stamp;

From Brian Thomas Hill to K. L. Walston Construction, Inc., 3003 Brentwood Drive N., $90,000;

From Susan N. Fairhurst and James L. Fairhurst to Jilian D. Tant, 117 North Ave. N., $500;

From Ruby Lee C. Lancaster and Robin L. Wood, attorney in fact, to Porfirio Sanchez Sierra and Minerva Rebollar, 801 Crestview Ave. SW, $96,000;

From Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Eastern Cabinet Properties LLC, 506 Dale St. SW. $9,000;

From T & T Capital Assets LLC to LIRPA LLC, 717 Lincoln St., 303 Belmont Ave., 1304 and 1310 Carolina St. and 707 Aycock St., 18,000;

From James E. Starling III and Jenny W. Starling to Dennis Parris, 3106 Marlowe Road N., $119,000;

From Susan M. Currie, George Currie and Kathy M. Moore to Melissa D. Tripp, 4948 Rosebud Church Road, Elm City, $115,000;

From WJH LLC to Chynna L. Lucas, 708 N. Saratoga St., Stantonsburg, $102,500;

From WJH LLC to Henry S. Hughes III and Pamela T. Hughes, 300 Hazel Drive, Stantonsburg, $121,500;

From Stephen A. Ward and Heather M. Ward to Wendy Davis-Herring, 1316 Queen Anne Road, $125,000;

From Scott Allen Swartzfager to Cameron Brooke Best, 5433 Radford Road, Lucama, no stamp;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Johnathan Piedra, rural homesite on Weaver Road, $33,000;

From Level Wings LLC to Anayanci Naidelyn Garcia and Marco Antonio Juan Remigio, 4509 Trey Road, $33,000;

From Isaac Ray Pittman and Christie S. Pittman to Clara Riece Huff, 106 Terry St., Lucama, $115,000;

From Brenda Hart and Gail Hart Hunt, attorney in fact, to Vickie D. Penny, 3503 Wales Place N., $260,000;

From Boyette Farms of Kenly LLC to Danhaven Farms LLC, 61.51 acres in Wilson and Johnston counties, no stamp;

From Sarah Frances Bass Pikett to Gordon H. Ferrie and Gaynell R. Ferrie, 1509 Highland Drive NW, $192,000;

From Stuart Craig Mallard and Heather King Mallard to Thomas M. Swartzwelder and Constance M. Swartzwelder, 1007 Rollingwood Drive NW, $267,000;

From John H. Whitley III and Christy W. Whitley to Stephen Christopher Williford, 7426 Woodbridge Place N. and rural homesite on Woodbridge Road, $140,000;

From Robert E. Kirkland III and Teresa J. Kirkland to Robert E. Kirkland III, trustee, and Teresa J. Kirkland, trustee, the Robert E. Kirkland III and Teresa J. Kirkland revocable trust dated June 26, 2019, 2100 Hermitage Road NW, no stamp;

From James A. Wiggins and Donna M. Wiggins to Sarah Elizabeth Wiggins, 4607-B Rochester Court, $95,000;

From Virginia Coleman to David O. Orellana Batres and Maria D. Espinosa Martinez, 902 Randolph St. S., $8,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Darrick Muldrow and Donna D. Muldrow, 3909 Sabre Lane NW, $192,500;

From Vicus Development LLC to B. W. Skinner Construction, Inc., 3831 Bucklin Drive N, $28,000;

From Kennedy Development Properties, Inc. to B.W. Skinner Construction, Inc., 5424 Kristin Lane, $28,000;

From Alvaro Torres to George Kenneth Butterfield Jr., 3512 South Meade Place NW, $350,000;

From Garris-Evans Lumber Co. to Taylor Brooke Riley, 5313 Tumberry Court N., $153,000;

From Bobby Harrell and Megan Harrell to Reginald Lucas, 4315 Camellia Drive, $173,000;

From Barton College, Inc. to Insurance Leasing Associates, LLC, 911 Kenan St. W., $300,000;

From Barton College, Inc. to Insurance Leasing Associates, LLC, 203 Nash St. E, $50,000;

From Jeremy Randall Overman and Faye M. Overman to Cynthia N. Lucas, 4605 Wood Duck Road, $158,000;

From Margaret Lee Horton and Pearlie May Yawn to Moses David Barron Jr. and Barbara Snead Barron, 701 Anson St. NE, $115,000;

From Uzal Daniels and Trustee Services of Carolina LLC, substitute trustee to Rent To Own Realty, LLC, foreclosure deed for 5035 White Oak Loop, $33,000;

From Page Thomas Smith, Allen G. Thomas Jr., Tartt B. Thomas and Eliot Smith to Twin Fin Farm, LLC, 4020 Downing Road, $21,500;

From The Thomas Family Partnership, Allen G. Thomas Jr., partner, Page Thomas Smith, partner, and Tartt B. Thomas, partner, to Twin Fin Farm, LLC, rural homesite on Downing Road, $21,500;

From The Thomas Family Partnership, Allen G. Thomas Jr., partner, Page Thomas Smith, partner, and Tartt B. Thomas, partner, to Twin Fin Farm, LLC, rural homesite on Downing Road, $15,000;

From The Thomas Family Partnership, Allen G. Thomas Jr., partner, Page Thomas Smith, partner, and Tartt B. Thomas, partner, to Twin Fin Farm, LLC, 4100 Downing Road, $302,500;

From Anna Best and Debbie J. Brantley, 4416 Sunflower Court NW, $160,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Anna Yelverton Best, 3702 Thornwall Court N., $228,000;

From Debbie J. Brantley and Wesley Alan Neal, 3308 Feldspar Court SW, $113,000;

From Jonathan Ian Heacox and Kathryn Shackleford Heacox to Bobby Harrell and Megan Harrell, 4504 Chippenham Court N., $230,000;

From Stephen Brooks and Theresa Brooks to Charles Steven Crawford Jr. and Janeen H. Crawford, 1205 Brookside Drive, $385,000;

From Marie W. Sutton and Brenda Sutton Heath, attorney in fact, to Brenda Sutton Heath, 204 Pittman Drive NW, no stamp;

From Beulah C. Hart to Global Collaborations, LLC, 1310 Washington St. SE, $45,000;

From Valorie Ann Fulghum Woodard and Gregory Wallace Woodard to Charles Williamson and Lindsey Williamson, 6505 U.S. 264 Alternate W., $31,000;

From Joshua Pedrick Harris and Haley Elizabeth Harris to Elidee Cruz Santiago, 4404 Portsmouth Drive NW, $149,500;

From Danny Lee Turner and Linda Faye Carter, attorney in fact, to Maria De Los Angeles Landa Garcia and Carlos Alberto Landa Garcia, 1106 Barnhill St. S., $20,000;

From Lesa O’Ham Leonard, executor, Joyce Pryor O’Ham estate, to Kevin Sorgi and Renee M. Sorgi, 4709 Windsor Road, $154,000;

From WJH LLC to Sheree Q. Herring, 308 Hazel Drive, Stantonsburg, $120,000;

From Barton College and Barton College, Inc. to Pedro A. Ramirios and Jenny Estefania Ramirios Lemus, 417 Glendale Drive W., $120,000;

From SECU*RE, Inc. to Tranquilina Zavaleta, 2003 Westwood Ave. W., $5,000;

From Lynn & Tom Ventures LLC to Michael S. Lindsey, 1716 Wallace Drive W., $194,000;

From Amy Rochelle King and Richard Carey King to Joe Roberson Dyer Jr. and Alison McMillen Dyer, 1706 Westbrook Drive NW, $194,000;

From Ricky Allen Whitley and Joan E. Whitley to Bryan Michael Howell and Megan Kathryn Howell, 5008 Country Club Drive N., $274,000;

From Hubert L. Cox III and Elizabeth N. Cox to Kathryn Shackleford Heacox and Jonathan Ian Heacox, 6217 Devonshire Drive, $414,000;

From The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A., JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association trustee specialty underwriting and finance trust mortgage loan asset-backed certificates, series 2005-BC3 to JFL Builders LLC, 1510 Anderson St. NW, $86,000.