Deed transfers for the week of March 11-15

Posted 3/22/19

The following deed transfers for the week of March 11-15 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Dorothy Minshew George and Ernest R. George to Four Seasons Land …

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Deed transfers for the week of March 11-15

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The following deed transfers for the week of March 11-15 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Dorothy Minshew George and Ernest R. George to Four Seasons Land & Timber, LLC, timber deed for rural homesite on Church Loop S, $14,000;

From B&B Home Builders LLC to Amanda O. Summerlin, single-family residential on Gray Street, Elm City, $127,000;

From The Venue Residential, LLC to Venue Schorr 1 LLC, Venue Schorr 2 LLC and Venue S. JR LLC, 211 Kenan St., $2,000,000;

From Robert Blake Jones to Lindsey Parham and Kyle R. Cecala, 3733 Stonehenge Lane W., $157,000;

From William Figueroa to Tevin Terrell Speight and Lakrisha Nicole Whitley, 1717 Centre St. W., $156,500;

From Robert Helmer, trustee, The Twin Trust dated April 30, 2014 to Janet A. Martin, trustee, Janet A. Martin Trust, originally dated Oct. 11, 1999; amended and restated Dec. 28, 2016. 4908 Caswell Place W., $3,125,000;

From Roland Melvin Loftin to North State Surety, LLC, quitclaim deed for 6501 Speight School Road, no stamp;

From ITAC 420, LLC to CWE-2, LLC, Kaye W. Thompson, George W. Thompson III, Dow Investment Club, LLC and EJP III Real Estate One, LLC, 2832 U.S. 301 S., lot 16-23 and lot 123-146, $350,000;

From WJH LLC to Deshonna Cherry, 111 Manchester St., $75,500;

From Jeffery O. Creech and Kathy R. Creech to Esther J. Jarvis, 1101 Kenan St. NW, $105,500;

From Peggy T. Singleton, trustee, Peggy T. Singleton Living Trust dated Aug. 14, 1998 and any amendments and restatements thereof to Joseph Uditis and Elizabeth Uditis, 500 Vance St. NE, $19,000;

From Jaenora Edwards Lamm to Matt Jennings Lamm, 4468 London Church Road, no stamp;

From WJW Properties, LLC to Juan de La Cruz and Imelda Martinez, 511 Dewey St. SW, $13,000;

From Henry Kirby Jr., Christine M. Kirby, Melinda Brown and Richard Brown, to Ralph Edward Scott Jr., rural homesite on St. Mary’s Church Road, $70,000;

From Kenneth Ray Hoskins, Wyoming Ruth Harris and Philip A. Glass, substitute trustee to State Employees’ Credit Union, foreclosure deed for 2207 Imperial Ave. E., $76,000;

From Thomas E. Boone, Judith B. Boone, Douglas H. Boone and Brenda H. Boone to Temple of Praise, Inc., 2018 U.S. 301 S., $170,000;

From Leon A. Lucas, co-commissioner, Andrew J. Whitley, co-commissioner, Barbara D. Herring, Denise Vick Renfrow, James G. Renfrow Jr., Teresa Boykin Clapper, Robert L. Clapper, Patricia B. Sasser, Hazel B. Jones, William Alton Boykin, Teresa M. Boykin, Barbara Vick Boyles and Lewis S. Boyles to Richard Blake Eatmon, 8236 Rock Ridge School Road, $100,000;

From Margie Allen Strickland and Evelyn Strickland Slominsky, attorney in fact, to P L Batchelor Auction Marketing LLC, rural homesite on Gourd Branch Road, Lucama, $21,000;

From Regina Pittman-Lucas to Charles Lucas and Regina Pittman-Lucas, 5462 Bloomery Road, no stamp;

From Kevin Wayne Smith and Michelle Boykin Smith to Jeremiah Smith Jr., 3404 American Eagle Lane NW, $143,500;

From Pentagon Federal Credit Union to Joanne Woodard and Alepha Foster, 3307 and 3309 Queensferry Drive NW, $370,000;

From Jesse James Farmer Jr. and Fagella Farmer to Jimmy Ray Farmer, 606 Briggs St. S.. no stamp;

From T & N Development, LLC to Ned Barden Coleman, 6755 Wall Road, Sims, $20,000;

From Eastern Cabinet Properties, LLC to Catherine Sineath Warren, 504 Albert Ave. NW, $200,000;

From Betty Jean P. Mercer to Darrin Mercer, 5229 Creech Road, no stamp;

From Luis Saucedo and Ursina Saucedo to Ignacia Medel, 5012 Stantonsburg Road, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Joseph William Rabil and Virginia Benson Rabil, 3715 Thornwall Court, Elm City, and rural homesite on Valleyfield Lane, $186,000;

From Neil Skinner and Gina Skinner to William H. Cox Jr. and Robyn H. Weinstein, 1204 Kenan St. NW, $245,000;

From Jay L. Barnette and Xiao Di Barnette to Katheryn L. Jacobson, 5936 Long Branch Road, $130,000;

From Dewey Lee Brantley Jr. and Jenny Stone Brantley to Jonay Brantley Brewer, Johnna Brantley Dorough, trustee, Jantzen Stone Brantley, trustee, the Brantley Family Irrevocable Trust dated Oct. 13, 2017, 1209 Waverly Road NW, 2270 Nash St., 5140 N.C. 42 E., 5148 and 5148-A N.C. 42 E. and 714, 716 and 718 E. Green St., no stamp;

From George H. Smith to Georgia S. Walston and Donna M. King, 2414 McNair St. W., no stamp;

From Thomas A. McClees Jr., executor, Edward C. McClees Jr. estate, to McClees Farms, LLC, 7952 Proctor Place, no stamp;

From W.E. Corbett, LLC, Johnny E. Corbett, executor, Walter E. Corbett estate, to Johnny E. Corbett, 605 Pender St. E., 5367 Blalock Road and 1001 Jordan St., no stamp;

From Phillip W. Winstead to Patricio Alvarado Rivera and Lizbeydy Alvarado Rodriguez, 1006 Mercer St., $16,000;

From Betty Dianne Allen Mitchell, executor, Joseph R. Allen will, Tommy E. Allen, Betty Dianne Allen Mitchell, trustee, trust for James Harley Allen established under the will of Joseph R. Allen dated May 22, 2009 to Tommy Hairston, 908 Goldsboro St. SW, $39,000;

From Kevin Loflin and Amy P. Loflin to Trevor Eric Skinner and Allison Hope Skinner, 2610 Westminster Drive NW, $120,000;

From Walter Hawkins, Patricia Hawkins, Sheldon Wayne Hawkins and Florece Hawkins to Myles Property Holdings, LLC, 715 and 717 Elvie St., $47,000;

From Randy G. Marshburn and Pamela K. Marshburn to Quentin Douglas Noland, 3302 Teal Drive SW, $179,000;

From Michael Lee Stanford and Cassie N. Stanford to Douglas A. Rudolph and Amanda M. Rudolph, 206 Cone St. N., $95,000;

From West Creek Developers Limited Partnership, Walkers Trace Inc., partner, and W.T. Cozart, attorney in fact, to Capitol City Homes, LLC, 3804 Baybrooke Drive W., 30,000;

From James Morris Place and Windi Place to Amber Francis, 2432 Winding Creek Drive SW, $103,500;

From Jesse L. Johnson and Mary E. Johnson to Israel Meisa Valdez, Teresa Clarce Marin, 1012 Randolph St. S., $10,000;

From Jill Anne Range to Nathan Allen Range, quitclaim deed for 6698 Morningside Road, no stamp;

From Lisa Dee Billips to Joseph Costello and Jacqueline Costello, 8409 Bailey Road, $12,500;

From DRI Mortgage Opportunity Fund L.P and SN Servicing Corp., attorney in fact, to Apis Holdings LLC, 608 Lynwood Ave. NE, $55,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Nathaniel Pope Jr. and Natasha L. Pope, 3609 Jetstream Drive NW, $176,500;

From Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Howard Manning, 606 Cobb Road, Elm City, $55,000;

From Klilah Cemone Cox and Ashley Hinnant Cox to John D. Curran and Sharon L. Curran, 9009 Buckhead Lane, $210,000;

From Cesar Enrique Mendoza and Maria Guadalupe Guerrero to Clayton T. Belcher and Allison P. Belcher, 3506 Wales Place N., $225,000;

From Anthony M. Updike and Sarah Imogene Updike to Eric B. Smith and Johnesha Debra Smith, 3906 Starship Lane NW, $139,000;

From Casey S. Rouse and Joyce R. Rouse to Rasulala J. Parker and Sonya B. Parker, 3904 Huntsmoor Lane NW, $150,000;

From Tony B. Shearin and Shirley A. Shearin to Ivy Artis-Smith and Shirley Artis Pitt, 4423 Brookfield Drive W., $196,000;

From H & A Development Associates, LLP and Horton D. Copeland Jr., attorney in fact, to Keith Byrum and Lauren Byrum, 9036 New Sandy Hill Church Road, $29,000;

From Laurie Kreger and Vincent Kreger to Vincent Kreger and Laurie Kreger, 401 Kincaid Ave. NW, no stamp;

From Otis Capps and Meredith P. Capps to Raul Caudillo and Dora Nunez, 220 Branch St., Black Creek, $79,000;

From HP Property & Investments, LLC to Shanza Butt, 1011 Lincoln St. SE, $5,000;

From Danielle Sutton and David Lynn Sutton to David Lynn Sutton and Elizabeth Danielle Sutton, 4359 White Oak Loop, no stamp;

From Michael R. Brock and Anna W. Brock to Michael T. Wetherington and Laura D. Wetherington, 4415 Davis Farm Drive N., $235,000.