Deed transfers, June 11-15

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The following deed transfers for the week of June 11-15 , 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From H & S Land, LLC to Sridhar Poranki and Prasanthi Poranki, 5251 Old Raleigh Road, $34,000;

From Gerardo Morado to Jorge Armando Vazquez and Brenda Luna-Vazquez, 6407 Tonya Road, $30,000;

From Philip Allen Harrell and Brenda R. Harrell to Philip Allen Harrell and Brenda R. Harrell, rural homesite on Gum Pond Road, no stamp; 

From Wilson County Habitat for Humanity and Wilson Area Habitat of Humanity to Julie Anna Hernandez, 6722 Shannon Road, $107,000;

From Madison Haley Lamm to Madison Haley Lamm and Parker Lamm, 4803B Olympic Lane N., no stamp; 

From Michael C. Lyndon and Kelly S. Lyndon to Mary Ellen R. Westmoreland, 1502 Highland Drive NW, $167,000;

From Ronald Lee Cook to Steven Lee Oliverio and Lee Ann Oliverio, 4535 County Club Drive N, $212,500;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Travis Ruffin, 4439 Weaver Road, $21,000;

From FMB, Inc. to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc., 3711 and 3713 Shadow Ridge Lane N., $38,000;

From Alan T. Owens to Owens Rentals, LLC, 4700 U.S. 301 N., Elm City, no stamp; 

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Nelson Bonifacio and Marie S. Bonifacio, 3560 Jetstream Park Drive, $182,500;

From Natalie Carr Matthews and Mark Carr Matthews, attorney in fact to David Abeling-Judge and Lauren Abeling-Judge, 1113 Robin Hill Road NW, $163,000;

From Youth Enrichment Program of Wilson to Department of Transportation, 1004 Herring Ave. E., $28,500;

From Youth Enrichment Program of Wilson to Department of Transportation, 500 Dendrology Drive E., $47,500;

From Mary S. Moore, Mary L. Shepperson and Frank Moore to Mary L. Shepperson, quitclaim deed for 3518 Shadow Ridge Road N., no stamp;

From the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Thomas John Mak, 412 Garner St. W, no stamp; 

From Paola Wardley, Paola Piccini and William Wardley to Hugo Ivan Salinas Lopez and Maribel Salinas, 3508 Christopher Drive NW, $94,000;

From Heritage Place of Wilson, LLC to Docreyn, LLC, commercial property on Airport Boulevard NW, no stamp; 

From RLH Investments, LLC to Krystal Gail Pridgen, 5426 Shepherd Road, $159,000;

From Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to Sylvester McNair Jr. and Suzette McNair, 1910 Farrior Ave. SW, $30,000;

From Timothy Allen Williams and Carolyn D. Williams to Tareq Ali Zabara, 5917 Ward Blvd., $47,500;

From William Kossmann and Alicia L. Kossmann to Zackery Graham Elliott and Suzanne Elizabeth Keller, 2305 Jennette Circle N., $133,000;

From D.R. Horton, Inc. to Gregory McDaniel, 4116 Sabre Lane NW, $153,000;

From Gregory Bryant Gay to Ashwin Solutions, LLC, 6702 Town Creek Road, $110,000;

From Robert A. Gauthier to Carol C. Vargo and Lisa Sue Zimmerli, 400 Vance St. NE, $89,500;

From Andrews Properties and William C. Andrews, attorney in fact, to Rodney Alan Stieferman, 1403 Gold St. N, $55,000;

From Life Empowerment Restoration Community Development Corp., Inc. to Jimmy Lee Forte and Viola Moore Forte, 1815 Farrior Ave. SE, no stamp; 

From Docreyn, LLC to Clairmont Place, LLC, commercial property on Ashbrook Drive NW and commercial property on Airport Boulevard NW, $250,000;

From Mack-Jack Properties, LLC to Nathan Johnson Bissette and Anne West Bissette, 900 Salem St. NW, $279,000;

From Jeannette P. Pittman, Grady Pittman, David Smith, attorney in fact, and Lena Pittman Smith to Timbco, LLC, timber deed for 59 acres, $57,000;

From Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Bank of America, N.A., quitclaim deed for 7726 Gardners School Road, no stamp; 

From Robert L. Cannon and Dawn W. Cannon to Michael A. Cannon and Mark I. Cannon, 2701 Nash St. NW, no stamp; 

From Double E Partnership, Edward E. Fulford, partner, and Edward A. Fulford, partner to Three Ten Barnes, LLC, 320 Barnes St. S. no stamp; 

From Danny W. Robbins Sr. and Danny W. Robbins Jr. to Woodridge Timber Company, Inc., timber deed for 7832 Bakertown Road, $43,000;

From Annie Ruth Lewis Mosley to Vincent Jerome Mosley, 5614 Thompson Chapel Church Road, no stamp; 

From Ryan Christopher Harrelson to Harrington Companies, LLC, 3706 Valleyfield Lane N, $139,000;

From L. Arnold Hamm Jr., trustee Keith M. Hamm, trustee Melba P. Hamm revocable trust U/A dated April 17, 2013 to John Hall Daniels and Sue Vickers Daniels, 102 Canterbury Road NW, $195,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to Joseph J. Chesson and Patricia N. Chesson, 3709 Gloucester Drive W., $173,000;

From Jamestown Ventures, Inc. to Tiffine Tinike Battle, 4826 Jamestown Drive NW, $180,000;

From Parker-Hannifin Corp. and GNC Corp. to Wilco Blvd LLC, 2600 Wilco Blvd. S., $675,000;

From Dolores Kremins and Katherine Mary Kremins to Bernice Braswell, 3533 Shadow Ridge Road N., $166,500;

From US Bank National Association to EH Lifestyle Holdings, LLC, 3500 Wescott Lane NW, $57,000;

From Oak City Investors, LLC to Joyce Anntionette Thompson, 5013 Mill Branch Drive, Black Creek, $115,000;

From Julie S. Crawley, Margaret Ann Crawley, co-executor, William Roger Crawley, co-executor Royce Johnson Crawley estate, Royce Johnston Crawley estate to Margaret Ann Crawley, 109 N. Cone St., $40,000.