Deed transfers, June 18-22

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The following deed transfers for the week of June 18-22, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office: 

From Victoria D. Tisdale and Cape Fear Trustee Services, PLLC to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, foreclosure deed for 3917 Rasberry Drive N., $112,000;

From Michael T. McLaughlin to Julia L. McLaughlin, quitclaim deed for 3116 Welford Place N., no stamp; 

From Ervin M. Howard, Elsie P. Howard and Harold Graham to Ervin M. Howard, 1310 Grove St., no stamp; 

From Garris Evans Lumber Co. to Wilson Brothers Contracting, LLC, 3708 Baybrook Drive W., $30,000;

From Lee D. Mercer and Sherrie T. Mercer to Eli Mojica Figueroa, Yaceli Villarreal-Padilla, 4478 Yank Road, $104,500;

From Carl E. Hinchey and Judy B. Hinchey to Daniel A. Erwin and Carmen Hinchey Erwin, 4439 Saddle Run Road N., $261,000;

From Curtis Keith Sexton and Tracy Clayton Sexton to Bryan Lewis Bass, 2705 Stedman Drive NW, $129,000;

From Mary Margaret Kuhn, trustee, David F. Kuhn, trustee, David and Mary Margaret Kuhn living trust dated May 10, 2001 and any amendments thereto to Mary Margaret Kuhn, 9035 New Sandy Hill Church Road, no stamp; 

From Mary Jo Winstead Owens, Kinchen F. Owens, Jordan Brock Winstead and Heather M. Wooten to Triangle East Timber Co., Inc., timber deed for two rural homesites on West Langley Road and 4355 West Langley Road, Elm City, $86,000;

From Walter L. Kirby and Edith D. Kirby to Steven Lee Kirby and Ann N. Kirby, 8246 U.S. 301S., no stamp; 

From Mary A. Newberne to Lydia Crandall, 3321 London Church Road, no stamp; 

From Tammy Whitley and Trustee Services of Carolina LLC, substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., foreclosure deed for 2717 Winding Ridge Drive W., $90,500;

From BRH1, LLC to Rigoberto Reyes Martinez and Blanca Esther Diaz Miguel, 326 Finch St., $9,000;

From Wade N. Lassiter Sr. to Wade N. Lassiter Sr. and Gladys S. Lassiter, 4934 St. Rose Church Road, two rural homesites on St. Rose Church Road and 203 N. Pender St., no stamp; 

From Adam Scharfe and Marleis Scharfe to Christopher L. Duke, 3510 Providence Lane NW, $89,000;

From Joseph A. Hartsfield and Amy R. Hartsfield to Darren L. Skinner, 2818 Daisy Lane N., $58,000;

From Lagniappe 95, LLC to Southern Lodging Inc., two commercial properties 6401 Southern Village Drive W., 4920 Hayes Place W., $500;

From Lagniappe 95, LLC to Kanha Asset Management LLC, 5442 Lamm Road, $575,000;

From Amelia Martin to Muoi To Au, 4604B Rochester Court NW, $98,000;

From Sharon Lott to James Clifton Cale Jr. and Annie Corbin Cale, 2409-8 Horton Blvd. SW, $85,000;

From W. Earl Taylor Jr. and Cherie H. Taylor to Aaron Franklin Bellman and Brittany June Bellman, 4316 Windfield Court, $90,000;

From Brian Batten, Melodie Batten, Marshall L. Jenkins and Allison D. Stilley to Marshall L. Jenkins and Allison D. Stilley, 402 Pineview St., Lucama, $86,000;

From David B. Malkmus and Maureen A. Malkmus to Myra Anson Nicholas, 400 Pearson St. N, $115,000;

From Dolly Vella Godwin to Richard L. Harrison Jr. and Lisa H. Harrison, 4100 Princess Ann Circle N., $145,000;

From Warren Gene Mercer and Lynn R. Mercer to Julie L. Hooks, 5535 Blalock Road, $85,000;

From WJH LLC and City of Wilson Redevelopment Commission to Maya T. Lee, 102 East St. SE, $93,000;

From Donald James Brooks and Jennifer H. Brooks to Jennifer H. Brooks, 2525 Buckingham Road NW, no stamp; 

From Edward R. Meeks, attorney in fact, and Judith B. Meeks to Michele M. Grigg and Edward R. Meeks, 2313 Alyson Drive N, $2,000;

From James Edward Upchurch and Carolyn Upchurch to Edward Lamar Cloyd, 607 Park Ave. W, $25,000;

From Sarah Shaneyfelt, James Shaneyfelt, William Scott Shumate and Sarah Shumate to Addie N. Womble and Brandon C. Edmundson, 5028 Curve Road, $61,500;

From Gary W. Strickland and Amanda M. Strickland to Jimmy L. Brinson Jr. and Sandra Kay Ivey Brinson, 4004 Trace Drive W, $218,000;

From Lynn J. Keeler, and Edward A. Keeler to Reginald Hinton and Robbin Wright Hinton, 1711 Lakeside Drive NW, $265,000;

From Mary Lee Williamson Rembert, Allen J. Rembert and Roberta Ann Williamson to Jack Liner and Shirley W. Liner, rural homesite on Weaver Road, $36,000;

From Martha Thigpen Cayton and John E. Cayton Jr. to Conetoe Land & Timber, LLC, timber deed for rural homesite on Panther Branch Road, $93,500;

From Osama M. Jalal and Nuhaileh A. Jalal to Nancy Osama Jalal, Juliana Osama Jalal, Sandy Osama Jalal, Jalal Osama Jalal and Nancy Osama Jalal, custodian for minor Osama Jalal, Vanessa Osama Jalal and minor Nora Osama Jalal, 1120 Tilghman Road, 2402 Trull Street NW and 3413 Belle Meade Drive NW, $8,500;

From Vanise and Deborah Hardee Properties, LLC to Butcher Realty, LLC, 2305 Cedar Run Place NW, $390,000;

From Juan A. Colon-Ortiz and Michelle Badillo to Benjamin Eisner and Andrea Joy Eisner, 4808 Glen Eagles Lane N., $295,000;

From Ardrina Doretha Stokes, Charlie Davis Jr., Joseph Stokes, Sarah Stokes and Polly Stokes to Duane Johnson and Maritza Johnson, 1019 Cardinal Drive NW, $137,000;

From Christopher Michael Davis and Jenna B. Davis to Miller & Miller Realty, LLC, 307 Forest Hills Road, $113,000;

From Justin G. Carinci and Susan Emily Carinci to Alvin Scott Parker IV and Jessica Lee Bramlett Parker, 1709 Wilshire Blvd. N, $300,000;

From Gary Garland Hardison and Kimberly Johnson Hardison to Stephanie Lacey, 5114 Heaths Glen Road, $79,500;

From Arthur Gilbert Stanley and Martha Jo H. Stanley to Arthur Gilbert Stanley and Martha Jo H. Stanley, trustees Arthur Gilbert Stanley and Martha Jo H. Stanley revocable trust dated June 4, 2018, 4708 Burning Tree Lane N, no stamp; 

From MTGLQ Investors, L.P. and Selene Finance, L.P., attorney in fact, to John Richard McCrary III, 7516 Berry Lane, $169,000.