Deed transfers Sept. 11-15

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The following deed transfers for the week of Sept 11-Sept 15, 2017 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Amy M. Webb to Nimmo Stevens Bankhead, 5323 Lakehaven Court, $105,000;

From William E. Stair, Margaret Stair to Joseph S. Stair, 3817 Rasberry Drive N, $150,000;

From Joseph S Stair to Joseph S Stair, deed restriction, no stamp;

From Roger E. Lieber, Donna K. Lieber to John Mobilia, Lynne M. White, 3319 Jennings Farm Drive NW, $395,000;

From Faye W. Jones, Faye Williams Jenkins to Scott K. Johnson, 7139 Green Forest Road, $86,000;

From Raymond W. Carr, Ada G. Carr to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC, 703 W. Libby Street, no stamp;

From Larry Williams, Geraldine B. Williams to Larry Williams, trustee, Geraldine B. Williams, trustee, Williams Revocable Living Trust Dated 9/7/2017, 5656 St. Mary’s Church Road, no stamp;

From Ryan F. Lippert, Kaitlin N. Lippert to Erin Michelle Starling, 3513 Appleberry Court NW $123,500;

From Leslie K. Jones, Mirrian D. Jones to Eric Reid, 1705 Wallace Drive W. $87,000;

From Richard Lewis Shifflett, Richard Lewis Shifflett, executor, Maybrey Joan Shifflett Estate to Rosa M. Olmos, 6439 Perry Road, $107,500;

From Richard W. Webb, Michael Webb, executor, to Michael Webb, 6148 Cattail Road, no stamp;

From Richard W. Webb, Michael Webb, executor, to Michael Webb, 4910 Upchurch Road, no stamp;

From Catherine Johnson to Cheryl T. Gardner, 113 Kincaid Avenue, $130,000;

From Frances Smith Winstead, John Winstead to Allen Ray Stallings, 1002 Cardinal Drive NW, no stamp;

From Teresa Carter Ellis, Erica Ellis Pittman, aif to Miles Property Holdings LLC, 2801 Ward Boulevard,1A, $40,000;

From Doris Langley Webb, Thelma Doris Webb to Deborah Webb Lewis, Lynn Webb Moore, Wanda Webb Kennedy, 6518 Webb Lake Road, Elm City, no stamp;

From Herbert C. Nelson, Jill Vick Nelson to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson Inc., 3304 Blenheim Place NW, no stamp;

From Dennis A. Peacock Jr., Hadley P. McManus, Joanna P. Medlin, Dennis Earl Medlin, Joanna P. Medlin, administrator, Carry M. Peacock Estate to Leslie K. Jones, 1903 Canal Drive, $122,500;

From Sharon S. Stephens, Sharon Kaye Stevens, Deana J. Klutey, aif to Deana Jo Klutey, 6208 Devonshire Drive, no stamp;

From William D. Whaley, Beverly Whaley to Deborah Page Thompson, trustee, Deborah P. Thompson Revocable Trust dated March 30, 2017, 3916 Rasberry Drive W, $212,000;

From Eddie James Horne to Beatrice Thompson, West Main Street, Elm City, $6,500;

From Caroline F. Quinn and Taylor Umphlett, 602 Warren Street, $40,000;

From Roy V. Brower, Shirlie A. Mannes, aif, Francine V. Brower, Queen Esther Butler to V & M Enterprises LLC, 907 Stantonsburg Street, $35,000;

From Roger D. Jones to Bettie Joyce Myers, 215 Dewey Street SW, $62,000;

From Virginia P. Owens to Aaron Kirk Walston, Mallory Grace Walston, 6269 Webb Lake Road, Elm City, $9,000;

From Vanessa Williams to Spencer May, Shoshannah May, 7574 Linda Road, $250,000;

From Spencer D. May, Shoshannah M. May to James Dallas Lyles, 3205 Holly Trail, $95,000;

From Harold Lloyd Medlin, Rebecca Thompson Medlin to Robert Raymond Freeth, Catherine Joyce Milligan, 2408 Bayberry Lane NW, $167,500;

From Lula Thomas, Frederick Thomas, Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to U.S. Bank National Association Trustee, Banc of America Funding Corporation Series 2004-1, Wachovia Bank, National Association Trustee, 5537 Scuppernong Road, $82,000;

From Rufino Chavez Campos, Maria Silvia Osorio Hernandez to Alejandro Santos, 711 Crowell Street, no stamp;

From Eddie Ellis, Janice W. Ellis to Jose Manuel Sanchez Dublan, Yesenia Morales Cortes, 5719 Holdens Cross Road, $20,000;

From Mason C. Lee, Shannon B. Lee to John W. Mincey, Jamie W. Mincey, 6516 Guy Road, Lucama, $306,000;

From Matthew W. Dew, Cassie Blalock Dew, Cassie R. Blalock to Matthew W. Dew, 6924 Rock Ridge Sims Road, no stamp;

From Matthew W. Dew to Christopher L. Kirkley, Christie M. Kirkley, 6924 Rock Ridge Sims Road, $202,000;

From An Everlasting Memory LLC to Tarboro Rentals LLC, 1501 Downing Street, no stamp;

From Janet Smiley Hawley, executor, Doris Bell Smiley Estate, Janet Smiley Hawley, Cecil Hawley, James Robert Smiley, Patricia W. Smiley, Richard Lee Smiley, Ann K. Smiley to Janet Smiley Hawley, Cecil Hawley, 1723Westwood Avenue, $70,000;

From Barry Watson Saunders, Tracy Bunn Saunders to William T. Jones, Kaitlyn B. Jones, 6638 Sweetgum Court, Sims, 190,000;

From James Everett Wilson II, Michele Ellis Wilson to Wilson Family Property Rentals LLC, 1129 Branch Street NW, no stamp;

From Rufus Yancey McAden IV, Natalie Cameron McAden, to Corey S. Hamilton, Kelsey J. Hamilton, 6845 Flat Rock Road, $183,000;

From Carlysle Scott Isley to Joe Rodolfo Olmos, 1809 Petalcrest Circle SE, $18,000;

From Zeddie H. Wilkins to Rickey Kirby, 6012 Hornes Church Road, $173,000;

From Boykin & Green LLC to Bryan Michael Green, Cari Boykin Green, 7617 Rock Ridge School Road, no stamp;

From Phillip Montgomery Long, Natalie Groff Long to Turnage Properties LLC, 2807 Mallory Drive NW, $133,500;

From Amanda B. Hall, Donald Ray Hall, Amanda Bethune to Linda C. Harris, Ezequiel Fuentes Jr., 1126 Arrington Avenue SW, $52,000;

From Randy A. Eatmon, Julia B. Eatmon to John Randal Eatmon, David Allan Eatmon, 2224 E. NC 42, no stamp;

From H. Abbitt Goodwin Jr., H. Abbitt Goodwin Jr., executor, Ann B. Jennings Estate to Michael Edward McGee Jr., Mary Clayton Eggleston, 3005 Farmington Place NW, $480,000;

From John Brumfield to Karen Blair, 2503 Springlake Place N, $80,000.