Wilson County deed transfers, Aug. 27-31

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The following deed transfers for the week of Aug. 27-31, 2018 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From Kenneth W. Renfrow, Kencraft Restoration and Claire E. Renfrow to city of Wilson, 210 Tarboro St., $75,000;

From Vicki Etheridge and Kenneth G. Etheridge to Penny Staton, correction deed for rural homesite on Lamm Road, no stamp;

From Web Properties, Inc. to CDM Properties, LLC, 3613 Eagle Point Lane NW, $235,000;

From Lynda B. Denton, William David Denton, Lora L. Denton, Brenda Faye Denton, Jonathon Mark Denton, Sue Ellen Denton, Harvey Vance Denton, trustee, the Raymond E. Denton marital trust under the will of Raymond E. Denton Sr. to Sue Ellen Denton, rural homesite on N.C. 42 W., 3535 and 3535-A N.C. 42 W., $6,000;

From Gerard F. Wille III and Linda J. Wille to L & J Holdings, LLC, 305 Minshall Drive, 3729, 3731 and 3733 Starship Lane and 1703,1705, 1709,1711, 1713 and 1715 Stantonsburg Road, no stamp;

From Daisette G. Tillery to Carletta Richards, quitclaim deed for 5209 Kennedy Road, no stamp;

From Holly Beth Evans to Destiny K. Maave-Kuewa, 3012 Opal Court SW, $97,500;

From James R. Barrow Jr. and Jennifer S. Radford to Adam Douglas Ruiz and Sarah Elizabeth Ruiz, 608 Meadowbrook Lane W., $110,000;

From Sherry Johnson, Sandra J. Canfield, Carl G. Hulett II and Loretta S. Hulett to Carl G. Hulett II and Loretta S. Hulett, 4855 Rainwater Road, no stamp;

From Bobby G. Turnage to Barbara Jedlicka, Brenda F. Salter, Bonnie Faye Crotty and Belinda Crotty, quitclaim deed for 4355 Windfield Court and residential lot on Windfield Court, no stamp;

From Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to Tracey Massey Bamford and David Milton Bamford, 2717 Winding Ridge Drive W, $90,000;

From the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sheena A. Murray, 6710 Hemlock Court, Sims, no stamp;

From Progressive Development Partners Wilson/Nash, LLC to Tenant Success, LLC, mobile home lot on Sandy Ridge Drive S., $450,000;

From Emma M. Patterson, Edna Earle Raper, attorney in fact, Billy R. Raper, Emma Barnes, Oland Barnes, Elizabeth Daniell, Allan Daniell, Tracy Patterson Martin, Jeffery Martin, Stacey Patterson Massingill, Franklin Massingill and Ernest Patterson Jr. to Edward Ray Parnell, 4650 Wiggins Mill Road, $28,000;

From Rudolph L. Meredith, Eva Meredith and Frank R. Meredith to James L. Gates, 6308 Joyner Road, $55,000;

From Lynn W. Bracken and Paul R. Bracken to Archie W. Aycock and Ellie L. Aycock, 7813 Pelt Road, $12,000;

From Robbie Jason Tant and Holly S. Tant to Adam C. Shaffer and Megan A. Shaffer, 7515 Woodbridge Road, $193,000;

From the North Carolina Conference of the Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc. to New Birth International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Inc., 2137 Whitley Road E, $130,000;

From Christopher Allen Barnes and Tracy Lewis Barnes to Myles Property Holdings, LLC, 1112 Anderson St. NW, $140,000;

From Brittany Favre to Clarence William Goff III and Patricia Lynn Goff, 5824 Shiloh Church Road, $140,000;

From SMN Partners, LLC, Susan R. Wright and Mary G. Hurt, co-trustees, to Scott Family Farms, LLC, 7003 Little Rock Church Road, Lucama, $15,000;

From Earlyfalsom Properties, Inc. to Santos Maximiliano Meliton, 4710 Ward Blvd., $29,000;

From Vicky Lynn Edmundson to Jerremy M. Edmondson and Samantha J. Boose, 3512 Christopher Drive NW, $80,000;

From T & N Development, LLC to Ned Barden Coleman, 6757 and 6761 Wall Road, Sims, $40,000;

From Colonial Impact Fund II, LLC and National Asset Advisors, LLC attorney in fact to Ronnie Overgaard Pedersen, 505 Woodrow St. SW, $14,000;

From Michael William Watson and Jessica L. Watson to Claud Jasper Allegood II and Kristin Nicole Allegood, 6005 Caleb Court, $215,000;

From Bret E. Beach and Judy G. Beach to Charles Thomas Black and Lynn Ellen Black, 8633 Buckhorn Plantation Road, $417,000;

From Ronnie Lee Wiggins Jr. and Tanyanika Sheretta Wiggins to Sidney W. Bruton Jr. and Elizabeth O. Bruton, 1302 Dogwood Lane NW, $95,500;

From Frank B. Schneider Jr. and Toby N. Tracy to Jeffrey Skibins and Lucy Hutcherson, 1808 Wildwood Court NW, $230,000;

From Thomas F. Lyons, Delilah Pearl Hawley Lyons and Albertelli Law Partners North Carolina, P.A., substitute trustee, to Braxton Britt, trustee deed for 2202 Shreve St. SW, $61,000;

From John F. Stevens and Carol A. Stevens to Richard Abbott Mitchell and Erin Combs Mitchell, 2700 Buckingham Road NW, $110,000;

From Joseph Edgar Brewer III and Ellen M. Brewer to Robert Gamble and Kelly B. Gamble, 5126 Brewer Court, no stamp;

From Jonathan C. Bone and Lydia K. Bone to AVR Limited Partnership, rural homesite on Stagecoach Road, Elm City, 6218 Stagecoach Road, Elm City and rural homesite on Homestead Road, $390,000;

From Robert Calvin Bullock and Patricia Hair Bullock to Juan Raya Reyes and Maricela Salazar Raya, 6937 Bruce Road, $102,000;

From Wilson County to Rakeem Foxx, 408 Oak Ave., no stamp;

From John Kelly Misback and Kristi Ann Misback to John Kelly Misback and Kristi Ann Misback, quitclaim deed for 7588 Sadie Road, Kenly, no stamp;

From Martin Witherspoon and Annie M. Witherspoon to Elizabeth Chaparro and Abrahan Chaparro, 1206 Gold St. N., $19,000;

From Gregory Allen Turnage and Teresa Turnage Finch, co-trustees, Leonard Turnage marital trust B under Leonard Turnage trust agreement dated Jan. 22, 2002 to Sprig Properties, LLC, 2100 and 2102 Downing St.. $60,000;

From David E. Bullock and Charlotte T. Bullock to Ginger Ann Perry, 6964 Bruce Road, Sims, $87,000;

From Mozelle B. Inscore and Tony Harold Inscore, co-trustees, Roy L. Inscore family trust established under article IV of the will of Roy L. Inscore to David Joseph Goeckner and Kelly Anne Goeckner, 4505 Saint Andrews Drive, $268,000;

From Lennie E. Bunn Jr. and Katherine Bunn Smith, attorney in fact, to James Richard Bunn, correction deed for 6571 Radio Tower Road, no stamp;

From Patricia S. Smithwick to Brian Batten, 4625 Windsor Road, $65,000;

From Benjamin Daniel Mooring and Christina Cochran Mooring to Salty Investments, LLC, 124 Stadium St., $31,000;

From Betty Brewer Strickland and Melanie Brewer Womble to Brody Taylor-Womble Heath, rural homesite on Lakehaven Court and 5339-A Lakehaven Court, no stamp;

From Betty Brewer Strickland and Melanie Brewer Womble to Brody Taylor-Womble Heath, 5339-A Lakehaven Court, $135,000;

From Garry T. Jones and Angel R. Jones, trustees, Garry T. Jones revocable trust dated Aug. 8, 2018 and Angel R. Jones revocable trust dated Aug. 8, 2018, to Garry Thomas Jones and Angel Jones, 4532 Aaron Lane, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson, Inc. to James A. Pugaczewski, 6541 Dolphus Lane, $250,000;

From Charles Ashley Barnes and Sandy Bryant Barnes to Charles Ashley & Sandy Bryant Barnes, LLC, 6004 St. Rose Church Road, no stamp;

From Wal Sun Park and Cindy Sunhwa Park to Amjad Mohammad Ali Ata Allah, 509 Herring Ave. NE, $60,000;

From William Justin Reed to Adrianne Makenzi McCrary, 5408 Wellons Court, $92,000;

From Tony R. Stone and Brenda C. Stone to Omar Perez and Griselda Cabrera Gonzalez, rural homesite on Weaver Road and 4034 Weaver Road, $101,000;

From Joseph C. Burge to Christopher Allen Barnes and Tracy L. Barnes, 1805 Wildwood Court NW, $210,000;

From William C. Harrell and Cathryn B. Harrell to Megan Clontz Harrell and David Benjamin Harrell, 6434 Good News Church Road, no stamp.