Democrats lack depth on the 2020 bench

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Like many people, I’m discouraged by the finger-pointing in Washington. This session of Congress has taken an inordinate amount of time to squabble across party lines, resembling toddlers fighting over a toy, at taxpayer expense. One wonders if the swamp is capable of being drained. Still, the pols are functioning somewhat, giving hope that the system works, something that won’t happen if the Rule-by Decree wing of the Democratic Party comes to power.

What’s troubling is that so many are lawyers, and know the Constitution, but apparently think the average American gets his education from social media. Consider:

• Front-runner Joe Biden, aside from his memory lapses and history of groping, appears to have coerced the Ukrainian government, using taxpayer money, to get his son out of a potential jail term. I’m no lawyer, but “Fire the prosecutor before I leave in six hours, or you don’t get the money!” sounds like using his office for personal gain, something Trump hears about when people stay at one of his hotels.

• Sen. Bernie Sanders wants Medicare for all, convinced that it would be cheaper. Rate spikes with Obamacare, a first step toward universal coverage, according to Harry Reid, proved that assumption wrong. By most estimates, income taxes would triple to pay for government-sponsored care. That would make it impractical for lower-income workers to work, further decreasing the number of people contributing and again raising taxes on those still working.

• Kamala Harris would immediately eliminate private insurance; then she wouldn’t; then she would with some modification. She would also ban assault weapons. Supposedly, the weapons, like the SUVs, are totally responsible for violence and climate trouble. Questions: Would violent inner-city gangs stop killing each other if their weapons of choice were banned? Would mentally disturbed individuals find another way to create chaos?

• Elizabeth Warren wants free schools, free medical care and reparations for slavery. Even by executive order, she can’t pull that one off. These issues would have to be legislated, and Democrats don’t have a majority. Does her base know that? Question 2: If reparations were passed, who and how to determine who receives them?

• Dems also have a middle-aged, guilt-ridden beneficiary of “white privilege” who skateboards, takes pictures of his haircuts and flu shots and says, “Damn right! I’m going to take your guns!” Possibly, he slept through history and civics classes while guiltily counting the money his grandmother left him. He also contradicts the Dems’ frequent argument that they want “common-sense gun control.”

The rest are too far back of the pack for serious consideration. However, if this is the starting lineup, we’ve got a problem, Coach.

Bill O’Boyle

Elm City