Despite illusion of division, we are all one

By Rob Evans
Posted 1/23/20

In pondering what I was going to write about in this week’s column, I became inspired to talk about a movement that is taking place all over the world — the awakening of consciousness.

In the …

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Despite illusion of division, we are all one

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In pondering what I was going to write about in this week’s column, I became inspired to talk about a movement that is taking place all over the world — the awakening of consciousness.

In the spiritual world, consciousness is being awake to who we really are, where we really come from and that we are here on this planet for a reason and have a soul purpose. Many millennia ago, our ancestors were spiritual beings, more so than in recent history. They were aware of where they came from, the Creator, they took better care of the planet and looked upon each other as one.

However, somewhere down the line of human existence, we humans changed. Wars started being waged for territories, empires started being built, the way we exchanged goods and services went from a bartering system to currency and we started dividing ourselves up into races, nationalities and so on.

Then religion, especially in the Western world, which is now considered the Middle East. Judaism, Islam and Christianity started spreading throughout the world at that time. The Crusades, holy wars and conquering lands in the name of whatever god they believed in. Slavery became rampant throughout the world because one set of peoples was deemed inferior by whoever was in power and dehumanized.

I could keep going about the many ways we distanced ourselves from each other throughout our history, but I think you understand where I am coming from. Back to the awakening that I was referring to earlier — yes, people all over this planet are waking up spiritually, realizing many things that we were told throughout our lives, things we believed to be true, are not. We, you and me, all humans, are created by the same God, Creator, and we all have a soul purpose. The purpose is to love.

Yes, it is to love, because our Creator loves us, so we love each other as one being. I mentioned this one time, I think, but if not, here it is: When you, me, anybody, looks at another person, we are seeing a reflection of ourselves. Not a mirror image, mind you, but a reflection.

At this point, you may be saying something such as “I don’t see things getting better in the world, I think it is going to somewhere in a handbasket.” I would ask you to further your speculation and provide me with some documentation of sources.

I would most likely hear such things like “I heard on the news (insert world or local news story).”

No surprise there. Most people only know what they know about the world through the nightly news, CNN, Fox and the like. I would tell them to travel the world, go overseas, talk to people there and find out for yourself.

Now, does your day sound something like this: You wake up, eat or drink coffee, maybe take kids to school, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, go to bed, rinse and repeat? We are put on this earth for more than just living a life like the movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray. We came to the planet, as an expression of the universe, put into a vehicle called the human body designed to navigate the physical world.

Whatever it is you are doing, do it with one of three things — joy, enthusiasm or acceptance.

One thing I would recommend is to take a little time out for yourself and take a walk out in nature. Sometimes, when I am feeling disconnected from Mother Earth, I go walking around the lake or woods. I watch the birds, look at the trees and sometimes see deer walking around. It really brings me back to my center.

We are the light and the light is us. We are the universe and the universe is us. All things are one. Namasté.

Rob Evans is a resident of Wilson County.