Disrespect for President Trump is offensive

Posted 2/4/19

After I read and reread George Leach’s column of Feb. 1, “Trump and the shutdown: On-the-job training,” I felt the urgent need to respond. I personally felt that some of the words used were …

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Disrespect for President Trump is offensive

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After I read and reread George Leach’s column of Feb. 1, “Trump and the shutdown: On-the-job training,” I felt the urgent need to respond. I personally felt that some of the words used were very inflammatory. Your statement, “We made a grave mistake by electing a crook as president of the United States, etc” deeply offended me!

First of all, let me explain to you that he is President Trump! That’s right, President Donald Trump. I learned many years ago in elementary, high school and college that when you are elected to the office of president, you are given the title of president! This has nothing to do with whether you like him, voted for him or support him. Maybe you forgot that part of history, but I didn’t.

You, Mr. Leach, made it perfectly clear that you don’t like President Trump, didn’t vote for him and don’t support him in any way, shape or form. In any other country, you would most likely be doing hard labor, executed —publicly or privately but dead either way — or imprisoned.

Well, Mr. Leach, I want to make it perfectly clear that I like President Trump, voted for President Trump, support President Trump and at present, he is the POTUS! I may not like every decision he makes, has made or will make in the future, but he is the president. Give him the respect of the title due him! I didn’t like Barack Hussein Obama, didn’t vote for him and didn’t support him 100 percent either, but I did call him President Obama.

Being in the USA, the land of the free and the home of the brave, gives me and you the right as Americans to voice our opinion of political decisions made each day. If I remember correctly, President Obama made several decisions on building a border wall and was supported by both the Democrats and Republicans. President Trump was immediately beleaguered with protest the moment he announced his decision. Why? You did not express an opinion on that subject, but pretty much summed up your column simply as “America is going to hell in a handbasket.”

Also, I was offended by your statement that “he stepped in something that stuck to his feet” and “could not shake it off.”

Something is wrong and rotten in America and it is not our president. It’s the inability of our government and our elected officials to work together to build a better America. We should stop allowing any and all to enter our country illegally, stop Congress from “borrowing” from our Social Security to “assist” illegals, stop sending money to foreign countries and have them bomb us in return (let them hate us for free), shore up our own fuel supplies and build the border wall.

Mr. Leach, it is quite evident that you and I are never going to see eye to eye, but as Americans, we are given the freedom to write without censorship. Who knows? Maybe someday you and I will be close friends. I have a feeling that if you believe that line, you can find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

Lorraine Edwards